We approach the mid year with an understanding that high level projects of a secretive, diverse and  private nature, and peripherally germane to our subject matter, are under increased pressure to proceed. The commencement of some or all these projects may have ripple effects of a positive, yet not entirely understood nature. Of course, with the news of such comes the often accompanying reports of endless rascality by organized interests that thrive on breaking agreements.

Let us take stock. As of right now, this is our understanding of the situation on the battlefield:

1. Public currencies:

ZIM – Zero chances for any speculative RV related gain; a rag that made retailers money, but public speculators are reportedly going to take a bath.

Dinar – Overprinted to meet speculator demand. The final outcome for public hopefuls is still unclear. We have been warned of several possible outcomes, none of which signal guaranteed liquid cash for you to waltz out of any bank with. Rates of 1.00 to 3.50 were mentioned in the past, but with severe limits on amounts to be exchanged and SKRs issued, not cash. Who knows what the real case might or might not be. Guesswork at best and highly speculative. Iraq, it is said, will RV when they decide best. Re-issuance of the currency with repudiation of all outstanding overprints is a possibility. They are not in the business of devoting national resources to paying off war profiteering bookies. The RV of the Iraqi dinar is not a scam. What is a scam is the way, shape and form it is being sold to the public by retailer/promoter interests fostering a get rich quick mentality to spur on currency sales and various products to “protect your profits” before the fact.

Dong – The best chance of the lot, but still problematic as Vietnam has to maintain financial realities and not throw economic theory out the window to feed speculation demand. China will guide this one. And they don’t have any love for capitalists, comrade. Rates of .14  to .47 were mentioned in the past, but who knows. Still a highly speculative play. Expect limits if it ever happens. If it does, move fast.

Bottom line – No final procedures, rates or schedules have been officially released to the public. No “800 numbers” are known to be standing by or in the works to be released. In the past we had been told to move like Pan with his nuts on fire if it does go, and quickly exit your paper. That’s if ever such might happen. Highly recommended that you do not place your future hopes in any currency speculation. The only ones claiming you will be easily rich from this are people who have profited by selling you the currency, or who need donations to feed their chickens, pay their rent, take care of their homeless staff or keep their web hosting paid so they can sell you RV related products. This one may be a bust. Once the big battalions go, the aftermath will reveal what may be in store for public currency hopefuls. Whatever you decide to do with your paper, good luck.

2. CMKX:

A Zombie. Expect nothing. It’s over. Nobody is going to bail it out. If we should hear otherwise, we will cancel the wake and return the ice.

Bottom line – Sorry, you lost your bottom on this one.

3. Prosperity Programs:

These were offerings made from the 1990s through to about 2002. The plans were sold as bank roll programs which were to pay huge returns as part of some coordinated effort to bring mass prosperity to the world via selected participants. We know of no credible entity who can or will certify that such funds are held by any responsible party with plans to distribute same. This begs one to wonder where all this prosperity funds “intel” is coming from. Usually, it traces back no higher than to channelers, NESARA high priests/priestesses, and sites with Paypal merchant buttons. For decades, this mythological, always-coming-but-never-arriving largess has been the backbone of donation hustlers. It must pay very well because they are still with us to this day, always one week away – year after year.

There was mention a while ago that one or two may be legitimately in a queue. If so, that’s far from the mass prosperity some people think is coming. Very far.

Bottom line – Extreme long shot. With some possible slim exceptions, highly unlikely to ever succeed. We have many readers who bought into these things. The remaining survivors will quietly advise through the back channel if any pre-advice should be received. The Grim Reaper is slowly putting participants out of their misery.


A concept with no political backing or support; not being implemented, nor was it signed into law by President Clinton with Navy Seals standing next to him advising either his signature or his brains would be on the paper. Further, it was not scheduled to be announced on 9-11-2001, at 10AM. This 9-11 claim was never announced before the fact, only after, and incredibly, many believe it. This myth has persisted for decades and has been one of the most effective mesmerizers to hold people’s attention focused on the donation button. You guessed it – it’s always coming. Soon. This year. The blog traffic for NESARA sites is mindbogglingly high. There’s money in them thar fantasies.

Bottom line – You would be more likely to suffer spontaneous human combustion than see NESARA “announced”.

5. Private Currency Groups:

There are several sanctioned and credible groups who are waiting to proceed. While we are not going to violate any confidential details, those of you who are in such groups should continue to adhere to all admonitions given to you and follow directions. You know who you are. It is probably true that several fake con job groups sprang up to get a hold of your paper (so they could resell it on Ebay). If you have no legitimate contact or don’t know what happened to your currency, well, (crosses self).

Bottom line – If you are in a legitimate group, you have a good chance. But, keep your pie hole shut and follow all directions given to you. It has been noticed, we are sure, by many, that publicly-asked questions concerning commencement of private group currency-centered activity have been met with “can’t comment” or the like, in reply. Such responses, in and of themselves, are answers. We will watch for any information that can be shared, but at the same time will respect the need for discretion and privacy.

The above list is not necessarily all inclusive and there may be other projects of a very discreet and private nature that may come forward or continually flounder. We will not seek to treat with such, and will leave them to their own outcomes.

The above summaries are probably going to rub many the wrong way. Welcome to the real world. A truly stark contrast to the cavalcade of RV circus clowns, promoters, talk-show hosts, and various opportunists who market their wares by claiming that “next week, soon, tomorrow” it will be upon us – you will all be millionaires.

Skilled grifter-class salesmen have been well positioned within the currency speculating RV world. They found an emotionally pliable and easily sold-to market niche which sustains them. They have a remarkable ability to shape-shift into overnight well connected sensations, from previously unrelated backgrounds. If they were forced to compete against the truly positioned and legitimately placed personages in the real world of international banking and finance, they would qualify no higher than provisional trainee bathroom attendants. Yet, it is these types that have captured the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of those who clutch their dongs and grasp their dinars, 15 years on since the tanks rolled over Sadam’s ass.

They will continue to admonish their adherents to buy their asset protection plans, donate to their homeless staff, cover their talk-show hosting costs, or you will be LOST. This will continue until the RV plays out in whatever form it will. The comforting lies outsell the inconvenient truths by a wide margin.

