Understanding The Global Settlements By Seeing Beyond The Masks

For comprehending the Global Settlements, first understand its background and real issues before you look for answers. Don’t bite on the disinformation hooks. Fake information is fallow ground.  Also, it’s not happening as portrayed by the Plebs and Rednecks. Start by understanding the subjective, real-world judgment calls we have to make to protect our interests and nations. Raise your own consciousness reality awareness. The GS reality versus the mythological broker version which is not going to happen.

Future American control is delusional. Hegemony is ending. Perhaps with a blast for the whores of wars. 

A taxing dilemma for us in the settlement process is having a clear tacit agreement. In December of 2021, we were insistent that Elders did not sign off on anything less than a phased table top distribution where only 20% per tranche could be completed at each stage limiting the Fed’s ability to syphon off and steal the assets (as the Fed did when intercepting and syphoning of a multibillion ACAT wire transfer sent by SWIFT to Tropos, but misappropriated at the bank by Yellen’s team). No one has ever been paid out, ranging from Marcos, the M1 Principle in Indonesia, Ryadi and many more. Wild West rules – they steal everything – which is an alarm bell to continue with the US process.

Then, we did not have BRICS and yet still refused them. Now, we do. A major new alternative, and we have increased beneficial use terms to deal with us, encompassing a strong ethical agenda. Allowing the cabal and Zio Jews access to sequestrate funds again is anathema to us, and an issue we watch with care. They cannot help themselves and yet always help themselves. That is the endless dilemma. With BRICS we can have autocratic ethical oversight control. With the US, it’s on a par with being sealed naked within a sack of avaricious sewer rats. If we are able to achieve a sensible BRICS solution, it enables us to allocate funds by choice to service good US causes and projects. Directly to pre-cleared good people of approved standing.  A varmint check. We are focused on helping Americans. But even more focused on stopping the US Jewish banking mafia helping themselves. BRICS will change the world and end Fed tyranny. Britain’s arming of Ukraine to kill Russians is not helping our process; our own knee jerk politicos. But, if done, all nations will line up for benefits. Money greases wheels. Intense dialogue continues daily; it’s a multi-party process keeping the weevils out. 

The entire world is now separating into new trading hemisphere zones, as the dollar and US hegemony are being ever more contested and rejected. Asia is breaking away, as is China and Russia. Hemispheres are polarizing, leaving the US as incursers and predatory Zionists up in lights. Jewish hegemony usury banking has enslaved the world, to become totally subordinated to their predatory usury schemes, and the true fiscal consequences of allowing this rodent species to take hold of the world’s money supply is now under global separation hemisphere reviews. The split is coming as c5 billion people will leave the US hegemony umbrella. BRICS will break America. Eurasia IS coming with BRICS and vast markets. It will be forced to choose – or bankrupted. Look at Germany, straddled with costly NATO bases which won’t last 48 hours but will kill vast numbers of innocent Germans in US inspired hegemony conflict.  Now they freeze to death. Some partnership. Body bags for DC.  

Even Eisenhower forewarned of what was coming down if not checked. Zionist forces sit like carrion with Washington’s Military Industrial Cabal and its Agencies, encouraging them to squander evermore with reckless abandon. Every turn, the Jews earn from your own avaricious recklessness. Goyim! A nation now owned by the Zionists and Israeli ringmasters are gaming you all. Like Soros, all are loathsome. They are gaming America blind. This species has form. Millennials of it. To achieve anything, where is the money coming from to pay you out first? Show me the real Money! They never give back, only sequestrate and take. Users run usury banking! They do NOT have the money. 

Why would the Far East, Asia, Russia, South America and Africa want to be paid in USD when these monies can be sequestrated at any time?  They are re-planning hemispheres and cutting America out and off. Alarm for the Fed and Zionists. They face losing their gaming board. Losing a lot. 

Same carrion, same games. Goyim never learn. Understand the past to see them in operation now, same games played over 5,000 years.   

It was estimated by Josephus that the Romans slaughtered or sold into Slavery c100,000 Jews in the early years of record to contain these volatile itinerant Gypsies’ dogs. By c70 AD there were so many Jewish uprisings, forcing them to adopt ghetto tactics to divide and rule. Just look at Palestine today. How they sequestrate everything in sight as they have done with America. They seek a Greater Israel and now Jewkraine. Tapeworms loose. The concept of an enlarged Jewish Khazarian homeland encamped on Russia and Europe’s borders is anathema to all. Nuclear missiles delivered by Israel, Khazarian Mafia flooding in along with America’s worst Zio/Jewish Crime families. A country 4 times the size of the UK and the size of Texas, vastly rich in minerals, and farming capacity. If then crooked Ukraine is absorbed by a Greater Israel, it would be a giant carbuncle on the backside of mankind. Money laundering, drug trafficking, people trafficking, child trafficking, and arms trading loose under their control. Crime Inc., unleashed. OUT of control. Now we are refocused on Russia, realizing the greater good is for them to win in Ukraine and to clear this land mass of US Black Operations Labs, corruption and Jews. Clear out the lot. We cannot realign the new nations as trading blocks leaving this mass corrupt cow patty in the center. France and Germany aligned with the US, lied to and deceived Russia. Any trust has gone. The UK arms and weaponizes Ukraine killing ever more Russians and antagonizing Moscow. Every indication is that we could have WWIII within 3 to 4 years, with truly dreadful consequences.

The world today parallels the old Roman/Judaic conflicts with never ending Jewish incursions, temple money changers, and their endless rabblerousing. From 132 to 136 CE, the Bar Kokhba revolt brought mass Roman anger. Emperor Hadrian, between 117 to 128 had endless revolts and just lost it with them. He booted all Judaic Jews out of Jerusalem, with Roman legions effecting brutal mass genocide, where hundreds of thousands died, and this viral species were slaughtered by Rome suffering their anger and frustration. Others left alive were dispersed throughout the Middle East and across into Europe or Asia. Like HIV or weeds, they spread and mutate. Egypt and the Romans found it was an uncontrollable blight on humanity. They are!

