We approach the mid year with an understanding that high level projects of a secretive, diverse and  private nature, and peripherally germane to our subject matter, are under increased pressure to proceed. The commencement of some or all these projects may have ripple effects of a positive, yet not entirely understood nature. Of course, with the news of such comes the often accompanying reports of endless rascality by organized interests that thrive on breaking agreements.

Let us take stock. As of right now, this is our understanding of the situation on the battlefield:

1. Public currencies:

ZIM – Zero chances for any speculative RV related gain; a rag that made retailers money, but public speculators are reportedly going to take a bath.

Dinar – Overprinted to meet speculator demand. The final outcome for public hopefuls is still unclear. We have been warned of several possible outcomes, none of which signal guaranteed liquid cash for you to waltz out of any bank with. Rates of 1.00 to 3.50 were mentioned in the past, but with severe limits on amounts to be exchanged and SKRs issued, not cash. Who knows what the real case might or might not be. Guesswork at best and highly speculative. Iraq, it is said, will RV when they decide best. Re-issuance of the currency with repudiation of all outstanding overprints is a possibility. They are not in the business of devoting national resources to paying off war profiteering bookies. The RV of the Iraqi dinar is not a scam. What is a scam is the way, shape and form it is being sold to the public by retailer/promoter interests fostering a get rich quick mentality to spur on currency sales and various products to “protect your profits” before the fact.

Dong – The best chance of the lot, but still problematic as Vietnam has to maintain financial realities and not throw economic theory out the window to feed speculation demand. China will guide this one. And they don’t have any love for capitalists, comrade. Rates of .14  to .47 were mentioned in the past, but who knows. Still a highly speculative play. Expect limits if it ever happens. If it does, move fast.

Bottom line – No final procedures, rates or schedules have been officially released to the public. No “800 numbers” are known to be standing by or in the works to be released. In the past we had been told to move like Pan with his nuts on fire if it does go, and quickly exit your paper. That’s if ever such might happen. Highly recommended that you do not place your future hopes in any currency speculation. The only ones claiming you will be easily rich from this are people who have profited by selling you the currency, or who need donations to feed their chickens, pay their rent, take care of their homeless staff or keep their web hosting paid so they can sell you RV related products. This one may be a bust. Once the big battalions go, the aftermath will reveal what may be in store for public currency hopefuls. Whatever you decide to do with your paper, good luck.

2. CMKX:

A Zombie. Expect nothing. It’s over. Nobody is going to bail it out. If we should hear otherwise, we will cancel the wake and return the ice.

Bottom line – Sorry, you lost your bottom on this one.

3. Prosperity Programs:

These were offerings made from the 1990s through to about 2002. The plans were sold as bank roll programs which were to pay huge returns as part of some coordinated effort to bring mass prosperity to the world via selected participants. We know of no credible entity who can or will certify that such funds are held by any responsible party with plans to distribute same. This begs one to wonder where all this prosperity funds “intel” is coming from. Usually, it traces back no higher than to channelers, NESARA high priests/priestesses, and sites with Paypal merchant buttons. For decades, this mythological, always-coming-but-never-arriving largess has been the backbone of donation hustlers. It must pay very well because they are still with us to this day, always one week away – year after year.

There was mention a while ago that one or two may be legitimately in a queue. If so, that’s far from the mass prosperity some people think is coming. Very far.

Bottom line – Extreme long shot. With some possible slim exceptions, highly unlikely to ever succeed. We have many readers who bought into these things. The remaining survivors will quietly advise through the back channel if any pre-advice should be received. The Grim Reaper is slowly putting participants out of their misery.


A concept with no political backing or support; not being implemented, nor was it signed into law by President Clinton with Navy Seals standing next to him advising either his signature or his brains would be on the paper. Further, it was not scheduled to be announced on 9-11-2001, at 10AM. This 9-11 claim was never announced before the fact, only after, and incredibly, many believe it. This myth has persisted for decades and has been one of the most effective mesmerizers to hold people’s attention focused on the donation button. You guessed it – it’s always coming. Soon. This year. The blog traffic for NESARA sites is mindbogglingly high. There’s money in them thar fantasies.

Bottom line – You would be more likely to suffer spontaneous human combustion than see NESARA “announced”.

5. Private Currency Groups:

There are several sanctioned and credible groups who are waiting to proceed. While we are not going to violate any confidential details, those of you who are in such groups should continue to adhere to all admonitions given to you and follow directions. You know who you are. It is probably true that several fake con job groups sprang up to get a hold of your paper (so they could resell it on Ebay). If you have no legitimate contact or don’t know what happened to your currency, well, (crosses self).

Bottom line – If you are in a legitimate group, you have a good chance. But, keep your pie hole shut and follow all directions given to you. It has been noticed, we are sure, by many, that publicly-asked questions concerning commencement of private group currency-centered activity have been met with “can’t comment” or the like, in reply. Such responses, in and of themselves, are answers. We will watch for any information that can be shared, but at the same time will respect the need for discretion and privacy.

The above list is not necessarily all inclusive and there may be other projects of a very discreet and private nature that may come forward or continually flounder. We will not seek to treat with such, and will leave them to their own outcomes.

The above summaries are probably going to rub many the wrong way. Welcome to the real world. A truly stark contrast to the cavalcade of RV circus clowns, promoters, talk-show hosts, and various opportunists who market their wares by claiming that “next week, soon, tomorrow” it will be upon us – you will all be millionaires.

Skilled grifter-class salesmen have been well positioned within the currency speculating RV world. They found an emotionally pliable and easily sold-to market niche which sustains them. They have a remarkable ability to shape-shift into overnight well connected sensations, from previously unrelated backgrounds. If they were forced to compete against the truly positioned and legitimately placed personages in the real world of international banking and finance, they would qualify no higher than provisional trainee bathroom attendants. Yet, it is these types that have captured the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of those who clutch their dongs and grasp their dinars, 15 years on since the tanks rolled over Sadam’s ass.

They will continue to admonish their adherents to buy their asset protection plans, donate to their homeless staff, cover their talk-show hosting costs, or you will be LOST. This will continue until the RV plays out in whatever form it will. The comforting lies outsell the inconvenient truths by a wide margin.