Legitimately involved financial power centers will NOT provide grifter outlets with inside information repackaged as “sources”. No legitimate party occupying a place of responsibility would do so. Further, no RV vaudeville act would consider real truth as “marketable”. If it does not promise millions by next week, it won’t sell. The giddy urge to donate is not fostered in such ways. It won’t loosen the purse strings. It always has to be “soon, next week, imminent”. This sells the dream, the vision, the life that people desire but seldom want to work for. It also makes some people get down on propitiatory knees and constantly hit the Paypal buttons hoping it will curry favor in some way with their “sources” and prompt manna from on high to hit their bank account.

All these years later, the result has been thousands of dollars for the promoters and 0$ for the street people. Tragic. Truly and without a doubt, tragic.

We have made our points on all the above, and won’t repeat them again in future reports. If it has not sunken in by now, it never will.

In the crypto world, the transition from weak to strong hands continues with prolonged accumulation within tight price ranges. Our desire is to see prices continue within this range for a while longer with a long solid base from which higher prices can result. The fundamental outlook remains strong with continual adoption and innovation occurring at a furious pace. Regulatory inefficiency has collided with rapid technological developments and has caused a lot of confusion concerning institutional adoption by Wall Street. Don’t let this fool you. Wall Street digital currency products are coming. Regulatory tar heels can only slow it down but won’t kill it off. Quite the opposite. The powerful are going to adapt and adopt. Watch for laws which make such possible and give more and more “legitimacy” to this sector.

Our opinion is that BTC will probably be at least c$75,000 within a few more years. Many other quality coins will follow as adoption continues. This market is one of the best for entry of your spare risk dollars. We have several readers who are doing their homework and positioning ahead of this oncoming tidal wave in a safe and responsible way. There is NO need to take large risks with critical funds. Study, evaluate and plan your holdings. Don’t fall for hype or scams. Don’t place all your hopes in one coin. Seek professional advisory services to help you structure a sound portfolio and play the long term strategic move, if you are uncomfortable with doing so on your own.

The future direction of this site will hinge on what transpires (or does not transpire) in 2019. We will continue through 2019 with a re-evaluation to commence in January 2020, or sooner if certain events transpire before then. We will certainly adjust to be of any assistance in whatever capacity we can should it be needed to help implement projects for public benefit, whether those projects stem from GCR stimulus, or from our own opportunities, several of which are currently being evaluated and tested. We hope to share more of this with you in the near future.

We would like to thank One World of Nations and The White Hats Report for their continuing excellent support and hard work. At all times, when we need questions answered, they are there to assist. We would also like to thank many other unnamed persons who occupy key positions for their assistance as well. We owe any clarity in all of this to such people.

Thank you all for your readership and your support. Our next report will be in September, or sooner should the need arise.


I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.

Wernher von Braun


    1. Please Arizona- don’t follow California!

      At least Tony – we have our memories when California was good. The good ole days!

      Notice in the pictures – pre breast implants too – not like today!

      Photos Of The So California Beach Scene 1960s and 70s

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      1. Yes indeed.

        There were many places in that video I used to hang out at. Venice, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach. And very true the girls and guys back then were natural and unmodified. Those areas are becoming a slum now. Very sad.

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          1. Thought I would post this video from the king of surf guitar. Dick Dale died this year at 81.

            I used to live near triangle square and Orange County beach cities are still nice at least for now.

            Dick Dale at Triangle Square, Newport Beach CA July 1994


  1. OWoN:

    “…First will be the PPs and possibly big battalions subject to the coming new Republic…”

    Q: Are you now saying that we should stop watching the site daily? Any benefit from redemptions would be years away for most of us.

    Also, it was stated in the past, on this site and others, that SKRs were given to Politicos for their Dinar holdings. It was also stated that they were given loans based on the value of their SKRs. Are you saying that the Banks will simply take a loss on those deals.

    As for the people on the West Coast that have been hemorrhaging cash for the past 6 years, are you saying that they are simply at a loss?

    A: You can see the turmoil all markets are in. First will be the PPs and possibly big battalions subject to the coming new Republic. Projects will need good people in numerous roles. Watch and reach. Currencies are a dilemma. Uncharted territory right now. Any break we will report.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1562737689410#c8767303635065860046
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  2. OWoN:

    Q: What does the “new republic” you mentioned entail? Elimination of the Federal Reserve? New Treasury Note? DC gone?

    A: Fed gone, removal of US debt to Zionist Shylocks, removal of British Feudal links, accepting Basel 111 protocols and a nation free of Military Industrial liabilities where Democracy services its peoples’ needs, not the Deep State and Zionists serving only themselves.

    Its own Central Bank owned by the Nation issuing its own currency backed by national assets and out of Rothschild dependency as the British did when recovering full control of the Bank of England. The start of a nation state owned by and for the people and a Military funding policy based only on what is affordable not an out of Control Debt escalation by an un-elected Cabal.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1562729451392#c3301229555955718574
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  3. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Over the last few weeks, word has reached my ears that WHA, Official WH, and OWoN, have been visited more and more by a larger segment of the mainstream guru masses. Within this group, more are warming up to the information we share and seeing the realities of what is likely to happen vs. what has been sold to people by sales people selling things.

    It has been made abundantly clear, by people whose pay grade enables them to speak with credible voice, that the widely promoted idea of mass millions for currency holders is unlikely to happen, or certainly not going to happen in the manner outlined by most talk show hosts. This message was often times ignored as “negative” or “disinfo” by a great many audiences. It still is in many parts, but more and more are starting to see that we are not here to falsely convey information just for fun, or to ruin someone’s fantasy.

    When all of this plays out along the lines of reality and what the system intends, there will be many who will have a hard time accepting. They are so steeped in their belief that having such a set of expectations suddenly removed will send some into a very dark place. We must be mindful of this.

    It was always the best move to try to get people to see the possibility of failure way ahead of time so they may plan for it. Many have come over here from former positions of having been donating to gurus and believing in NESARA/St. Germain endless wealth on the horizon. They have long been disabused of such things. For them, the coming reality will be easy to ride through. But remember, many won’t even consider anything other than what their talk show pitchmen say. Of these, some will be fine with no magic bank. Others will get angry. Some will blow their brains out.

    As a first step to re-tooling WHA for a post GCR world, let’s remember this and find a way to help each other in the coming years, in whatever fashion, to not gloat over our “superior understanding”, and seek solutions.

    I am still not quite sure what new form we will take here. I, for one, will be glad when all of this is behind us so that the answer to that unknown form will be easier to know.