“50 of [the Jews’] most important outposts and 985 of their most famous villages were razed to the ground. 580,000 men were slain in the various raids and battles, and the number of those that perished by famine, disease and fire was past finding out. Thus nearly the whole of Judaea was made desolate.”

Cassius Dio, History of Rome, 69.14.1-2

Assessing that, how can we have a GS underwritten by worthless American dollars, led by predatory Jewish bankers with a known sequestration trait? No enlightened nations seek a new usury hook, or currencies backed by nothing but hype.     

Look at Europe today and America. They infiltrate, sequester and dominate. Almost all Russian Oligarchs running from the law are Jewish. They stole, defrauded and looted Russia blind. As with Ukraine. China is deeply immersed in strategizing new BRICS hemisphere structures, and conceiving a free landmass with no US hegemony warfare bases in Japan. Taiwan, South Korea and Australia, are all under review. As are NATO bases which cannot contain a Russian assault for more than 2 days. If we are polarizing, as is, why do we need America at any level? BRICS, if endowed then with c$15T of Elders AU, can bank leverage that 10 fold, and underwrite a whole new economy.

The US can’t fund a GS. We can.

Polarization of the East/West territories now needs the new incoming BRICS currency to fund the split. Or have America cut off the money supply. 

The EU will fail and needs to realign with Eurasia. All Middle Eastern energy will then be sold to the Far East, Asia and Europe. America is already being circumvented. Without hegemony, the entire incestual US Military industrial cabal, will fail. 

The key now is to redesign a full stage phased Eurasia as its own fully integrated trading and economic block, free of DC and Zionist usury fake moneys. Europe must face East to markets exceeding 5 Billions, and let the US go West.

Can a new Paul Revere wake up America? The dream has gone West. Now, it’s the whole world marching down on you. Karma and angry gremlins. Stealing the world is now over. Like Rome, the world is coming home. Self-sufficient Eurasia is coming.    

Unleash innovation to save this once great nation.  

So, the key takeaway here is: Don’t fall for false and highly embellished “intel” about what the valid Global Settlements are going to be. Such is often falsely sold as “mass debt forgiveness”… “dinar or other currency millions from public revaluations”… “NESARA”… “galactic intercessions”… “a world which will instantly be free of problems”… “one or more blogging bums in a shanty or rented apartment is going to be handed trillions to save you”, etc., and;

The real-world necessities for the GS will be addressed with real-world solutions based on real-world agreements that avoid the very problems that were brought on by the current cartels. There will be no room, nor funds, for indulging indolent megalomania, or something-for-nothing profiteering by freeloaders. The future multi-polar world will now demand far more skilled contributory value to maintain past living standards. There are now new “players” on the block.

As outlined above, the changes ahead may not be easy for many. We must also not ignore the unknown or the unpredictable.

So…be ready for anything.

More when possible.



  1. Self-congratulory morons. Don’t let them get away with it. But for them it would have been a bad influenza-style season for the elderly and we all would have carried on quite normally. Every single action taken made matters worse.

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    1. It’s even worse. The damnable jab neither prevented infection nor ameliorated illness. The trials were and are, worthless. It was all risk for no benefit. Add a booster and you instantly end up on the ADE side of matters and you get sick (proportionally speaking).


    2. Like

  2. Yeah, well, when your $2 billion comes from the Trades and not your so-called genius investments and superior management, and you lied on every damn form, the scrutiny and this type of indictment is certainly the last thing one wants to see…


      1. I was thinking along those lines when I heard he was running yesterday. I wish him well as he is a wonderful health advocate.


  3. This is what happens when you have to take a ticket. You have to pay for it one day and say the most stupid, most inane thoughts to prop up the Narrative. No rational, legal savvy mind, would accept the Trump indictment as anything other than a trumped up charging. (Pun intended.)


  4. Well, this will spell the doom of Alvin Bragg if true… you don’t get to play Moral Hero while doing the Pot-Kettle-Black two-step…

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    “…The SEC charged Robert Dunlap and Nicole Bowdler, who worked with former State Senator Dave Schmidt, with arranging an ICO scheme called “Meta 1 Coin” that touted lucrative investment returns. The SEC also charged the defendants with providing pool participants with false statements that misrepresented the ICO’s profitability claiming that it would yield a 224,923 percent profit in less than a year…”.

    Remember this bunch?


    1. Scammers world… Its crazy and they don’t stop Tony..!! They just keep lying in a weekly basis.

      I can’t wait for the day that John change from “If the Elders GS get cleared” to “The Elders GS are cleared” as when this second phrase is writen i know that at least new (phases, plans, projects, etc) good things in the future might be coming up for the world.

      In the meantime we continue to buckle up during these crazy times..!


  6. https://rumble.com/v2gg16q-its-impossible-dr.-simon-goddek-questions-how-drosten-got-his-pcr-paper-pee.html
    It usually takes six months to get a paper peer-reviewed, but Dr. Christian Drosten got his PCR paper, which served as the basis for routine COVID testing, peer-reviewed in less than 27.5 hours.
    “It’s like running 100 meters against Usain Bolt. And he would do it in 9.5 seconds, and you would do it within 2 seconds … It’s Impossible.”


    1. Yeah, the fix was in. They needed the Drosten paper to justify a) asymptomatic infections and b) mass testing for selfsame infections. Never mind there is no such thing as asymptomatic infectious infections.


  7. The bitch gets bitched out.

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  8. ———

    Legal Experts Across the Political Spectrum Are Laughing at Alvin Bragg’s Indictment of Donald Trump – RedState

    The world sees this as a Witch hunt. The DA looks a stooge and mediocre.

    This fellow is having his brief moments of fame before becoming a nobody. He makes a mockery of justice in America.


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  9. The idea that immigrants are not only satisfactory substitutes for the native population, but are actually necessary for the growth of an economy is one of the most poisonous and destructive lies ever told. What we’re seeing in Germany is disproving generations of economic theory that was never based on anything but pure globalist propaganda. — Vox Day, in reference to the insanity of importing millions of arabs into the Germany


    1. The UK has left that misconstructed Socialist Foul Up, the EU, and now needs to leave the Human Rights Act, Mad Socialist Crap. All of it. We need to pack the lot off. Germany needs to follow. The EU Socialist madness has failed and with the UK funds withdrawn, Germany alone cannot carry and subsidise the swarms of human waste from the Eastern Bloc, Muslims and Africans swarming in. It’s bad enough subsidising the French, Irish, Scots and Belgians.
      Germany needs to leave the EU, build strong borders to stop the Wogs, and deport the lot. Kenya and Uganda style. It’s killing Europe. These Ho need to go.