Legitimately involved financial power centers will NOT provide grifter outlets with inside information repackaged as “sources”. No legitimate party occupying a place of responsibility would do so. Further, no RV vaudeville act would consider real truth as “marketable”. If it does not promise millions by next week, it won’t sell. The giddy urge to donate is not fostered in such ways. It won’t loosen the purse strings. It always has to be “soon, next week, imminent”. This sells the dream, the vision, the life that people desire but seldom want to work for. It also makes some people get down on propitiatory knees and constantly hit the Paypal buttons hoping it will curry favor in some way with their “sources” and prompt manna from on high to hit their bank account.

All these years later, the result has been thousands of dollars for the promoters and 0$ for the street people. Tragic. Truly and without a doubt, tragic.

We have made our points on all the above, and won’t repeat them again in future reports. If it has not sunken in by now, it never will.

In the crypto world, the transition from weak to strong hands continues with prolonged accumulation within tight price ranges. Our desire is to see prices continue within this range for a while longer with a long solid base from which higher prices can result. The fundamental outlook remains strong with continual adoption and innovation occurring at a furious pace. Regulatory inefficiency has collided with rapid technological developments and has caused a lot of confusion concerning institutional adoption by Wall Street. Don’t let this fool you. Wall Street digital currency products are coming. Regulatory tar heels can only slow it down but won’t kill it off. Quite the opposite. The powerful are going to adapt and adopt. Watch for laws which make such possible and give more and more “legitimacy” to this sector.

Our opinion is that BTC will probably be at least c$75,000 within a few more years. Many other quality coins will follow as adoption continues. This market is one of the best for entry of your spare risk dollars. We have several readers who are doing their homework and positioning ahead of this oncoming tidal wave in a safe and responsible way. There is NO need to take large risks with critical funds. Study, evaluate and plan your holdings. Don’t fall for hype or scams. Don’t place all your hopes in one coin. Seek professional advisory services to help you structure a sound portfolio and play the long term strategic move, if you are uncomfortable with doing so on your own.

The future direction of this site will hinge on what transpires (or does not transpire) in 2019. We will continue through 2019 with a re-evaluation to commence in January 2020, or sooner if certain evens transpire before then. We will certainly adjust to be of any assistance in whatever capacity we can should it be needed to help implement projects for public benefit, whether those projects stem from GCR stimulus, or from our own opportunities, several of which are currently being evaluated and tested. We hope to share more of this with you in the near future.

We would like to thank One World of Nations and The White Hats Report for their continuing excellent support and hard work. At all times, when we need questions answered, they are there to assist. We would also like to thank many other unnamed persons who occupy key positions for their assistance as well. We owe any clarity in all of this to such people.

Thank you all for your readership and your support. Our next report will be in September, or sooner should the need arise.


I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.

Wernher von Braun


  1. For those like me who are on a quest to add several exchange tokens
    to the speculative portion of your crypto holdings, then this video will
    really get the brain juices circulating. Enjoy your quest to find the next
    Binance token.

    At 21:30 he gives the coins he likes the best.


  2. I note that the Youngevity products have been discussed in recent comments so I thought I would take this opportunity to share an update on my progress using these supplements for those interested.

    I have now been taking the Youngevity products for approximately two months. To be perfectly honest, my health has taken a huge upswing and I would estimate that I am back to about 80% of where I was before all this spinal issue drama hit me. I am climbing ladders again, I am bolting up and down sets of stairs, I am lifting fairly good weights again, I am full of energy and I am loving every single minute of it.

    I have been doing quite a lot of physically strenuous work lately and dealing with it exceptionally well. Some days I get a little muscle pain but that is just probably caused by over doing it like I normally do but by the time I get up the next morning I am as good as new again with all pain from the day before completely gone. I am feeling very strong and capable once more, my outlook much brighter too thanks heavens. I am certainly on my way back to where I was. It is absolutely fantastic to be feeling so good again.

    One other rather awesome change relates to my memory. For several years now my memory has been an absolute mess. My short and long term memory seemed to be in serious trouble. I was becoming quite embarrassed about this issue when communicating with others. I initially thought it was just an age issue but it had become much worse than that. Anyway, the fabulous news is that my memory seems to be sparking back up again. I am starting to recall things from years ago, even quite random facts and short term is improving too. You should see how excited I become when I remember something from the past. I’m like a child who has just received the most awesome birthday present. It’s totally fantastic.

    Another issue I had which came about in 2015 was damage I had caused to my shoulders weight lifting. Not a regular exercise I normally did but decided upon at that time just to keep my strength up to a good level. I am always a bit too bold with things like this and push the limits too far. Well this time I pushed a bit too hard and caused myself a problem. From that period forward I endured fairly potent shoulder pain which became quite hard to deal with. I kept trying to ignore it but the pain became worse. Early this year the pain was so bad that even turning over in bed was excruciating. Driving my car also caused me severe discomfort too. Guess what? I now have absolutely no shoulder pain whatsoever and have full movement back in my shoulders and arms. This is truly amazing.

    So there is my story so far, sorry it was so long lol. I know with absolute certainty that my current state of health I absolutely owe to Dr. Joel Wallach’s Youngevity products. These supplements work and no one would be able to convince me otherwise. To come from where I was two months ago to where I am today is just the most incredible transformation I have ever personally witnessed or experienced. These products have changed my life.

    Dr Wallach states that one must be on the supplement program for a minimum of 90 days to really see change occur. Heck, I noticed improvement within two weeks. I have another 30 days to go to reach the 90 day mark. Far out, if I get too much healthier who knows what I’ll be getting up to. LOL This is all just so totally awesome it is truly blowing my mind when I consider the facts of my own case. Truly incredible. I personally could not recommend these products more highly. THEY WORK.

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  3. I did very well with Binance coin, but now I am looking for the next one.
    The problem is, most of them you have to hold on an exchange. I would
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    1. Hey, that’s great to hear.

      I get so warmed every time I hear of someone improving their health. Health is your greatest wealth.