    We return to watching for brontosaur turds. It starts with them.

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    1. Excellent message Tony. I appreciate your continued guidance and caring words of wisdom. Thank you so much.


  4. Thus Spake OWoN:

    “…There just is no liquidity for fantasies. Nor free rides or Free Lunches. Times are very tough and we need sensitive dialog as is in progress…”

    Q: Based on your best knowledge, should we, the public, just give up hope for a profit on our currencies, sell them and move on. Or is there still a little hope. Thanks.

    A: I wish I could give you hope with a roar.

    Global liquidity is in free fall waiting for the new Republic. The Dong at least has a base. Iraq and Zimbabwe are under tight IMF control. Forget blog hype. Iraq can only underpin what it can afford and will be restricted to viable issuance. It is still conceivable they could scrap the lot as war theft and start clean with a few T and for Trade only. Zimbabwe is a basket case. God knows where they restart and walking away from old de listed paper makes sense. Be assured the IMF and World Bank have zero Interest protecting speculators. Most are victims of Hype Cons.

    We are into Silly Season now. Apart from high level discussions for a very special few off radar deals progressing

    There just is no liquidity for fantasies. Nor free rides or Free Lunches. Times are very tough and we need sensitive dialog as is in progress.

    Its your judgment call but how long do you flog a dead horse? Who will feed it to save it?

    Elders support will be restricted to viable project needs. I cant talk through their pockets. Nor would they condone wanton risk. Balanced economies based on affordable policies. Certain project led PPs make more sense at this stage. Money is finite. There are far more serious focus needs than currencies right now. How many false dawns have you seen. You have to determine best use of your own money. Where is your stop loss?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1562700962766#c1700892848485204864
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


          1. He said if it does not happen tomorrow then it will happen Friday – so you better hurry or you will miss the RV! 😬🤣

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    1. OWoN said: “Global liquidity is in free fall waiting for the new Republic.”

      The new Republic? What new Republic do you think he is talking about?

      Is he talking about the new American Republic that will replace the U.S. Corporation?


      1. I won’t put words in his mouth, of course. But since a new financial system, asset backed, is anticipated and has been for some time now, I think that’s what he means.

        You can ask him at OWoN if you like. Our “sources” really can be reached by all.

        It’s a beautiful thing.

        I am worried about “…liquidity in freefall…”. We saw what an almost total liquidity shortage in 2008 did to the world, just based on US banks having problems. Imagine what the entire world having that issue at once would do! 😦


        1. 🙁 but at least they have something to transition to.

          The new digital asset economy – BTC and particularly XRP.

          Bitcoin will be digital gold and XRP will be used for on demand liquidity, bridging all asset classes and IOV (internet of value).

          Im thinking it may not be a smooth transition so time to do some last minute preps, just in case 🙏


  5. I thought $10,000 per ounce was an over the top prediction for the future price of gold. But $64,000 an ounce? Until I find the article on the Bloomberg website, I may have to consider this article appearing on goldcore.com to be fabricated……? Can anyone find the research on the bloomberg website that verifies the article on goldcore.com? If so, please post your findings under my post. Thank you.





      1. I sued to own jr mining gold stocks and did very well and the 2008 came and we all know what happened.

        Have not owned any since but may be a smart move if you are in the right ones. I personally would rather hold the physical metal myself.


    1. You are talking about two entirely different use cases and purposes.

      Stable coins will have their place. They will not replace or fill the purpose of crypto. Risk can easily be managed. They are not for everyone at all times of living.


    1. The use of the typewriter in this video shows me that the people behind this video are not from the millennial age group. This in itself gives me some hope for the future of the White Hats and hopefully America also.


  6. “…Real dialog, real Redemption cases, are in play. Funds will be fit for purpose. Funds will feed need, not greed. Allow time, this month will be interesting…”


    Update funding FACTS for you.

    Ignore the procrastinating, loose brained Bloggers, rambling on about their imaginary roles with Settlements. Penneyless cerebral Half Wits do not get selected to preside over Trillions in releases. Not will it ever happen. Losers are not choosers of Destiny. Half wits, are not worth 2 Bits!

    Last week, yet again another major push was made with Latino and other combined Ambulance Chasing Attorney parties to try to cash in and out with the Morgantaul boxes. It and they failed. They sat in Florida burning cards for months. So many greedy Wombat Brokers dictating what they would settle for. They got it- The Exit Door! Finally, thank God, all that Crap is blown. They were only meant as Sovereign Project Guarantees. It’s pointless trying to explain monetary policies to Brokers and Lawyers. Brokers took an almighty hit.

    Was it ever not going to crash?

    Only a few real issues remain now. We have them all covered, but will not publicise for fly blown bottom feeders trawling. There is no room or need for Brokers. Hooks will be cut.

    The few real and remaining funds, long overdue for Redemption, are in close discussion. Any and all can rebuild economies. There is focus and drive. What we can not and will not do, is publicise them ahead. Watching these loose cannon Broker Gobshites crash and burn with wild projections, is a salutary lesson. Loose lips and sinking ships.

    Real dialog, real Redemption cases , are in play. Funds will be fit for purpose. Funds will feed need, not greed. Allow time, this month will be interesting.

    Trump needs recognition for easing the North Korean Despots game plays. We need to get the nukes out and close the Death Camps. Then, as with Gaddafi, and Saddam, let the people deal with them. Mussolini got what he deserved, as they stripped him, cut his Ns off, and strung him upside down. Blubber Man won’t dodge Karma. I will never forget the horrors of the Nazi Concentration camps. N Korea IS as bad. Brutality and suffering is inhumane. The little Shite is a Monster. A step at a time. Get the Nukes then scoop his ass.

    The last 4 US Presidents have robbed America blind. Trump, hopefully, will settle for a better legacy. We hope so. If that Chicago Shyster and Fake Con Man can get a Peace award, why not Trump? All go together. Justice- Where?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2019.html?showComment=1562341941964#c442628224668016158
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Tony can you answer a question for a friend who has no computer but reads this when he comes to my house?

      Who are the brokers whose hooks are to be cut? Is it possibly the private groups he is talking about?

      Thanks so much your pal C


      1. Hi,

        No, it’s not the legit private groups, anyway. If anyone is out there conducting an aggregation without any official sanction, with the hope of trying to redeem through someone who IS in a legitimate group, then they may face a rough road when compliance checks are done. I suspect this will be the case in some instances.