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      1. But first you need to get rid of those responsible for pushing European nations to maintain open borders for unchecked invasion of mostly men. Or should I say finish getting rid of them. Who has the balls to name them as the source of mongrelizing Europe? Certainly we do here. Try doing so openly on European soil and you go to prison. Politicians are pussies.

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        1. Remember what one committed Chancellor did once? He rebuilt a nation.
          If the Elders GS gets cleared, imagine who could re track Europe and Eurasia? We will open the sluice gates for the Ho to flow- Out!

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          1. See the big new article when it’s out from Editing ! A Party who once put it all on the line with Humanity to save them, will now come at them to enforce them gone, like Saladin. With technology to Atomise, and Will , God help Pig Swill.

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            1. Before anything, first it needs Resolution, and that is a bubbling Witches Cauldron until the deal is done. A step at a time, but we ever watch the empty Gulags in Siberia needing feeding.


    1. Oregon is being ruined in so many ways by those in power past and present. Sad! It is a red state with the few blue counties that out vote the rurals.


  10. Because it is behind a paywall you don’t get the attached PDF with comments. But the heading says it all:

    Robert Barnes
    16 hours ago
    Trump Indictment
    Complete joke.

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  11. “…The multipolar world is coming into being and is being speeded up by the war in Ukraine. For the neocons in charge of U.S. foreign policy, it’s an existential moment because their much yearned for unipolar world run by the U.S. in close alliance with Israel may be unraveling, in large part because of their own ambitions to destroy Russia—a hatred borne of old grievances specific to the long sojourn of Jews in Russia, where anti-Jewish attitudes have a long history, as recounted in Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his 200 Years Together, and even under Bolshevism. Then there was Putin’s banishing of politically involved Jewish oligarchs like Michael Khordorkovsky who dominated the Russian economy and media after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s alliances with Israel’s enemies Iran and Syria, their rejection of globalism in favor of nationalism (the ADL considers calling out any Jew for supporting globalism as “anti-Semitic“), and their support for traditional Russian Christian culture rather than, e.g., LGBTQ+ which is championed by powerful Jewish organizations throughout the West. Recently White House spokesman John Kirby said that supporting LGBTQ+ is a “core part of our foreign policy,” presumably including funding drag queen shows in Ecuador…”


  12. Another day, another loss for the mRNA jabs, as old-fashioned live attenuated virus vaccines are shown to provide superior immunity in hamsters.

    The bright and shiny new technology is not always the way. F everybody who said otherwise.
    APR 4


  13. Lionel!


    1. Tino
      All this really went downhill from and with Bush 41. He’s the Varmint who destroyed the Constitution because it got in his way. It was all downhill since.


      1. True. Have always been surprised by that, but between the Paperclip folk, the TriLaterals crazy, the Kennedy assassination, it was all damage and treason from within. It was only a question of time that the concentration of power attracted someone corrupt enough.

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  14. Priceless and will be used as evidence in Trump’s favor:

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  15. The site is alive and more is coming. Goodbye England’s Rose for Diana will haunt Charles and Camilla for Eternity. Shame! It always touches my Soul


  16. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/us-celebrity-news/meghan-markle-eyeing-up-prominent-29623507

    She’s a vixen so expect a break up soon a d her ego will dump him now she’s got. Money and access
    She’s a User and Harry’s a prick😝


    With Americas history as war losers Trump feared getting his ass kicked and all ending up on Russian welfare.


    When is Washington going to get it?
    NO one elected you Global Policemen nor want your corruption, lies and Hegemony.

    Russian Drones should zero in and destroy them

    Such low grade trash in the White House and Sewer Rats from Israel plus Soros running all.
    America needs a Revolution to swerve this.
    If Russia hits America, the lot will go.
    Smash the Cabal and Israel. Save America!. Save Life itself.
    So far it’s the Grifter Stripper licker Trump or Biden. ” very poor choices” but only one if those 2 run. De Santis forget.
    Is there no one of Quality to stand up for America?
    A Grandson of a Brothel Keeper low grade Criminal, then the Son of a Slumlord and Strip Club Keeper. A Slut, Slimebag family is no choice for America.
    Where is Class????????? Must do better.


    Massive to us. and Thanks to Munich Girl and all helping. We must become One!
    Germany needs to join the UK as co Partners in the Pacific Agreement and it’s the size of EU trade without carrying the Costs. Why carry the Fraudsters of Romania, Thieves, the Sex and People Traffickers, plus the vicious Gangsters from Albania. People Traffickers and Sex traders. of Albania, The Drug running from Turkey plus their vast crime gangs.
    Who needs any of this trash? We are feeding their crimes. Do we need the Eastern Bloc? Why? It was Merkle’s failed Commie Wet Dream.
    Why not co enjoin’ with the UK, Austria, Scandinavians, Switzerland, Netherlands but Wog cleared, and because we need land access, if necessary, the damned French. Dump the Mediterranean lot and Eastern Bloc. Dump the Irish free loaders and whiners. Let that Slush Bucket in Brussels pay for itself. Too many EU hangers on are a Drag on us all.Free loaders.
    Put Germans first and Dump the Chumps.
    End of the Dollar: India Uses Rupees Rather Than US Dollars for International Trade – 18 Countries Agree to Trade in INR | The Gateway Pundit

    Saudi, Russia, China, India, South Africa, can the Euro or EU survive? The Fake Jewish Fed Scam is blown.

    The reality is this awaits with a vengeance. The day the fools ended Russian use of Swift to settle trade in USD was the beginning of a more rapid departure from using all Western currencies in Trade settlement.