      I had to cut back the amount I was taking over time since my body was absorbing more nutrients ever since I stopped eating wheat rye barley and oats. Those grains cause inflammation of the intestinal tract and inhibit nutrient intake.

      Now I take half a dose each day and feel just fine. Blood pressure is now sometime too low! Was 117/71 yesterday. So, I get to eat a little more sweets and that raises it. What a drag! lol

      Give the body the essential nutrients it needs and miracles happen. Especially when you pair that with not eating things that cause you to get sick. It’s what you absorb that counts, not what you eat.

      It’s legal for a vet to formulate things to cure diseases in animals, and to show proof of it, and tell the world. But, not legal to do so for humans. What a shame.

      Thanks again for sharing. I don’t sell Youngevity products and really suck at marketing or MLM, but with so many I know doing so well on it, I just might do so. Not for money’s sake, but for the sake of hearing stories like this, which make my day!

      Thanks again!

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      1. My brother is also drinking the tangy tangerine. He was reluctant at first because of the price but tried it anyway. He is now drinking it everyday after he had to have a physical at work and blood pressure was perfect. He is no longer using medication. That could also be the result of the beet powder he has been drinking for several months as well but he says he feels more energy.

        One thing I notice is I am not having the late nite cravings any more and I feel better overall.

        My blood pressure has always been perfect so no problem there but I feel great and more energy. I think my skin is looking better too.

        I want also try some of the other youngevity products but My budget does not allow it right now.

        Also husband and mom are now drinking daily. We all love it.

        Thank you so much Tony for sharing such a great product!

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      2. “Give your body the essential nutrients it needs and miracles happen.” I am living proof of that statement being true Tony. I’ll pop an update above shortly.

        I was also pondering going into the sales side of Youngevity as soon as I gain more time in the coming months. My rep over here asked me to start marketing the products from the date I placed my first order. I advised her that I certainly would not consider doing that until I had tried a good range of the products myself and decided if I considered them worthy of representing and selling to others. Well it did not take me too long to come to the conclusion I have. These products are most certainly worthy of the highest recommendation in my opinion.

        I agree with you about the sales side of such a venture not being about the money Tony. To see what these products can do for those in need is the most incredible reward and one that money cannot come close to. These products can dramatically change lives for the better. What comes near that?

        I am going to put my thinking cap on re this. There could be a fabulous opportunity here to do some really rewarding and much needed work in this world.

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  4. Post 239 on the KTFalways forum:

    The House of Representatives votes on the Financial Management Law and ends reading the amendment of the provincial and district elections law

    The House voted in its 21st session held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Halboussi, the President of the Council on Thursday, 23/5/2019 in the presence of 194 deputies on the Financial Management Law and ended the first reading of the first amendment to the law of provincial and district elections.

    At the beginning of the session, the Council agreed to allow the representation of the Christian, Azadeen, Shabak, Sabean Mandaean and Kurdish factions in the Committee of Martyrs, Victims and Political Prisoners in addition to their work in their main committees.

    The Council voted during the session chaired by the First Vice-President of the Council, Mr. Hassan Al-Kaabi, on the draft financial management law submitted by the Finance Committee in order to regulate the rules and procedures governing the financial and accounting management in the field of planning, preparation, implementation, All federal revenues to the public treasury to cover public expenditure and determine the link between the internal control units in terms of administrative and technical mechanisms and the implementation of budgets and committed each implementing party and determine the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance over (Budget transparency, budget comprehensiveness, budget unit and budget year) in the preparation and implementation of the federal budget and related matters, in order to achieve macroeconomic stability and financial stability and enhance the allocation of the budget. resources

    For his part, praised the President of the House of Representatives on the Chairman and members of the Finance Committee for their great efforts and hard work for long periods in order to complete the important law has not been legislated during the previous sessions.

    The MP Haitham al-Jubouri, Chairman of the Finance Committee, thanked the ladies and gentlemen of the deputies and the members of the committee, which held more than 23 meetings, as well as hosting hundreds of experts, civil society organizations and some international organizations in order to mature the law.

    On the other hand, Mr. Halboussi presented the committees concerned with the introduction of the Civil Service Law and the Federal Court Law in the coming sessions. He called on the Legal Committee to expedite the legislative procedures of the Federal Court Law, taking into consideration the decision of the Court to revoke one of the articles.

    The Council ended the first reading of the draft law of the first amendment to the Law of Provincial and District Elections No. 12 of 2018 submitted by the legal committees and regions and governorates not organized in the province in order to reduce the requirement of age in the candidate for elections and to ensure a fair distribution of seats between the lists and to balance the right of the member of the winning list to withdraw from the list and The right of the list to which it belongs, in its stability as a single list and to ensure that this does not affect the formation of the local government.

    Mr. Sattar Jabbar Abbas was sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives instead of MP Ajyal Karim after the Federal Court reversed the decision of the House of Representatives based on the objection submitted by Mr. Starr Jabbar and his replacement Ajyal Karim for membership of the Council for the province of Dhi Qar.

    The meeting was then adjourned.

    Department of Information

    Iraqi Council of Representatives



    DON961 said (Post #282)

    DELTA DELTA … Post 239 is from the official Parliament web site and is the official press release on the FML vote today .. is it possible for you to kindly translate the Arabic .. as some seem apprehensive about whether or not it passed …. English context says yes it did .. imo .. thank you Captain … pilot of the Good Ship Golden Scissors ….




    The above two posts were copied and pasted from the ktfalways.com forum.
    I understand that this law included the change in the value of the Iraqi dinar.


  5. OWoN:

    “…A special Sovereigns Currency transaction which overran from last week to this, has failed again. Fact, Banks just do not have the liquidity to fund this crap via a Table Top and without the Agencies to rig it, the going is tough. Grey Screen Trading funds Wars and Hegemony, but not Joe Public for On Balance Sheet needs. There is the problem. Grey Screen Quad T’s has gone on what? The Debt imposed is insoluble and if Derivatives do hit the Perfect Storm, God help America…”

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/05/active-comment-section-21-may-2019.html?showComment=1558515704745#c1861953443351965192
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  6. If you are going to invest in cryptos you will need to search for “cryptos with better technology than bitcoin”
    Those words in quotes above I put into the search engine and the following websites came up. Enjoy Reading !!!
    Some of the websites are old, and there are cryptos emerging right now that could have those who argue that they
    have better technology than Bitcoin.