        The brokers he is referring to are most likely those who are in possession of paper, of whatever nature, and are trying to get someone to redeem it so they can take a cut.

        Legitimate currency groups and such are sanctioned and are playing by a set of rules with pre-approval. They are not grasping at straws like a bunch of horny teenagers at a prom.

        Stay tuned for more. It seems things are going to get quite interesting very soon.


    1. The Bolsheviks are in the streets…burning flags, assaulting people, calling for the murder of police and anyone against them, labeling American values as “fascist”, and getting their candidates elected to Congress, without so much as a mild protest by anyone already in Congress.

      Not even the American Nazi Party sanctions the type of violence we see from the Bolsheviks on US soil.

      If Trump loses in 2020, it will most likely signal the overthrow of the Senate, and the courts will run up to full Bolshevik agendas. Open borders, the escalation of taxes, rights curtailed like never before.

      Whatever you are doing today, have fun, but remember that Communism is on the rise, and gaining favor with the younger people who are molded by commissars who run many schools in liberal States. Also, many are seeing a revolution on the horizon.

      Well, today is the day to remember that such has happened in the past, and is not immune from happening in the future. If enough Bolsheviks get into office, we may need to start a cleansing action. I often wonder which determined individual among our establishments will set that possibility in motion.

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      1. This is all too true. The level of manipulation, the implementation of the dark agendas, only continue to grow.

        It is like a grotesque parody.

        How could one not see it – and yet so many people so easily hoodwinked, so thoroughly entrapped by it.

        The sovereign individual, that sanctified essence of what we are, the gift of consciousness and freewill.

        The sovereign individual, that which these lands and this republic were set up specifically to protect. And yet so many give it away so easily, that freedom, agency and sovereign spirit, to bend to and serve someone else’s agenda, of the most insidious kind.

        It is so sad to see. And these are dark days indeed.

        The number of willful puppets only multiplies. The boldness of the string-pullers only increases.

        Their forces grow, their tentacles forever expanding.

        I do believe that the shadow empire is predetermined to lose, and that the right future is the only possible one. But there is no denying the dangers at hand, and the darkness of the timelines that those forces would have us lead.

        Here’s to everyone that stays sovereign and vigilant, those that work to do what is right, those that risk themselves to protect what is left.

        Like has been said, there could be a storm coming. Here’s hoping it will lead to light ahead.

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      2. ” I often wonder which determined individual among our establishments will set that possibility in motion.”
        Maybe that determined individual, or those determined individuals will not come from any establishments. Sometimes, enough is enough.


        1. Gosh Tony, it often appears that I am questioning what you have stated in a comment. I’m sorry if it comes across like that, I don’t mean it to at all. Seems I just have trouble expressing myself clearly sometimes.


  7. 4th of July Announcement
    By Paladin July 4, 2019


    To our American Patriots all over the world, we wish you all a happy 4th of July. This is the day our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and laid the groundwork for the Republic we now call home. The 243 years since the signing of this document have been both celebratory and tumultuous but our Constitution has withstood the test of time despite being attacked by the dark forces trying to run the world.

    We, the white hats, have endeavored to bring light to the darkness of corruption, blackmail, fraud, murder and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the cabal. Their attempts to destroy this great country and finish the enslavement of all humanity have ramped up since the election of 2016. Their plans have been interrupted and are now out in the open for all to see.

    Exposure of their dark deeds and manipulation of the masses has always been our objective. Like thieves in the night, they continue their onslaught on the world for total domination, staying in the shadows and using blackmail, bribery and murder to accomplish their goals. Puppet masters who shun the spotlight and publicity, they scheme and toil in the background using our elected officials to handle the dirty work and cover ups.

    A storm is coming.


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    1. Very nice message. The dark forces will crumble, indeed. Happy 4th everyone, and gratitude for this hallowed land and all of those who work to protect it.

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  8. Most don’t know the Federal Reserve is a private corporation of cabal bankers that make the rules for themselves in the banking world without limitations. Most don’t understand that Federal income taxes are, in fact, interest payments on the debt of the out of control government. Most don’t know the dollar bills in their pockets are not cash but debt with the cabal given the freewheeling authority to print dollars ad infinitum because the Amerikan citizens are the collateral on the debt. Most don’t realize the reason an illegal alien is allowed to hold the office of President is because the US is a corporation and they have no such restrictions (being a US citizen) on corporate officers. And most don’t realize that the political parties are two sides of the same coin and have long ago sold us out to their financial contributors and corporate benefactors. https://whitehatsreport.com/april-28-2014-the-white-hats-report-49/

    The above was written when Obama occupied the office of President. Hopefully after this July 4th the crucial report #48 will be released and freedom will once again reign from seas to shining sea.

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  9. Liked by 1 person

    1. Just a little background.

      Long ago I asked why #48 was not released? I was told, in essence, that they didn’t want to blow things up while trying to get certain projects done. Now that we are seeing this being prepped for imminent release, it may confirm significant progress, so the release of this report may not interfere with those projects any further. This is just my speculation.

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      1. He was right on the majority of alt coins. Most are garbage. Of all the thousands, I probably hold 30. Hopefully, those will be the ones that have “traction”. (cathartic laughter).

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  10. Judy Sheldon nominated for Federal reserve seat. A gold back supporter
    As the worlds currencies and cryptos become asset backed, the fiat cryptos of today will not survive


    1. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/02/europe/european-commission-council-ecb-intl/index.html

      Here’s a few other women, not gold backed supporters, also being considered for advancement.

      This notion of an asset-backed crypto is somewhat of a sales trick if you ask me. If a currency is asset backed, then any crypto exchangeable for that currency makes it de facto asset backed in that market.

      Cryptos are given value by their demand to fulfill use cases in proprietary markets which can only be transacted in that crypto. Valuable software we use every day is not gold backed, but has value in its exclusivity.

      A currency as a medium of exchange with a convertibility into precious metals is fine. But, I don’t buy into the notion that only “asset backed cryptos” are going to survive. Those that sell them may want others to think this, but so far I am not worrying about it affecting the broader, quality field of quality tokens.