    Every larger trading nation is now abandoning USD Settlements for trade where ever they can. It is only a matter of time before the USD losses its’ predominance as the Reserve Currency of the world regulated to being a regional currency of settlement with various trade partners. What was many decades of work and control since Bretton Woods was toasted out the window with no understanding of its’ impact. People have a difficult time to fully comprehend what this 1.6 million barrel of oil will bring to the markets and economies. It is as much as weapon to change directions and the status quo as a kinetic weapon.
    While Neocons blindly pursue war, defeat and rejection looms; and with each day the cast of followers loses stage presence and countries choose to either ignore trade in USD or ignore sanctions. Countries like Japan have no choice but to buy Russian oil and the US has no choice but to let them or face a collapse of Japan and what that will mean to the West.

    The reality is that the world runs on energy and what is certain is Neocons have already lost in the long run and that the West is ensured the cost of their folly in higher energy costs and a lower standard of living as a result. Have no illusions, all these countries running away from USD trade settlement are not coming back anytime soon . And they represent an opportunity for other hegemony actors to fill the void of a true global settlement medium with an alternative to the Federal Reserve Dollar. And should a war break out with China over Taiwan the likelihood of China having a shot at the Yuan being the dominant currency grows proportionally.

    The world centric to America we have seen since WWII is no more and will never rise to the prominence it enjoyed. And the world can thank the Neocons for what comes.



  17. Closing Argument: A Reasoned Rant by Robert Barnes

    Trump is innocent as a matter of law, and an honorable, honest law-respecting court would dismiss the indictment with prejudice.

    According to published reports, the indictment alleges Trump’s business records failed to identify a payment to Stormy Daniels as settlement of a claim. As New York law makes such matters a mere misdemeanor, the prosecutor elevated the charges to felonies by claiming they masked another crime – a federal crime of undisclosed election contributions. That’s the double lunacy of the prosecution – making not disclosing confidential settlement and non-disclosure agreements by a victim of extortion a crime, and redefining such payments as “campaign contributions.”

    The likely theory is that Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels to help Trump the candidate win the election, then Trump didn’t disclose the contribution on either federal election forms or internal business records. The latter – alleging hush payments constitute election contributions – has been tried only once before. John Edwards. Then, most scholars agreed the charges did not pass legal muster.

    The issue never reached the higher courts due to acquittals and mistrial on the various charges.
    First, campaign contributions must be defined objectively lest they violate the rule of lenity, the requirement of due process, and the restriction on legislation that infringes on First Amendment liberty. The rule of lenity requires criminal laws be strictly interpreted in favor of the defendant. Due process requires no defendant can be charged with a crime without fair notice in advance that the conduct was clearly criminally prohibited. The First Amendment compels that no state can criminalize speech, and, outside of the very limited quid-pro-quo corruption concerns of campaign contributions, campaign finance laws get struck down as violating the right to free speech, free association, and petitioning the government.

    Hence, every act of financial value that can impact an election cannot, for Constitutional reasons, be a campaign contribution, lest it criminalize half the planet for ordinary, everyday activities. Did you spend 100 hours on social media promoting a candidate? Is there a financial value that can be ascribed to that activity? If so, under the theory of the Trump indictment, you can go to prison for “illegal campaign contributions” in excess of the campaign limit. See the insanity.

    This is why the federal criminal law imposes a particular form of willfulness on campaign finance violations: the government must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant knew his conduct violated the law. This is akin to tax charges, where good faith and reliance are unique defenses afforded the defendant to protect against criminalization of innocent intended conduct in an area of legal vagaries and vagueness.

    In this instance, there will be no evidence that anyone advised Trump his lawyer paying off an extortionist could be a federal election crime. Equally as important, this does not fit the objective definition of a campaign contribution. Federal law defines a contribution as “anything of value” made “for the purpose of influencing any election for Federal office.” To be Constitutional, the law must be interpreted strictly in favor of the defendant, to provide fair notice, and protect the most speech. This requires both an objective and subjective element: as a matter of fact, the contribution must not only promote a candidate, but must also not be made in the ordinary course of business and must be a payment that would not be made but for the election; and all parties to the transaction must know and intend that campaign purpose. Otherwise, anything we do to help a friend, family member, business partner, customer, vendor, or in politics at any level, could be labeled a crime if not reported or in excess of campaign limits.

    Hence, for the charges to legally constitute a Constitutionally cognizable crime, the indictment must allege that the payment by Cohen could not have served a purpose other than the campaign and would not have ever been made but for the campaign. As the FEC itself admits, a loan that would be made “in the ordinary course of business” and “assures repayment” is not considered a campaign contribution, as a matter of law. That is what Cohen admitted took place here: Cohen effectively loaned the money to Trump knowing he would be repaid, and the ordinary course of business required he protect Trump, not the election. It cannot be said that the settlement would never have occurred but for Trump’s campaign, and it is clearly within the ordinary course of business for Cohen, by his own admission, to make the payment, regardless of the campaign.

    Equally, if Trump authorized payment, then that too would legally negate the felony charge, as Trump can contribute as much as he wants to his own campaign. As the indictment likely fails to even allege otherwise, Trump is innocent. As a matter of law.

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    1. It’s all too tainted to convict and stinks of an Ambush. Stormie should be facing Extortion charges. her Lawyer too. Clinton was 100 times worse

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      1. Men can’t appreciate that women, for all the modern bluster and superhero women in movies, know all too well that the threat of physical violence and sexual violence from men is omnipresent. Even if we created a perfect and safe society, the psychological impact would still be there.

        This is *why* women have fits over a biological male in any of their safe spaces. We encoded this into societal norms and until the modern inanity, it worked well.


  18. A secretive group backed by millions of dollars from liberal billionaire George Soros is working behind the scenes with President Biden’s administration to shape policy, documents reviewed by Fox News show.
    Governing for Impact (GFI), the veiled group, boasts in internal memos of implementing more than 20 of its regulatory agenda items as it works to reverse Trump-era deregulations by zeroing in on education, environmental, health care, housing and labor issues.



      1. Remembering this was wholly avoidable because in the absence of *serious* comorbidities survival in thru teens is north of 99.9982%. Roughly 10x the survival of flu in the same population.