    The first URL below is dedicated to A. Johnson ( WHA’s Resident Ripple Sovereign ) : -)














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    1. Here is someone who thinks about cryptos like I do and I put his words in quotes:

      Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency, and the one that most people acquire when they’re first getting their feet wet.

      But Bitcoin is also the oldest of the major cryptocurrencies, which means that it’s the most technologically inferior.

      And it’s always seemed strange to me that the most technologically inferior coin is simultaneously the most valuable.

      Just be mindful of that fact before rushing back in to crypto. There are a lot of coins and tokens out there, some of which have superior technology and more specific uses (like privacy, financial clearing, information-sharing, etc.)

      And there are also a number of new ones that will hit the market, including proprietary coins developed by tech giants like Facebook, and financial giants like JP Morgan.

      So perhaps education is the safer choice for now. Before making any investment, take time to really learn about the developments and the market, as well as how to safely purchase and store your digital assets.

      Just like cryptos didn’t disappear when Bitcoin prices crashed to $3,000, they’re also far from having reached their full potential.

      This journey still has a long way to go. So any investment in your education will pay dividends long into the future….”

      Above text taken from: https://www.sovereignman.com/investing/crypto-prices-are-surging-is-it-time-to-buy-again-25104/


  7. This will get real interesting….what if the “Bitcoin” moniker can no longer be used for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc., etc.

    CoinDesk has contacted Craig Wright’s representatives and the Copyright Office for further comment.

    UPDATE – Wright wrote:

    “BTC is not bitcoin. Bitcoin is set in stone and does not change. Where there is a protocol change, there is developer control which is the exact opposite of what bitcoin is about. BTC is passing off as Bitcoin. It is an air drop copy that has been designed to slowly alter the protocol allowing the system to be anonymized to such an extent that criminal activity can happen. The goal is to create a system that allows people to commit crimes, extort money, have automated ransomware and worse. This is not the goal of Bitcoin.”



    I strongly suggest you do following below to make sure your computer is safe. Due to the nature of GCR communications and education is mainly through cyber-space, I thought I’d pass along this information. The last thing you need is issues with your computer when we are getting close to the finish line HOPEFULLY.

    The latest Microsoft updates have a patch for the WannaCry vulnerability. WannaCry is ransomware that encrypts your entire hard drive, and you cannot decrypt any of your files unless you pay the hackers bitcoin (usually about 600-$1000 in bitcoin)

    I highly recommend you check to see that your Windows operating system has the latest patches. Please do the following:

    Click on the the Windows button in the lower left corner of your screen.
    Click on All Programs>Windows Update.
    Make sure all updates under the Important tab are checked.
    Click OK in the lower right corner of the window. Reboot your pc when/if you’re prompted.

    If you need assistance on this manner, please call your local computer expert. Thank you.

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  9. Some hope coming from Iraq to you:

    Moqtada al-Sadr spoke in parliament and stated that he wanted the promised reforms and the “wealth of Iraq given back to the nation”. He is putting pressure on parliament and the GOI to get the reinstatement of the currency, something which is way overdue. There is no reason for this process not to take place other than the corruption going on with the currency auctions and now maybe the Iran fiasco. To coincide with Sadr’s efforts we need to watch what the CBI does. They must find a way to curb the corruption in the currency auctions and move ahead with the project to delete the zeros.

    What does Sadr mean when he says “to give the people back their wealth”? What he means is this. Supposed someone had 2 million dinars before Oct 2003 worth a rate $3+ per dinar (when they decided to convert to the new large 3 zero notes). That was over 6 million US dollars. This 2 million then became almost worthless overnight as the value decreased to about $2,000 US dollars. So, what Sadr is saying is that the people need to regain the value they lost and get back at least their 6 million dollars. Get it? Sadr is not speaking so general as most think. He is very specific in his thinking on this topic.

    Read more at: https://dinardetectives.com/mnt-goat-125/


  10. OWoN:

    Q: It’s Monday and we’re hearing more and more about PPs and other packages being delivered which are catalysts for the revaluation to save the world. What are you hearing on your end? Are we making progress?

    A: I’m keeping quiet this week for a reason as it’s tried again.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/05/active-comment-section-13-may-2019.html?showComment=1558366888412#c682450832305974086
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  11. Whole Foods Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

    “Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Gamestop, Bed Bath and Beyond, Caribou Coffee, Jamba Juice, and Crate and Barrel all have something in common: they will start taking Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Gemini Dollars. This is possible by a revolutionary payment network called Flexa, built using cryptocurrencies, which allows mainstream consumers to spend their digital assets at brick and mortar stores across the US.”

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    1. Things are getting more exciting everyday in cryptoland! Dinarland is another story or should I say the same story for yeeeaars.


      1. I am hoping that the brontosaurs are queuing up. With all the talk of elders in NY, and “major progress”, one would not expect another year or two of such news and have anyone left around to read it.

        In the meantime…crypto markets are buy priced now. What a shame if paper remains stuck for the rest of this year.

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    1. “J ” on THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019 AT 12:21:00 PM MDT posted this after he made the post above:

      Let a high momentum attempt impact, or not. If so, it opens doors. We get the whole sequence, so have to keep it off radar yet. Just- hope!

      Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/05/active-comment-section-13-may-2019.html?showComment=1558009389525#c2584022207467625974
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

      Comment: Again it is very cryptic.

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  12. I am posting this comment from OWoN since it has several items concerning recent Elder movements and activities that many may find interesting.


    If only I could just pull the string for action.

    Unfortunately, real world , so many special interests obfuscate and delay action.
    But, it’s changing slowly.
    See how the Vatican is now on its back foot.

    Brexit is a colossal SNAFU,but under daily fire.