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      1. I understand you thoughts
        However the volatility we see in all cryptos is due to the fiat status. Manipulation and fraud are the diseases inherit to a fiat system
        The Wild Wild West is still the crypto world of today


      2. Long term investors will want a stable investment. The large portion of their money will move out of the Wild, Wild West and into cryptos with “real” value


  11. Today I got an email in my inbox that gave me an 800 number to call. I thought it was an exchange number. It turned out to be 1-800-HOT-BABE. I told the girl on the other end I only had a little dong. She then hung up on me.

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    1. Bash with left, accumulate with the right.

      Carstens The Hutt is coming around to the fact that technological development actually does impact the way we do things.

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  12. OWoN:

    One new facet for you is the Wanta funds. Despite having been awarded vast Trillions, rightly so, by the Richmond Court,Bankers still refused to repay. Bent, corrupt Judges and criminal Bankers continued to cover up and Bush 41 used it illegally for their own games offshore. Only now are we getting clean Judges in place, and for the rest we are going after them all on RICO charges which has them panicking and now talking a deal. Vast Trillions were stolen by that human piece of filth, Bush 41, his cohorts AND the Clinton Foundation scammed $150M. Dirtbags, the lot.

    Those funds will then really be used to rebuild America and good World causes. The THEFT of that fund has cost Americans vast trillions over the years. Scumbag Judges, dirty Bankers and the truly disgusting Treasonous Bush Crime Family have all scalped it for margin plays. Those funds WERE to help America and denied to you. Treason and Racketeering! We will honour use with full transparency. Millions of Americans lost out. Reagan tried to leave a legacy for America. The Bush and Clinton families need to be bankrupted, their Law Cronies, Crime partners and bad Bankers too. RICO needs to put them away for ever. Only now, with clean Judges appointed, and RICO threats applied, are we making progress.

    So don’t lose hope. Good people and good Patriots are determined to break through for you all. The top in America, sadly, is just filth. Zionists, corrupt Bankers and disgusting Judges have betrayed America. Agencies also. The lot need to go to FEMA camps, barbed wire gun and dog guarded. Perimeter mines. Life with No Parole! Life!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2019.html?showComment=1561957391142#c1139429409977784201
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  13. Hello Tony :

    I sure hope all is well with you. It’s been exciting reading about all the folks on here and the success they have found with the supplements helping them with their health issues. Praise God for the new found health they are experiencing. It seems about every month or so J has to lay out the truth about the reality of the misinformation on the other sites on this new found wealth that’s always going to happen tomorrow.

    It’s really sad how people can influence so many others with false hope and take advantage of some with the lies that state if you can just send me money until the gets done. They are always helping feed kids or the homeless or something. I thank J for always painting a picture of truth. I know many do not want the truth or feel that just maybe he is wrong.

    I just want to say I am so thankful I live in America and have been blessed with a roof over my head and always something to eat. I know many would love to come into this overnight wealth. It’s important for all of us too look into the future with thankful eyes. Eyes that see so many terrible things going on in this World that is being lead by Satin and we all are in the mist of serious spiritual warfare. With the war mongers and people that would like nothing short of total destruction of all of mankind we have so much more to be concerned about than over night wealth.

    If we spend more time on these issues and less on be a overnight millionaire or billionaire we could get so much more accomplished.


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    1. Hello, Herbert…

      Glad you stopped by.

      Yes, I love to hear of health successes Makes my day.

      Let’s hope that peace prevails. Money and wealth have their place in this particular culture, but often times the emphasis is on it alone, and not the tool it could be for good. We hope to see this aspect of it re-channeled into doing good. The people we are being helped by are working very hard on this, and know from experience the price of failure if the goal is not met.

      Hope you are well! Come back soon.


  14. OWoN:

    Q: I don’t clearly understand the “bond no repayment” thing you keep taking about, all the ins and outs of this process.

    So I’m forced to look at this at its simplest level. People, Elders, bond holders, stock holders, currency holders, so on, were scam by the Federal Reserve, its banks and, financial systems that the US government allowed to be created and is charged with overseeing and regulating these entities, then the US Government regardless of form, corporation or Republic, is the the last line of responsibility. There are federal laws that cover this type of fraud
    Whatever form of restitution these holders are made whole, there are many, doesn’t fall into the category of no payment. Isn’t this the main reason we have been waiting for so, so very long? To find a settlement for repayment.

    A: I respond with courtesy, respect for the broken Trust, and the hard position many are now in.
    But I will give you reality as is.

    In the last few days a video was circulating stating, that a frankly penniless Broker would be in charge of disbursing over $300T at his discretion from an array of deals, giving false hope to many. Which can further encourage loan scams or desperation investments. Those claims emanate in part from a deal which failed again on Friday. As we forewarned parties would happen. Hard truths.

    1. Capital is finite. Wasted by Cabal villains!!!
    2. Your pseudo Governments and Agencies are run by crooks. Judges plus.
    3. Dinars etc were vastly overprinted, for gullible innocents driven by desperation or greed, who thought a million dollars worth of Dinars were worth buying for c$500 dollars. Print costs c50 Bucks max and 50 dollars for marketing. A vast earner for Bush 41 and co. Criminals in action. There was no end game for them.
    4. The likes of CMKX were similar scams, and robbed from the inside. Looted rotten. America is NOT going to bail Investors. Speculators got robbed- end of.

    There are no Federal Laws of safety when all Law are governed by the same Cabal. Clintons – Hello?
    Bush Crime Family. Hello?

    What I’m saying sadly, and with sympathy and sadness for all, is there is no Fairy Tale ending for many. Laws- Good luck with that.This is America. Wild West Wall Street laws. The FRB NY is a Crime Syndicate!

    Elders have been robbed, Nations too. US Fed Grey Screens are a complete Con.
    The Fed always has to have a Jew or Zionist elected or they all go to jail. Fact!

    We are seeing a vast array of Bonds being declined for redemption. Nations are powerless. Redemptions fail. The Virginia Court awarded Judgment publicly to Leo Wanta. He won. Not a Dime was paid and the crooks continued.

    This is a totally crooked Cabal. So who will take it down?

    Presidents are bought, or killed.

    We are negotiating hard to get selective Redemption deals agreed. With luck, one or two may break now. Bush 41 and the Clintons did you a lot of harm. Bush 41 was America’s biggest villain ever. His sidekicks still rule. Greenscammer also.