    1. Power not only corrupts but attracts the corruptible. Also, authoritarians in the modern era want as much power as they can put their hands on. So, yes,co-conspirators, some overtly, some covertly and some tacitly.


  19. The film Mad Max personified a Post Apocalyptic degenerative and dangerous society.
    America sadly has now surpassed it. Maybe it needs the Nukes to clean up the filth.


  20. Nice thought but not without revolution


  21. Just stop. This is not only unnecessary, it violates informed consent, is unconstitutional and is a Crime against Humanity.

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    1. I just watched that video a couple of hours ago. Shame on Missouri and other states that will sign up to do this. We must fight this. Damn bill gates and cronnies for continuing to poison us any way they can.


    2. Either leave the US or start thinking of creating a small coop farm. Where you know what goes into your livestock. This is just sad.


  22. If Nuland and the Agency Cabal cause a real conflict with Russia by crossing the line, c21 NATO bases will be hit by unstoppable Hypersonics followed by Bombers and Subs unleashing.
    How many Tens of Millions of Innocent Germans caught in the blast range will die, and Why?
    We all need to be asking this question and Why? We all need to start asking Putin why will you kill innocent Germans and NOT the real cause in DC and Maryland plus other bases? Time to ask will you make it clear your Subs will hit key US deserving mainland targets and not innocent Europeans? Remember 9/11, that will stop them for sure. Kill the cause! Time to show it’s time to stop the real Ho. How many nations have they run away from when it got rough?
    Time to retrack Russia to hit the cause of Wars. China too. Make Peace happen by force.


      1. This will make food lethal, since we have no enzymes to clear the pseudo-uridine that we would be consuming. I doubt the food-borne vaccine will survive cooking. They just want to bypass informed consent. It must be so tiresome to them to have deal with that troublesome informed consent.


  23. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-03/security-tight-around-manhattan-court-donald-trump-arraignment/102182190

    Hah they fear another invasion hopefully this time the Flubbergut Coward won’t hide but man up. Not a good time for America if Biden remains.

    Absolutely right to do so.. 2 can play and Russia has far more..


  24. Munich Girl
    Enormous PR and status for Germany to have the new King Charles 111 make his first official Foreign visit to Germany of all nations. France was rioting and facing Anarchy so was dismissed.
    The cost of illegals and Free Loaders. So good, it gave Germany a clear run here. Huge status.
    Our Gods are with us. It could not be better. We are all Teutonics, never forget that!
    Seriously good news to see German and British Special Forces Support Troops training together.
    Very, very welcomed here. Long overdue.
    The new report coming gives a focused overview of joint real history and credit where due.
    Note, your then Leader, despite being medically rejected in Austria, did re apply and fought for Germany with Bravery. and credit is given. Not known or understood by the West.
    But interesting news for you all, as you will see. Our alleged Compassion in WW1 for one man whose life was saved by us, may have saved our own lives in WW11. Information for you not seen before. Credit our balanced integrity for showing it, truth matters. Our joint histories. We have exposed our own. Allow us to lift the veils. Work together as Nations as one. We always give you support, respect and care. Aryans matter. We are with you to respect our joint histories and Culture. The Motherland and Fatherland united in Peace!
    No German lives to be lost for Zelensky and the Money Grubbing Zionist Oligarchs or DC Warmongering Agency Cabal using Germans as Pawns on the Agency Gaming Board.
    Do not get sucked into this scurrilous war while Rodents get rich. Your lives matter. You matter.
    Let your voices be heard. You are not Sacrificial Pawns for the Agency. Let their Mainland take the consequences of what they cause, not yours. No more innocent lives lost. Millions of your civilians will be wrongly lost in the blast if it kicks off. Do not be Washington Pawns being gamed on the Board. They always do this. Aryans and Teutonics to live! Peace in Europe is needed for all.
    Two Bad Wars- No more! Innovate as one. Build a better future together.
    As the EU fails, time to rethink as we have done Rebuild together. Unite as one. Change is for us to shape. Erika.

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    1. Thank you for such good will brave knight. It would be hard to think of what we here do not already know about Germany that you plan to write about with your next report but please know we will be here to read it and give attention.

      We do need a proper union with Britain on the same side this time and your King honored us with his very warm expressions of friendship. It reminded of before the war how your monarchs admired Germany for her recovery and had only praise for us and our Chancellor who was also quick to express admiration for your people and empire. Lloyd George was very much our friend as your King is now. For too long now many lies have been sold as truths about our past. But in quiet places where you would not believe the real facts are known and the real enemies of decent national pride are once again being seen for the satanic legions they are.

      Gott Mit Uns

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      1. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much we do know and our balanced overview.
        When Norma French King Richard the Lionheart, ruler also of England, went to invade and loot the Arab lands as Crusaders,. he sent his most Trusted Knight Barons to protect his Kingdom in England from the Scots or Irish. Our family were Nordic Normans which were Viking Lords settled in Normandy and came from Scandinavia, and all of Teutonic or Aryan descent. All our DNA, blond hair and blue eyes is one gene pool. Aryan. One species settling across different lands. We took English names to assimilate. Our role was to protect his domain here. You have the pictures. Aryan.
        Much later when the Pope and King Philippe conspired in 1307 to round up, torture and mass murder our French and borderland Rhein families, seeking to seize the Vast Foundation wealth, being forewarned we had loaded all the Galleons with huge Gold holdings and sailed free ahead. The Galleons and large waggon trains took all, some to Basle crossing the Rhein for safety and later Founding Kloten and Switzerland,with the Cross Keys and Portcullis symbols for Banking. Some to Scotland and England, others to Portugal and even South Korea and Nova Scotia in Canada. Where do you think the Temple District, Temple Monument and Knights centre comes from? Why do all the new Senior Barristers in Law have to swear and Oath of Allegiance only in the Knight Templars Church in London for an Order which does not exist? Why are the vast Multi Billion pounds business and stores owned and rented out in Regent Street, and the St Pauls / Temple region, plus Lincolns inn Legal areas, all showing above the signs of the Royal insignia or the other half Templars. Hiding in plain sight. Huge wealth not showing.
        What if, from Basle to Zurich, families are linked out of sight to England, Scotland. and their links to South Korea? Teutonic Aryan links? Why are Senior Royal family members forbidden to marry Catholics?.
        Hands and eyes from Basle and Zurich to London watching. Need to know only. Centuries hiding.
        from the Vatican. A world within worlds? When the Elders came to London, they knew exactly which families to meet. All planned. Sitting on his cannon, his world to come? Out of sight.