    Elders are holding firm with us and refusing AU access. Elders are this week in New York with Bankers. Banks need help to leverage with more assets. It will be refused. Elders want redemption of old debts. It’s Catch 22.

    You have seen the inept inability of May to get Brexit done. The arrogant, self interest of MPs refusing to vote through Brexit. Next week is the EU elections. The Brexit party will probably hammer them in votes. Hopefully. If so, in just 2 weeks expect to see a colossal switch to a 3 party system, and with it, at last, an end to comfort politics, and a face off with reality. Common sense, not Prima Donna nonsense. A transformation beckons. It took a century for this rot to set in. Even to challenge it, as is now, is a step forwards. They have the power. Removing it takes time.

    Self interest has taken over mainly by people elected unfit to represent. Grifters. This Flotsam, between Politics, and Bankers, is what we deal with. You see it.

    Transient Politicos,afraid to upset the US by visibly switching vast assets to London, and transforming the very balance of power. Afraid, under the nuclear umbrella, to wave the long finger to DC sharks.We lack Leaders.

    But look at how Farage has unlocked real opposition. He’s nowhere near PM material, but he’s a start. A stalking horse. Enough to break the mold in London.

    24th May is coming fast. The day after the UK’s MEP elections. If, as predicted and hoped, a mass voter migration to Brexit occurs, it faces off the UK Government in the EU as having no power to speak. But elected people then will and the EU will get hit hard. . It turns the lot on it’s head. It turn it makes it untenable for May to obfuscate, and survive. A social revolution is taking place. As in the US. A storm is coming. Shit version!

    But , as for action,why has Trump not yet moved on the Deep State?
    Why is Clinton still walking free? Nancy?
    Why has the US still not faced down the Fed? Why do the Zios still have a total Oligopoly on all Treasury and Fed roles? I went out of my way to stop Lord Sassoon getting the key Bank of England job and to hard fence the glass ceiling here. We blocked him. Action happens. Soon we will blow the face off the inept Politicos with the MEP votes.

    Your President is here in 3 weeks. Post Brexit he will see the power changes. Also the voters rages. May is a dead fish slithering now. Neutered and lost.

    We have focus,We have vision and a plan. We have a cause. But peeling away the layers takes time. Please, bear with us. We do care and do fully empathize.

    The only way we can get many to open their minds, look up and see the stars,is to re track them hard with a boot up their arse. They vote. Including the stupid!

    Basel 111 is coming. Banks are struggling. Derivatives face implosion. We have to get the UK out of the EU, and end our own 2 party comfort zone. Once we clear certain issues here, and we will, it all changes. Money will be handled differently then. The Elders have a huge role to play. When their assets relocate, so will they. A wind of change takes time. Also nerve. June, Trump is here.nWe talk. Brexit power will have won or lost. Key steps. The US will have failed to convince the Elders to allocate more AU. Then London will become focal. Releases will be in their face. Hard terms and hard ball. What we do, is for everyone, not self interest. We understand. We care and WE are getting there.

    So when will you dismantle the Deep State? As we are doing with Brexit. Ours are happening. Yours have not started. G Man pull the F trigger!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/05/active-comment-section-13-may-2019.html?showComment=1557910719536#c403503887874042113
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  13. Hey I forgot to ask you this question the last time.

    It seems that owon is not being very detailed about the private currency big dogs as they are simply saying “by the hour”, “cant comment”. You said in the update that those are answers. Can you elaborate?


    1. They can’t be too detailed. There are strict limits to information release concerning the private groups. That’s why they are private. Key legitimate figureheads are not going to contribute to 3 ring circus “intel” with one hand, and then come out and say “can’t say more” on the other. That would be insane.

      But, to be more specific to your point. Such answers probably point to prep work and a growing probability that they will soon have their release authorization.

      If so, then this is what we want to see. The brontosaurs have to go first, with respect to currency issues. The news about these groups has been consistent along those lines. They organized, they positioned themselves. They have a priority. No way around it.

      Only after they gorge and trample a path through the tall grass will any hope of a public opportunity present itself. This is my understanding.

      “By the hour”, is a clear and unequivocal description. That’s no longer “slipping”. So, the answer is implied: literally any moment for the brontosaur brunch and dump. But, details of the processes are not going to be released. We may be told when it is starting, but probably not much else.

      In any case, after long hours of reading on the pending crypto/Wall St products that are coming, and the mass adoption and high interest that keep building, another RV is on the horizon – one offering much more potential for the common man with some risk capital.

      I had always hoped that our readers could clear their paper so they could pivot into crypto, and ride a wave in the next few years that will be exciting and very lucrative, if they so choose.

      My best wishes on this being the case as it would help so many who just need a cushion in life against economic uncertainty. Most don’t want luxury excess, just safety and security for their families.

      I think the next 15-30 days will be revealing and will set the tone for the rest of 2019.

      Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Tony….question If I may…. are there any sub penny Crypto’s in your top ten list still out there?….. just thought I might gamble a lil bit….. still adding XLM and going to add others as soon as possible….. hold some LTC already….. TIA


    1. Hi…

      There are many.

      XLM is certainly a great buy and has enormous potential.

      Some others in that price range are BAT, CND, GNT, FUN, ZRX. ANT, BNT to name a few.

      Be sure to research each company for management and funding. Good luck!

      Liked by 2 people

  15. OWoN:

    Reader Comment: This 4″ youtube is a nice counter to others: The fed and RV failed again

    These guys say the rv is a rothschild machination to repump themselves full of cash and is being blocked by the folks at ‘The Trust’ (presumably Manna).

    Reply: Manna is just a bunch of long failed, ragged assed wannabes. No access to Fed terminals, no money and no credibility. Dreams don’t pay bills and you can’t fund projects with other peoples money.

    Remember also Keenan? The money he took from trusting investors. The empty promises and false claims he made. All these characters are Flotsam. Floaters!

    The lot of them combined could not block Trap One!
    Let them try. As for Keenan??????

    When dealing with the Fed, Treasury and major Banks, you are dealing with the most well funded, intellectually smart, experienced bunch of Professional Crooks in the world. Wannabes are never will be’s. Floaters!