    A step at a time. Any wins now are good. But time to fess up on the No Hopers. Certain Bloggers are feeding such false hope. Let’s get a few PPs done and re fund America in steps. Achievable realities with luck. 3 are in tight negotiation. One with a Court Judgment granted but delayed.
    Others are also now re processing.

    All these Prosperity deals, as yet still unpaid, were manipulated by cynical deviants protected by corrupt Judges. Crime paid, just not to the Investors.

    You don’t have a working Government of the people. Not when undocumented Con Men like Obama /Soetoro ride free and loot with impunity. You all suffer. You all pay.
    They defied and denied your Constitution. You are not Governed, but manipulated.
    The same Federal laws which cheated Native Americans? They took your birthright, is that Right?

    How can they pay YOU when the cupboard is bare? With what? It’s GONE!
    Let us try to actually get a selective few key Redemptions done, then help in Project stages. That is enough to achieve.

    Asia is calling. War with Iran would be arrogant madness.
    All to protect Khazars? Retracking is key, but which? The few which are possible are not Public issues. But they are of good intent and would help America.
    We will advise when possible.

    G Man we need G Men to clear this mess. Armed to take down Varmints.
    Don’t lose hope, it’s the Bloggers we caution you on. Connected Cuckoos.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2019.html?showComment=1561930576852#c628949464242991257
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Excuse me, sounds like some are here to peddle gloom for a reason……nah, nothing here, give up, all a hoax, go home. Wonder what they know and what their REAL motive is. It’s going to happen with or without their Debbie Downer lingo. Keep the faith…..It will happen!!!


      1. You are excused.

        Say, Frank. Glad you are here. Can you tell us what happened to that “CMKX test package” that chicken man said he confirmed was delivered? Can you help find out who that was so we can convince him to contact US to confirm that as well? We have people who can definitely verify this claim in an hour flat.

        Or, can you possibly get at least one of these “call center people” that have advised chicken man that they were “on standby” to contact us? Since we are being questioned as to our “motive”, help us show our intentions to you. “CMKX test packie man” and “call center man” took the time to contact the chicken man to report such things. Why not us?

        Think of the feather in your cap. You would really be rubbing our nose in the crow feathers if you could do that. We have just handed you a dueling pistol and have walked 10 paces. Ready here. It’s your move.

        Debbie is in Dallas, goin’ down, but she does not talk when working.

        It will happen, yes. It’s the “to whom” part that is key to understand.

        Enjoy your stay, and welcome to the real world.


          1. Time has already told quite a bit.

            We repeat our request to you. Have the person who was confirmed to have received the “CMKX test package”, contact us. Full privacy guaranteed. We will confirm, and then, once we have done so, welcome chicken man into our warm embrace as a solid gold source of information.

            This is a genuine, bonafide offer.

            cc: NESARA Mother Ship
            Galactic Federation
            Foster Farms


            1. I have confirmed with a contact who had direct contact with one of his friends in TX……they are not about to get you involved especially since they signed a NDA and you are not the supreme trumpet for all of us other folks out here. Take it for what it is worth to you. Believe or not….don’t really care!!!! And I didn’t get this from a poultry guy…….and I am definitely not “henpecked” LOL


              1. Here we go with the “friend who has a friend who has a friend…”. That’s about the low quality standard of “intel” we see from almost all the talk-show blabbermouths.

                Sure. Signed an NDA,,,yet told a friend of a friend of a friend, but when we ask, suddenly they can’t talk.

                If you don’t care, then why come over here to cluck? You should not have to justify or defend yourself if you are hooked up with top people. We don’t. We don’t have to.

                It’s funny. You say you didn’t get your confirmation information from the chicken lover, but he was the one who made the claim about the CMKX “test pack” and that it was CONFIRMED.

                If that’s the case, then how did you get such confirmation, especially if there was an NDA?

                I am not the one blowing my horn. Although I did once play a mean piano in a band once.

                Remember, we are not questioning any legitimacy of any group that is not the subject of this conversation. We simply asked for proof of a claim made that you say you have confirmed.

                If you don’t have it, or won’t share it, then this conversation is done. Zero credibility is not going to win over here.


  15. OWON:

    Yet again we have been provided with Wannabe Blogmeisters videos self assuming they either matter or have real access.

    The Irish words of Eeejits and Gobshites are appropriate.

    One man without a Pot to P*** in contends he will distribute $300T. Too pitiful to even comprehend these delusionals take such stances, and worse even bigger believe and IDIOTS print it.

    1. The vast backlog of failed dated Bond boxes have no attendant value and were only Error Embedded Bonds for reconstruction use and deniability. Denying to Cretins is pointless.

    2.Failed Bonds are failed Bonds.Some failed by Criminal misuse of funds. The Treasury will NOT bail out crime! These whining procrastinators will never get it. Why debate with an Idiot?

    3. Currencies- Hello?????? You really think $500 Bucks will gift you vast Millions? Seriously? Whose been drinking the Kool aid? Bush promised? Sure! Suckers born every day.

    4. Capital IS finite. Any Single steps will be prioritized. Money will only be issued to feed selective Infrastructure need, not speculators or greed. Junk out there will stay Junk.

    5.Right now there ARE 3 specific accounts under real review. To pay or not to pay.
    The big run of Florida boxes crashed last week. Bust! All those Brokers blown. Credit cards going bang. That now concentrates the rest.

    So, we focus on the remaining 3 possible issues with US Patriots and achievable IF the Treasury consent. IF! Phased and focused. But, when does a Zio in a Stye ever pay back? A step at a time when dealing with Swine.

    So many Grunts and Bottom feeders are circulating this ludicrous get rich garbage, connected to yet another self effacing Elder Master – Gold Owner, without an Ass in his pants. Remember Keenan? His trusting victims who funded him? The weekly pay up phone ins to Scammers? Fantasists the lot! Real Truth- is Free! Self funded.

    Be clear.IF, and I say IF, a selective release starts, funds WILL be focused on Infrastructure. Education and Projects of merit. A criteria adding value. These multiple Broker Wannabes need to be stopped from selling Whacko paper and costly phone ins with false promises. Cons the LOT!

    If phased releases are allowed for certain long overdue Redemptions, part of those funds will be used ripping False Religions out of schools, cutting off the Vatican feeding Tits, and giving children inspiration, real Leadership and Qualified Educators. The Church feeding snouts will be OUT! Priests etc then let them peddle falsehoods at their own cost.

    Kiddie fiddling cut in one!