        You have friends at Court in London. The all seeing eye?

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      2. Hmm, when you see it I hope you understand and allow our views. The key new report is in Editing and Artwork plus video set ups.A lot of final work. See what you think when it hits. It’s not what your expecting. Some you have not seen. All interesting. Hopefully helpful.


  25. The Guardian: Sanna Marin suffers defeat in Finland election as SDP beaten into third place. Munich Girl valued it well

    dana on Twitter: “”Switching to national currencies is a violation of the rights of American citizens.” The White House threatened with sanctions those countries that refuse the dollar in mutual settlements. Is there no end to the embarrassing statements of our White House? The incompetence of… https://t.co/nqB0KQ8ubF” / Twitter

    Just who TG do the DC Zio Rats think they are? They world is DONE with America. Doors are closing ever more. Sort Woke, corruption and that Shithole of a Broke system. But out of World affairs. You are asking to get Nuked.

    Really? Switching to national currency is a right of nations and companies to decide how to settle trade for goods they want or sell. This is of course that a Selling party will account and accept a given national currency. American citizen’s rights are not violated at all.
    What this does clearly show is how disconnected the Ship of Fools is from the reality of the waters they are in. OPEC has announced a million barrel reduction in oil flow starting May1. And what is being said? Does America really try on gunboat diplomacy on Saudi Arabia? Or does anyone in Europe or the US really understand that the flow of energy while being reduced will be much more expensive? The world runs on energy and its’ price affects economies. And it makes sanctions on Russia’s oil that much more naive since it is no longer available. Where will Europe and America find such supply? Because in effect the Western world is being delivered an oil shock in price that will send prices up across the board on everything. What will the reaction be when the USD is rejected as payment for oil? As it is the price in USD will rise.
    The truth is the USD is being rejected in trade settlement as acceptable medium of value exchange and there is nothing that the US can do to stop this because sanctions only work when there is no alternative. And currency imposition in trade settlement only works when there are no choices; and that clearly is not the case. Today the majority of the world sees the US Neocons for what they are and wants no part of this, anymore. The EU and NATO are even worse as their whole existence is wobbly at best and they need a means of a reset of currency prior to collapse. And the hegemony of the Federal Reserve Dollar is what really being reduced while its’ role globally is diminished. The fact that Central Banks are using their holdings of Treasuries to provide liquidity having them bought at par value while market value is far less tells the whole story.
    The game plan behind the curtain was to institute a digital currency come this fall. However the timeline has been altered by events occurring such a no collapse of Russia; no winning on the part of Ukraine, other than Zelensky becoming a billionaire on the blood and death of Ukrainians. Even the multitude of countries wanting to join BRICS was not considered or that Saudi Arabia and Iran would make up making hostilities disappear and not allowing division or strife. Soon even the Syrian mess will be cleansed with America being booted out forcibly. The carrier in the Med will not alter upcoming events. Nor will the NATO exercises come June. Going into Ukraine will send not just body bags back but will serve to collapse the EU. More astute nations will sit this out rather than roll the dice. Besides within the next 10-14 days the truth will surface about the ten’s of thousands of Ukrainians slaughtered in Bakhmut sent there to die in vain while others handsomely profited. Watch the hysteria of noise that comes.
    Within several months many things will start to change and chaos will occasion as civil unrest hits new levels. Yes, there will be a reset only it will be one quite different than what was expected.


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    1. But Stormie alleged her worst 30 seconds EVER, with a Sloppy Trump, and from a Stripper?
      Where is truth? It’s getting ugly.
      Clintons was far worse, and shielded, like Bribe Taking Joe.
      This is so Cheap to do this. Not good for America.
      How is Stormie now able to deny what she put in writing and SIGNED claiming it was Fake? As for Slimy Hymie Convicted Criminal Cohen?????


      1. I should have known. Lol!!!

        I was able to screen out the other ones but this Giuy does not usually post jokes, Oh well…


  26. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/escobar-capital-multipolar-world-moscow-diary
    In Moscow you feel no crisis. No effects of sanctions. No unemployment. No homeless people in the streets. Minimal inflation. Import substitution in all areas, especially agriculture, has been a resounding success. Supermarkets have everything – and more – compared to the West. There’s an abundance of first-rate restaurants. You can buy a Bentley or a Loro Pianna cashmere coat you can’t even find in Italy. We laughed about it chatting with managers at the TSUM department store. At the BiblioGlobus bookstore, one of them told me, “We are the Resistance.”

    An interesting view.

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  27. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/new-and-improved-fetterman-does-interview-with-cbs-sunday-morning-reveals-shocking-details-of-post-election-condition-video/
    I was surprised how much better he seems and what really happened to him some of which was neglect and abuse to get to the prize.
    Then the last paragraph:
    Fetterman gave a good answer, but one wonders if the question was suggested by his wife or staff given that Pauley knows he hasn’t even proven himself capable of being a senator. Was this the whole point of the interview, knowing that millions of Americans will vote for brain damaged Democrat politicians for not just the Senate but to be President?


  28. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/federal-judges-deliver-bad-news-to-marxist-stanford-law-students-after-trump-appointed-judge-was-shouted-down-at-the-school/
    Stanford University law students back in early March invited US Fifth Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan to speak at the University.

    As Jim Hoft reported, the whole thing was a setup. Once Duncan arrived, the Marxist students shut down his speech and threatened his children while school officials watched.

    The students were furious that Duncan refused to allow a transgender pedophile named Norman Keith Varner to change his name to Kathrine Nicole Jett.

    Judge Duncan later told The Free Beacon, “If enough of these kids get into the legal profession, the rule of law will descend into barbarism.”

    Now two of his fellow judges have decided to take steps to ensure these spoiled brats do not have this opportunity.

    We will not hire any student who chooses to attend Stanford Law School in the future.