    Kennedy tangled with the Fed. As have others. Where are they now? All dead. Strange that? Manna F Yana! Lol.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/05/active-comment-section-13-may-2019.html?showComment=1557815422516#c8908993043359403378
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  16. Hey hey Tony I am just catching up with the new section. Have so much to be thankful for and with btc on the move again I am looking forward to so much more. Thank you for everything.

    I certainly understand your feelings. I dont blamed you for wanting to move on with other things since this rv thing is all but stuck and nobody has gained anything from it. It is a terrible thing to see all these years pass with so many things like the pp, the currencies, cmkx and so many gurus promising things they cannot know about.

    Whatever you do thank you so much. Lets hope the one legitimate parts of this, the groups can succeed and maybe find a way to help those who were victimized with so many false promises. Take care, your friend C.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for checking in, Concord.

      Yes, BTC is on the move and as we get closer to more adoption and Wall St products featuring the ability to access these markets by people who would otherwise not even know how, things will explode over the next few years. You and all those who are bold enough to take risk dollars and put them to work will have their long awaited “RV”, in one way I suppose.

      Time is running out. The hoped-for sequence of getting people out of their paper, even with modest gains, and into the crypto markets, is not going to remain viable forever. What a complete and total shambles and stinking mess the “RV” has been for so many. A flop – oversold and overblown by so many parvenus and promo hustlers.

      The other day I saw a video of this Mark Z idiot, cursing at people who questioned his information. The nerve of that guy. I am not a violent person, but that guys needs a good socking – with his claims of “CMKX packs going out…”. He is damaging people and causing them to think that just being idle and waiting, the wealth will come. Just another nobody wanting to be somebody by pretending to be the man.

      I sincerely hope an exit for public comes, no matter how much. If for anything, to shut these blabbermouths up once and for all.

      Personally, I watch for the big dog news. It all starts with them. The rest is folly.

      Thanks again. Good fortune to you.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. Hello WHA, I am just signing up for the new blog. I hope something happens this year with the Dong. And I am glad that you plan to stay with us through this. I wonder what TNT Tony is going to do when this does not go as planned.


    1. Hi Terrence,

      Thanks for checking in.

      I hope so too, and it’s still a big mystery for public outcome. Groups are buzzing with anticipation, but so far none have paid anything to anyone. The blogs are always saying something about Reno paying every week. Pure crap.

      TNT Tony has his followers believing that all who have even Zim are going to be multi-millionaires; that they will walk in, be treated to all manner of offers for “contract rates” and so on.

      I know they are playing some kind of angle. I don’t know what it is in total, but one does not conduct three weekly teleconferences for a few hours each day, for nothing. There is a caller who comes on each day who pitches that they need donations. People must be sending in cash money, because those pitches continue.

      Now, imagine this thing does go down and people are seeing zip for the Zim, and maybe strict limits, SKRs, much lower rates, or a brief window that came and went for all else. In other words, the outcome was far, far less that hoped for.

      What will the throngs of TNT followers do? After 10 years of “intel”, DC guy, contractors claiming being paid in dinar, our treasury guy says, news from Iraq, they are screaming in the street, etc., what will people do if they do not achieve millionaire status as they were lead to believe?

      Most will probably just go back to what they were doing before. Some will be livid. Others may plan worse things. Money can be a very cruel taskmaster and has driven people to do unspeakable things that they never considered before.

      Of course, we never made such representations here and have no financial interest in keeping you all here reading. The site costs me, both in terms of money and time. Whatever the outcome, we have only told you what people in the real world of banking and international finance tell us. And while there is always “hope”, the final outcome was never guaranteed to anyone in any way.

      We will stay through January 2020. I have signaled to our web hosting intent to remove the site after that, with possible transition to another project, hopefully with all of this behind us.

      Success or none, by then, it’s time to move on. OWoN can carry the torch for the RV etc., and you will be in good hands with them on that subject.

      For now, we are here and will wait it out.

      Thanks again.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Lol! Their desperate – be sure to watch crypto eri’s – an open video to brad Sherman in her articulate and eloquent manner.

    Congress Rep. Brad Sherman calls for the ban of all cryptocurrency


  19. I talked about the ICO last year for the new exchange that was going to have 100 to 300 coins, 16 fiat and be regulated by AUSTRAC in Australia. The site is up and moving now at a decent pace. They currently have AUD fiat. This month they will add 4 new coins and before the end of the month add USD, GBP, EUR, CAN and JPY. I have this on good word from back channels. They are still building the order book, but this one has potential. They store 95% of their coins in cold wallets.

    Their NTS token had about 495,000,000 created. It’s trading at 1.5 cents right now. As they grow and get added to coin market cap, I would expect this to increase as exchange tokens do. They also have a money transfer service that is using the token as well in Asia. Real easy KYC and easy to use site. Mobile for Android is out. It’s going through licensing for the US now. Apple should be out shortly. They are doing a free airdrop this month. The link is below if you want to sign up and get some free tokens, grab some NTS. (It’s an ERC-20 Token)


    View at Medium.com

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Imagine what that will mean to so many who are looking for a chance to move up in their financial lives. Of course those are estimates and projections, but you never know, it may happen a lot sooner and go a lot higher. It won’t remain at present prices forever.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. These are the kinds of articles I appreciate, especially after seeing the altcoins left in the dust yesterday while BTC rose. Keep them coming !!!! THANK YOU.


        1. Did you read the comment section?

          I don’t understand how people can call the Dinar Rv a blessing from God.

          So God wanted the Iraqi people to suffer so they can get rich, so they think. Ok… smh

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Thanks Tony. he should be back in jail for what he is doing right now. What a horrid dishonest thief. He will learn he is doing the wrong thing one day when he gets his payback.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Binance has the steam to recover from this, and accounts will not be affected. But again, we advise you, do NOT keep large amounts of coin on brokerages.