    We will bring in only Professionals. Focused help.

    Less Wars, rebuild the Old Country. Who better can create Real Wealth as China chokes in debt?

    Trump IS trying to reconstruct America. We need to help. But- Until we break free of those Zionist and Vatican shackles, nothing can flow free. Each is a Turd in the US Soup Bowl.

    Shills, the Lot!

    I was asked last week if the new video circulating is a breakthrough?

    I was talking this morning, 7-30 am Sunday, with a key US Patriot who merits redemption, and he’s fuming with these video parties lies.

    You are looking at an Attorney, BROKE with form for false dawns, a lost cause with his Butt hanging out of his pants, and so much form for false alarms, and a new Whacko whose connected? Really? Wired to Bellevue!

    Folks really, Santa is NOT coming. But hopefully a merit based Reconstruction Program can.
    We do understand needs, but the practicality of limited Financing also. A step at a time, your all victims of Crime.

    Until we smash Zionist Claws off the Treasury and Fed, your hopes die in their Stye.
    Americas hard earned money needs to fund Americans, not Mossad and their US Zio Network of crooked Bankers.

    Until we can free up real money to fund Patriotic, good hearted Americans in free Elections to both Houses, and the aspiring Presidents, without Jewish money and hooks,10 million Blow Ins own America and all of you, we are not sorting anything. Hello?

    These are Realities. Capable, but Turd cleansing needed first. Watch those hooks

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2019.html?showComment=1561902202971#c7676994637463415688
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. I wonder if this will circulate on the dinar blogs? ;P

      A little story.

      Some years back, I had the chance to engage a veteran NESARA guru in a conversation. On the outside, she was convinced that “deliveries, etc.” were coming, soon. I explained why that was probably not going to happen as she thought, and that years of rumors that had morphed into wild fantasy were being sold as fact and used to sell paper, and market wares to the audiences that gathered around this zeitgeist.

      On the inside, her feelings were quite different. It took me some time to maneuver her into a comfortable place where she could unburden her soul. I knew there was a burden there, and with the right prompting it would discharge.

      Sure enough, the real reasons she had stuck to her fixed path of selling a sugar plum fairy future to her audience finally came forth.

      In essence, she knew a lot of her readers were in very delicate positions. They were of meager means. Many of them disabled and on the dole. Many older and on fixed poverty incomes. Many working for little, for whatever reasons. They had all sought a better life from those selling the dream of revaluations and NESARA liberation. It seemed their only way up.

      She then said what I knew was on her mind. She did NOT want to create any situation where people would take their lives if the one chance they had been sold on, and had waited so long for, was suddenly revealed to be nothing but a dream. A dream sold by promoters. A dream sold by those who were nobodies seeking to be somebody. A dream used by the clever silver-tongued pitchmen to salt away fees and kickbacks. A dream used by anyone who could make use of tens of thousands of qualified prospects for which selling a dream to was a sure bet.

      She knew what was best for them. To keep them dreaming. Because, for some of them, it would keep them alive. Once she had them in her grasp, she dare not broach the subject of hard reality. No. In this wing of the mental health ward such a prescription would be ill advised and far too strong for the easily triggered. Best to keep them warm and feed them soft food and promise them better days are ahead.

      I came away from this experience a changed person. I saw the potential liability, a moral one, which lies in the hands of every Svengali who pitches the “imminent wealth” angle.

      There will come a day when the brontosaurs engage and tramp through the forest. After this, truth will be laid bare.

      We have tried very hard to present a real picture. We have no motive to construct any fantasy and sell it to you.
      Those that have are now owning a situation where there is potential for tragedy, and blood money can’t be refunded. I don’t want such on my hands.

      I know our readership is a different breed – largely practical and much more aware of the hardness life requires to survive. I take solace in this, because to have the burdens on my shoulders that many of these guru pumping hucksters do is a potential moral debacle too large for me to want to experience.

      Causing the death or destruction of another is never easy, no matter how macho one is. I saw the burden my father carried all his life for the lives he took in WW2. He carried the picture of one young Japanese soldier whom he shot at close range, in his wallet. It took him years to be able to give me the picture and ask that I place it on the ground in Okinawa. I did so when I was there. He could not bear the thought of returning to do it himself.

      Imagine having the destruction of another on your hands over “lost” money, and not even in defense of your country, but a busted dream made too real by charlatans who dare not do too much vetting of their “sources”.

      Some don’t care, and others are too sick to see the damage they are doing. The continuation of the side-shows is proof of it.

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      1. My respect for and appreciation of you Tony grows stronger the more I am made aware of the man you truly are within. Thank you so much.

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        1. That was very kind, thank you.

          I was simply sharing from real experience.

          One of the key reasons I tell people to go with small positions in crypto is to prevent having a negative move create a life ruining debacle. I have seen it so many times.

          The mass promises of RV riches is just another form of extending one’s emotional lifelines into potentially dangerous waters.

          What if the RV happens and the major currencies do not perform anywhere near what many gurus are saying they will. With the level of fervent incantations being observed in some dinar chats, you can almost get a palpable sense of what some may do once they see what decades of waiting has brought them.

          Who should we see about that, if and when it does happen?

          Jim Jones promised his people a paradise. Gurus promise their flocks the same. Jones murdered his people once paradise flopped. Gurus will have blood on their hands some day.

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          1. I hear you on those points Tony. It will most certainly be a very sad period of time to witness from several perspectives. It does make me quite sad that so many who were already rather desperate at the beginning of this particular process, will become even more heartbroken and desperate. Many good lessons have been presented to all of us during this lengthy process.


      1. The transition to a fully technologically managed society will be a very hard road. But, it will happen much faster than the transitions from agricultural societies and before that, hunter gatherer societies.

        I feel the advent of the blockchain is simply a pivot point, one of many, into the next transition for human existence, that being, into a resource based and technologically managed economy.

        We have seen how a small clique of money grubbing treasury rats claw and steal anything except red hot stoves. Imagine what they will do to fight any changes to get rid of the very system they created and make us dwell in. But, technology will sort them.

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        1. Boy your smart Tony and the fact that I completely understand what you stated, makes me no dumb dumb either. Lol
          I’ve learned a lot here.

          Cryptos will have its own value with its use case and technology. How can you you asset back world changing technology?

          Also – “fiat cryptos”? What the heck is that?

          Unless you mean stable coins which are directly linked to fiat, like the JPM coin.