  29. Increasing awareness of the catastrophe that is medical science or what passes for it:

    The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. —Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet

    lt is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. —Dr. Marcia Angell, physician and editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine

    The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful. —Arnold Seymour Reiman (died 2014), Professor of Medicine at Harvard University and former editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine

    Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them. —Dr. Linus Pauling, (died 1994), two-time Nobel Prize winner in chemistry

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  30. WTF?


  31. A piece of Americana:

    A man named Pearle Bixby Wait was trying to make a better cough syrup in 1897 when one of his experiment ended up as a ball of gelatin. He trademarked his product under the name Jell-O. His wife got the idea of adding fruit flavors to it, and they figured it made a decent dessert.

    Hoping to profit from the jiggly concoction, he hawked it door to door for two years. Much to his dismay, he found that no one wanted to buy dessert from a door-to-door Jell-O salesman.

    In 1899 he gave up on his whole enterprise and sold the rights to Jell-O to his neighbor Francis Woodward for $450. At first, Woodward didn’t have any success selling Jell-O either, but he didn’t give up.

    He sent out a well-dressed sales force to move his product. He began to advertise aggressively. A mere four years later, Woodward was a millionaire. This was no easy feat considering his product cost a couple of cents a box.

    Salesmen would always emphasize the product’s aesthetic appeal as well as its convenience and taste. In a brilliant sales move, they partnered with the officials who ran Ellis Island and ritually served bowls of Jell-O under signs that read “Welcome to America”.

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    1. If you watched the series Ozark, you learn why some in our government and police don’t want the cartels to stop. They make huge profits from cartel who fill their pockets.


    1. As a programmer, I would have resigned if you handed me a class to be implemented that had “Government Requested” in a free speech app.

      This is what happens when Second-Handers (read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand) get their hands into things. Always obeying diktats without thinking thru to consequence and they are everywhere, from CEO to middle management to rank-and-file. It has always been a problem, and I’m sure there were Roman engineers building aqueducts that quietly fixed issues that the go-alongs and short-changers introduced into the buildings. It just seems so much worse today.

      Long ago, when I had a full set of hair, a bunch of idiot programmers and a bunch of doctors who didn’t know better, coded a set of graphs in reverse chronological order. At the demo to a bunch of docs who had not seen the app, I asked — is the demo patient dying. To a man (and woman) they all answered the patient was cratering. I looked at the idiots and the app docs, and said “That is why all time graphs are forward chronological. That is why the phrase ‘Higher [or lower score] is better’ and normal range lines MUST always appear. And that is explicitly stated on page 5 of the implementation requirements and in the features section, twice — which I wrote at great cost to your employer.” Moral of the story – Don’t go on vacation, do not assume people can read, do not allow design by committee and above all else, hire the truly competent.

      Would you know that there are apps in medicine that still do the stupid? It’s bad enough when a 737 Max becomes a lawn dart, but you’d think we would have mastered medical information systems 60 years after Larry Weed started the whole field.


          1. You deserve to be a part of the new Hemispheres. The Latin Culture of Italy is not Latino.
            Please, keep options open Where, and who, can we each best serve?


  32. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/02/surrounded-and-outgunned-ukraines-tank-crews-prepare-for-battle-of-bakhmut?CMP=share_btn_link

    Soon Russia will unleash the Big Stick. End it!

    Thank God do NOT let Germany be sacrificed for JewKraine.
    We are here for you Munich Girl.

    China is coming- Butt OUT!

    Not at all it’s time to stop misuse of the UN for the Cabal and Israel. Let Russia clean it up.
    She’s great what a role

    Sneaky Brits lol

    Khazars heh?


    What a disaster

    Conjecture but interesting. Keep open minds the Judge hates him.


  33. Thoughts?

    Trudeau recently sold the mRNA licensed patents of the Vaccine to China for $500 Million USD.

    Trudeau is/was the actual owner of the company (CPTH), so Trudeau made the $500 M.


  34. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/chinese-team-behind-dangerous-human-animal-gene-manipulation-says-it-could-lead-radiation
    According to details, the military scientists say they’ve successfully “inserted a gene from the microscopic water bear into human embryonic stem cells and significantly increased these cells’ resistance to radiation.”

    “They said success in this unprecedented experiment could lead to super-tough soldiers who could survive nuclear fallout,” SCMP writes. The initiative involved the experimental introduction into human DNA (utilizing embryonic cells) of a key gene found the water bear. The gene in question gives the microscopic creature rare resistance to radiation and other extreme environmental effects.


  35. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/he-verbally-sexually-abused-every-single-child-in-that-classroom-hero-dad-explodes-on-school-board-for-protecting-teacher-who-told-students-to-describe-x-rated-sexual-fantasies-parents-now-p/

    Yes!!! This parent goes off on eugene oregon school board at churchhill hs where they had this disgusting sexual assignment given to the kids. Glad for parents like this!!

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  36. Ukrainian Armed Forces tortured half of the Russian prisoners of war

    This could get ugly.

    Typical .. wait until the Azov is unleashed in Europe and the horrors that come. Ukraine is a training ground and they have dispersed weapons into Western Europe


    Crypto Comeback: Examining the surge in crypto price


    Get into meme coins this April Fool’s Day



  37. Interesting comment by Karl Denninger. Not saying I agree, just good food for thought. Personally I blame Marxism. ::

    … South Africa infamously had an “apartheid” government structure for 43 years; black people were formally and legally disadvantaged, unable to be treated as equals despite being in the majority of the population, from 1948 to 1994. The nation, despite formal and legal segregation had a functional economy and government structure.

    In the 25 years since that system was formally ended the nation has essentially devolved into gang violence, thuggery and is teetering on the collapse of basic goods and services such as production of basic foodstuffs (farming), electricity and water supply. Please explain how, if there was no cultural or other significant difference whether in capacity or culture between the two groups this occurred and for extra credit please explain why anyone should consider assistance of any sort to this nation when the majority of the people there, who demanded equality and got it, are in fact fully and completely responsible for this breakdown in the basics of any civilized society and economy.