      The BTC accounts used for this hack will be blacklisted, and all wallets receiving the funds will as well, by all licensed agencies. It will be almost impossible to use significant amounts of these funds. Open source ledgers are not easy to steal from and remain invisible.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I was on Telegram when this happened and got the news a minute after it came out. All kinds of chatter about this took place. When I read the announcement put out by Binance it gave me more confidence about this exchange knowing they could easily cover their losses. The price of the coin should go up and not down if people could just think correctly about this event.

        Binance to me is a market place I have gone onto in order to trade and then I have immediately sent my coins out of that exchange. They have never collected any KYC on me. In all practice, it is much the same as going to a coin show. If I go to a coin show do they collect KYC on me? NO. Have I set up an account at that coin show by trading coins at that coin show? Not on your life. If I had to set up an account at that coin show by handing over my KYC etc. etc. before trading there, would I then have an account at that coin show? Absolutely.


  20. Dear Tony:

    Do you know which stable coins can be used in online businesses and not just within crypto exchange businesses? Also, are you aware of any stable coins that could also be held in wallets?

    Thank you for your continued sacrifices of time for the benefit of the people who visit your website,

    The Other Andrew – Mega High Risk Investor


    1. I know of none at the moment. My personal feeling is that XRP is looking to take that market someday. For now, the likes of Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Applepay etc. are taking care of that business. Fees, notwithstanding.

      Blockchain.com has a stable coin you can hold in their on-line wallet. Very secure platform. You can also hold USD on Uphold.com, and transfer in and out of it quite easily. For a fee of course. Everyone want’s and get’s a piece of the action.

      Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying your stay. If things play out as I think they will (and won’t), we will be moving into wondrous new territory and hopefully make up for the tremendous debacle that the “RV” has been, so far. I was hoping this year would be the one to exit street paper. But, it’s looking very grim right now. Things can change on a dime.

      That’s my 2 cents.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. Hi Tony, I have been following your website and Owon for several years. J has been saying for quite some time that it is by the hour. We have not been given much hope from him on a public rv. I think we will not see any currency movement on the Dong until at least the China trade deal has been completed. Your thoughts?


    1. Hi Dan,

      You may be right. I am not aware of any hard link between the two, but either way, we do know that China has a big say in this.

      The “by the hour” comments could apply to GS matters, which are apart from the GCR issues. And then again, there are private groups to which this could also apply. It’s hard to follow it all. There are so many groups vying for their lick. It’s like J says, a pigs breakfast…and from all accounts, when you count in the public, there are too many pigs for the teats.

      But, yes. It’s reportedly by the hour. Just what encompasses all that is “by the hour” is certainly going to reveal itself, but it’s not really necessary to know. Whatever it is, it won’t be hastened along any faster just by knowing.

      If the public has any chance, I am sure we will get some pre-advice. So far, news of any public pre-advice had not reached us. What has reached us, as of late, is perhaps best summarized as “unknown and in possible doubt”.

      The Brontosaurs have to go first. Once they do, then we may anticipate, with greater expectations than at present, some kind of news about what’s left over. I doubt very highly that this endeavor has a fixed planned outcome.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Thanks for your explanation on the Iraq Dinar, not doing a RV or RI. Just adding my two cents, sure hope this information I am presenting is valid.
    On 4/30/2019, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Baghdad, Essam Ismail Sharif: Sharif said in his annual report issued by the Bank of Baghdad. While maintaining the exchange rate of the dinar to the dollar within the “parallel market prices.”
    On 4/30/2019, The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail states:
    “The economic victory achieved results, most notable the most important support the sate treasure and stabilize the exchange rate and recovery of the Iraqi dinar and reduce Inflation and maintain the rate of less than (2%) and maintain a cash reserve sufficient by 160% as cumulative accumulator according to the latest standard of the IMF with a reserve of gold within The adoption of standard and controls in line with the requirements of International Standards in compliance and combating money laundering and terrorism financing and the the basic objectives and subsections of its strategy and the activation and consolidation of new visions of monetary policy applications and the important thing achieved is stability “Exchange rate” and reduce the gap between the official price of the US dollar and the parallel price, a key objective of monetary policy.”
    The CBI’s aim is achieving financial stability and developing the banking business technically, structurally and organizationally and raising the financial coverage to the target ratio.
    My take on all this is for the CBI to install the Dinar equal or parallel to the US Dollar. Of course no time frame was proposed. But we have two Executives from the CBI making nearly the same information on making the Dinar parallel to the US dollar. When that happens is and always has been the big mystery, just hope most people who own the Dinar will be able to see this to fruition and enjoy a wonderful and full life.


    1. The RV of the Dinar is real. What isn’t are the Trillions that the guru’s say will be paid out. There are between 30 Trillion and 40 Trillion dinar printed. At Guru blather prices of $4.00 to $5.00….That’s 120 to 160 Trillion Dollars. The debt of the US is 20 Trillion.

      Please tell me where this comes from?

      Liked by 1 person

  23. So now you have torn down the hopes and dreams of many people, do you actually have any good news, or is it all bad? What are the White Hats actually doing? Or are the White Hats in the same category as the currency gurus? Everything we hear is all phony, so why believe in the White Hats?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t have the power to tear down anything. We are conveying to you what those in the real world; those who actually deal with the very institutions that would be in charge of instituting these hoped-for events, share.

      If you re-read the update, you will see good news about the legitimacy of certain sanctioned private groups. And, the crypto world has some potential to do what the dinar and dong world has not done in 15 years – change lives (or change more lives, since it’s already helped more people than the RV has). Is this not good news?

      What are the White Hats doing? Have you read the official WH reports? They didn’t compile those by watching America’s Most Wanted or listening to Okie Oil Pump.

      Most of what you hear from the bloggers is indeed phony. The reasons were spelled out very clearly.

      WHA is not a church so we don’t ask for your belief.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. All the background information about CMKX, the loss to shareholders, the litigation, etc., is in the public domain. Right now, the shareholders are sitting on losses. We are told that there are no bailout plans in the works. If you know differently, and can say that you are aware of such plans and the parties who are planning on it, please share. Otherwise, we are sharing with our readers what we are told by people who don’t have to wonder. They are involved in it and live it every day.


      1. CMKX(M) was naked shorted to the tune of over 2 trillion shares. There is direct evidence of this insane, illegal action by Wall Street
        Brokers, hedge funds, WS banks, DTCC. the FED were required to settle these shares, there is documentation of this settlement per a private investigation
        These monies were placed in trusts it is rumored. Location of the trust are still a mystery
        My point being money has been collected, so no need for an outside money source to come to the rescue

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “…These monies were placed in trusts it is rumored…”

          “…Location of the trust are still a mystery…”

          You have a very daunting task ahead of you, my friend.

          First, you need absolute proof that funds for CMKX shareholders are in a trust, and two, you don’t even know the location of that trust, or anyone who will certify its existence.

          When you have that solved, come back and we will go from there.

          We have many CMKX shareholders here. Several have promised to report to us if they receive anything from a reputable source that would indicate funds are about to be paid to them.

          So far, nothing. We are told there is NO money. Q.E.D., no pay for shareholders unless someone puts up the money. Who will? Why?

          Good luck and stay tuned here. We don’t take donations so we don’t have any reason to pump fantasy, and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to report any CMKX payment.

          Odds are, we never will.


        2. ” there is documentation of this settlement per a private investigation” ….. been waiting for about 15 years of so to see proof of anything!…. if you are referring to Gates you are mistaken….. I know people who have spoken to him directly and he has no proof of what you say, nor proof of a trust….. wanted all the gurus, including Hodges, to show some proof of anything….. ZIP!


          1. There is documented evidence of the massive naked short
            There is documented evidence money was collected for this illegal action
            My point here is there is no need for an outside source of funding, nor an out side source with a “start gun”, nor an outside source acting as a decision maker as to who gets paid or not
            Thank you for allowing me to speak


            1. There is no dispute with the shorting or the collecting of funds. Of course that happened.

              Where is the money? Where is the trust? Trust accounts have to have accountability. Who is stepping up to inform that those funds are there, just waiting? Who is going to write the check? There is NO money. For anyone to get paid, someone has to have funds, inside or out, and willing to write the checks. Who?

              You can certainly speak. In fact, I will go one further. We have another reader here, David, if I recall correctly. He is a CMKX shareholder. He is the official WHA CMKX reconnaissance I/C and is charged with reporting any CMKX package deliveries upon receipt, to our site.

              You are appointed his deputy. So, go forth and keep a watchful eye and report to us should you receive anything in the form of actual payment from the CMKX debacle. You need not give personal details or discuss dollar amounts. Just that you were paid is fine.

              If this ever happens we will certainly make sure to share the news, and happily so.



              1. The naked shorts were made real shares. The only way the DTCC could issue the shareholders certificates of ownership (of the trusts) was for those naked shorts to be purchased, made real, and they were by the brokers, the banks, hedge funds, the fed, and the DTCC. Your certificate(s) are the basic , in plain sight proof.
                I hope you don’t think the DTCC said, “oh we wronged the shareholders so lets give them worthless certs”. NO!
                DTCC couldn’t dig the hole deep after allowing “X” number of counterfeit shares clear their system, they had to make this fraud go away. They provided the only documentation the shareholders need to prove there was a settlement, your certificates
                Now the big question, What price did they settle on?. The answer is, what was the company worth after the float was bought up? That price x 3


                1. Who has the money?

                  Answer: Nobody

                  Hodges lost the case and the Supreme Court refused Certiorari.

                  Who is going to make it good? The SEC? Has the Fed done anything to investigate? Nobody is questioning the legitimacy of the shares. It’s their worth that is in question, and fraud is no stranger to Wall St.

                  I have Pan Am shares. They are registered, with CUSIP. DTCC I am sure cleared them. Nobody bailed out Pan Am, irrespective of how the company failed, Q.E.D., shares are shit.

                  Good luck. Let us know what happens.


                  1. Tony….. just wondering how you are feeling about VET these days?….. got lil bit of funds ready to buy….. debating on more XLM or VET….. just your opinion…..TIA… and for the record, I know you are not a professional adviser and not responsible for any decision I make…. thanks again.


                  2. Hi James,

                    No worries. I can express opinions on coins without legal repercussion. I just can’t give individualized financial advice, such as how you should structure your individual finances, or sell you funds or stocks, etc. That requires a license.

                    Vechain (VET) is a terrific coin. And really priced in for extreme value vs risk. It’s coming off of several months of consolidation since its highs after it was issued in 2018. Their collaboration with Amazon is very exciting, and I do hold VET in my portfolio.

                    XLM, another gem, has incredible potential, and I think it will make more millionaires in the next several years than any other coin.
                    Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with either. Personally I would just come as close as possible of having the same amount of USD value invested in each coin I hold.

                    As always, risk capital only, and keep it balanced. This will allow you to sleep soundly at night and know that your at-risk money will never affect your overall solvency.

                    Good luck!


    1. Austin Transportation partners with IOTA Foundation on new mobility

      Imagine being able to jump from one mobility service to another through one account, using whatever mode suits your needs. For that to happen, mobility providers, public agencies and users like you need to be able to share data and transactions with each other safely, securely, efficiently and seamlessly. The nonprofit IOTA (Internet of Things Application) Foundation is working to make that possible, and Austin Transportation is partnering with them to bring the future of mobility to Austin.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The conclusion was from information gathered over a very long period of time from our London friends whose business is knowing such things. Also, a few others we know Stateside contributed information which we cannot really detail at this time, but supports the London side of things.

      If anything should be given us to change this sad outlook, we will post it here ASAP. Don’t hold your breath.

      Thank you for your question.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Tony, I sincerely appreciate the trouble you have gone to in this message to confirm the current position with regard to the currencies. Personally, I have already given up on them completely but I do hope that one day some deserving people do gain some benefit from their investment.

    Anyway, onward and upward from here. The world is still turning and there are many opportunities presenting themselves to us every day. Reach out and grab hold of a few and see where you land even if it does scare you a bit. That’s my new motto.

    I absolutely love the closing quote you have shared Tony, truly beautiful.

    Thanks again Tony, for all the time and effort you contribute and care and guidance you offer us all.

    Liked by 2 people

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