    MASHELE: You’ve got a political crisis, which started in 1997, where the then-CEO of Eskom alerted government and told them that, if we do not get additional capacity in, we are going to start load shedding from 2007, which is exactly what happened.

    Post-apartheid the electrical system operator warned the government that if they did not act to incentivize infrastructure and investment this would happen. The newly-empowered majority government did nothing of the sort — with fully ten years of fair warning — and thus [electrical] collapse it is.


        1. It’s a screwball case. If it lives as precedent even Saturday Night Live would have to shut down. Perfect storm of prosecutor and judge. Both of whom should be taken out back and shot (metaphorically speaking).

          The appeals Court should be able to eviscerate this in short order. Here’s hoping.


        2. The absurdity of putting Ricky Vaughn in jail for a tweet that was an obvious joke is self-apparent, particularly in light of what has been ruled “free speech” and “free expression” as well as the massive quantities of voter fraud in the 2020 election alone.

          But it is also a serious warning about the way in which the clowns genuinely intend to utilize any excuse to use the institutions and agencies of government to harm Americans in every way they possibly can.

          This conviction further demonstrates the wisdom of refusing to engage with the US political system any longer. The less contact one has with Clown World and its retarded inmates, the better. It’s not as if Americans are going to vote their way out of chaos. — Vox Day

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  38. 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗖ⓐ𝗟𝗟 on Twitter: “#bankcrisis #bankrun Claims that Australian ANZ Bank is out of cash https://t.co/gOoXvXDtiS” / Twitter

    If this proves to be true then contagion indeed has spread globally

    Mean while there likely is some truth that the Federal Reserve is losing it as the Central Bank to all Central Banks. Neocons do not care about anything but their agenda and they have highjacked DC to do their bidding. Ordinary Americans have no interest in war or the Ukraine or NATO. The EU has the big stake here and if it falls so does NATO and the Euro.

    You may recall, to save the world monetary system from the stupidity of the European politicians, ( zero interest rates and the great reset of WEF) the Federal Reserve had to step in and take over the REPO market where JP Morgan was the major player. They created FIMA on July 28th, 2021. However, unbeknownst to most people, that solution became permanent. That is why I have been saying that the Federal Reserve has become the central bank of the world.

    In the middle of this banking crisis with your typical pretend analysts claiming everything is purely domestic, these people have no real comprehension of the structure behind the curtain. They focus on the latest statistic that foreign central banks liquidated Treasury holdings at the greatest pace in nine years. Some say see! The dollar will CRASH! Baloney!

    What they miss in their in one-sided interpretation is that they also tapped into this little-understood key Federal Reserve facility to raise cash as banking stress roils markets. So in truth, yes they dumped US Treasuries, but NOT because they were bearish on the dollar, but because they were BROKE! And Central Banks are really not in any position to stand behind national banking players who are insolvent or circling the drain.

    The Fed data reveals that the foreign official holdings of Treasury securities fell by $76 billion in the week through March 22 to $2.86 trillion. That was indeed the largest weekly decline since March 2014. However, simultaneously, the Fed’s FIMA facility to hand REPO was tapped for a record $60 billion. That dwarfed the $1.4 billion peak reached during the height of the pandemic. This shows the real scope of this banking crisis. It is VERY serious in Europe – much more so than in the United States.

    The Fed’s FIMA program has now become the Great Hope to help ease any pressures in global funding markets. It allows foreign central banks to post their US Treasury holdings as collateral in exchange for dollar liquidity, which is often in high demand during times of stress. The Fed can lend with one eye closed at face value rather than market value. This is also why despite the selling of Treasuries to raise money in Europe, Treasury yields have tumbled reflecting that the Fed is indeed the defacto central bank of the world. And in effect whatever the true value of those treasuries the lost is not being disclosed on the Fed balance sheet for us to see. Don’t you wish everyone could do this and not be held to account? Except such a Pollyanna state of reality does not exist for anyone.

    This is the real problem because the Emperor has no clothes. What backs the Federal Reserve? Especially as other Central Banks need liquidity and turn in their treasuries to the only Buyer making the Fed the sole and only buyer shuffling debt that no one can buy. This is what you are not to understand. And why the rush to war! And why the distancing from the USD in trade settlements to avoid fallout by non aligned Western countries who will keep going, regardless of what occurs with the West.

    Speaking of War, do you know that Russia has adopted a new revised foreign policy strategy in which West is declared an “existential” threat to Russia? Or that Russia is calling up another 147,000 troops? Are you aware that NATO is going to send in so called “Peace Keepers” into the Ukraine conflict? After all the deployment period was extended for the 45,000 American troops in Romania and it was not for nothing. Medvedev has made it clear that :” any peacekeepers on the front lines in Ukraine without our consent must be eliminated”. If you are aware that there are now Russian jets in Belarus quite capable to delivering hypersonic missiles with a number of nuclear missiles to be stationed by July then you know Russia is responding to the provocative and aggressive actions of NATO with full disclosure hoping for common sense to prevail. And yes the S400 missiles are deployed in Belarus along with Iskanders for good measure. Do not think previous images of deployment of defensive systems on Moscow rooftops was for show. The protection around Moscow and other cities is layered deep with state of art systems. And even with that it is clear that major hits will be absorbed. And one supposes that American planes sent to Europe to coordinate missile strikes are seen as some sort of barrier for retaliation. One imagines that if the worse was to be occasioned, no one paid attention to the Russian “dead hand” which if needed will ensure America ceases to exist, even if all Russian politicians and military are dead. It is fail safe that is without equal and darn scary. And what images of protection are there around Western cities to be seen?

    In typical fashion when all else fails, we are led to war to distract from realities. This time should actual overt war break out the Neocon fools will learn that nukes will fly. And one should expect any and all NATO bases will be destroyed along with breaking the fight to the American homeland. Unlike previous wars where America stood undamaged this will be much different.

    If traveling soon, be flexible and anticipate that plans may have to be changed on short notice for personal safety and mobility.
    British Army specialists join German counterparts on exercise

    Anglo German fighting machines working together as Partners where we EACH belong.
    To all our German Allies, so good to see this at last.



  39. Seal off the hallway and nerve gas the lot.

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