          1. I did it again. Posted my comment in wrong place.

            Regarding your post above, have you seen the zeitgeist movies? I remember over ten years ago zeitgeist 2 was all about a resource based economy.

            At the time I thought no way will that could ever happen. Now I think it’s possible.


            1. Yes. They were quite good. The guy who produced them caught hell from a lot of Luddites, but I suspect he knew he would.

              It’s certainly possible, and probably inevitable. I doubt it will be by a sudden world-wide mandate, but more along the lines of a gradual move in that direction, one segment of society at a time.


        1. Tony – what is your opinion regarding anthropic capitalism?

          Ben Shapiro interviewed a guy talking about it in the video change I posted.

          I thought it was very very interesting- having a hard time wrapping my head around it.


          1. They are dancing around the one thing that neither one wants to say – money is just not needed to bring about what they want the most – fairness in the distribution of resources. Hybrid systems are not going to last.

            They can’t even get the proper concept of what “capitalism” is. It’s the most misunderstood concept and misused on a constant basis.

            Capitalism is one of the oldest “isms” around. Its correct meaning is “capital from capital”. In other words, money lending, or capital gain from speculation. This is different from entrepreneurialism, which involves producing something of value in exchange for the money.

            People say the US is a capitalist country. Bullshit. It was not founded as such. It was founded on free enterprise, which included capitalism and the freedom to enjoy an occupation or engage in business ownership.

            Money lenders are capitalists. But without people who produce and sell things, and bring skills to implement things, no standard of living could be maintained. Capitalists cannot do such because they have no such training.

            To say we are a capitalist nation is not accurate because while we allow it, it’s not what gave us our means of living to a certain standard. That means was free enterprise.

            Don’t feel bad about not being able to wrap your head around it. It’s hard to wrap around something that has been so convoluted as to lose the very thing they should be focusing on – that money and politics are obsolete, and a drag on humanity.

            It will take lots of balls to admit it. Shapiro is a smart guy, but he wont risk his media income by striking out on a crusade to rid the world of the very system he uses to make his living.

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  16. Well, an otherwise boring day, with little information coming in from the real world, so let’s indulge our curiosity for the alternative reality in the world of the starving saviors of humanity.














    One last bit of support, to pile onto the hundreds of last bits of support, requested with just days to go before the releases happen for him. Days away from billions, but needs your money.

    The fact that he continues to ask, means that people continue to send.

    And if all were to happen…mass prosperity, rv, gazillions for all, I wonder how much money would be left in the hands of such incredibly discerning recipients in a few years?

    Perhaps it’s best that nothing happens at all.

    Hunger pangs? Medical science has a cure for that. It’s called a job.

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    1. Far out, this guy is unbelievable. What a hide. He needs a good swift kick in the butt. Absolutely disgraceful behavior.

      Hunger pangs? He should endure those as long as possible and call it a fasting regime which is fantastic for your body.

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  17. OWoN:

    Q: Are sovereigns applying pressure to Zio bankers? More specifically, are there any discussions of strategic defaults of years of restructured loans to unlock settlements?

    A: The KEY, but strictly off radar moves with certain US Debt Obligated PPs, is between them and OUR London Global Trusts. It IS us! We do NOT publicise it with the Broker Grunts and suicide Jockeys trying to throw hooks.

    It’s a highly complex, sophisticated, special multi party, multi facet, self interest battle, where we have the Elders Trust, but the Fed has the money!!!

    For the US Treasury and Fed, they need the Gold backing and that’s a blocked door as we refuse access until the PPs are settled. Catch 22. Their need becomes ever more critical as Swine to be fed. We can wait. Once Russia and China go Gold backed, and they will!!!, the US pressure goes off the Richter scale. So does our price! London is our Jekyll Island to re set power and control. But we seek to harmonise , re structure and help, not to sequestrate. That is their dilemma. Where is their lick? Swine at work. A Swine removed from the Stye feeding trough by its tail is very confused.

    It’s a battle of will, or we cut off their Swill. They just don’t know how to deal with parties who are refusing corruption and cuts. Everything declared and pristine clean. We clean up the Stye, they ???

    No one gets a little bit pregnant. You just get knocked up. So, we don’t play!
    Our Bar is high, and we don’t frequent their stye.

    But equally don’t underrate both Sovereign and Elders greed. The balance needed is to settle for what is common sense achievable, or starve. What’s gone is lost by theft and wasted. The key now is that Trade Out reality level. Achievable.

    Zios I loath and despise as vermin, so it’s not easy. Sitting there looking at a creature with eyes like pissholes in the snow unnerves them. They read contempt and it confuses them. A few of their Orthodox creatures with straggled beards, and Muppet Cult costumes were recently collectively looking at me, my pristine white shirt, Westminster Palace tie, Gold Portcullis cuffs, shining shoes,and custom suits. well cut groomed hair, looking down at them as Stye Spawn and it visibly angered and confused them. “We are Special”. Not to him we’re not! Times are changing, and they now fear 1936 repeating. What they can’t work out, is good Jews have no need to fear me or us. My visible deep loathing is the Kararian Zio trash. Assimilators. They see a Grim Reaper White Knight looking back who sees right through them. Know now to play Jewish Guilt! The Shiva is the shape of things to come. No wonder they are so F up! What a God awful way to start life. How can a 3 day old scream – You Bastard?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2019.html?showComment=1561786672719#c4092030637740587740
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


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  19. Battonge d’ OWoN:

    The vast mega quad Ts of the old M Bonds are failing redemption within US borders and they were a very credible solution but the multiple Sovereigns today acknowledged if US Converted the funds will never leave. Exactly as forewarned. It’s a total Pirate operation. Humanity or Pirate rules? The Zios own the Banks Roach rules!

    Q: Setback? Or just more of the same and expected?

    A: I fully pre warned key parties they could not expect to take vast Ts of historical US Bonds into jurisdictional reach of the worst collective of parasitical thieves in the world and not expect blocks. Since the gross lies and betrayal of all treaties with Native Americans. Chicanery has been standard practice.

    The main PP accounts funds come up for review tomorrow so we battle again. Getting one past lying thieving Varmints would be a start.

    Each day we try. It only needs one to break the log jam. Faint hearts win nothing. We have 6 core accounts to battle, and we block all AU until redemptions. Next week holiday chaos so we take a day at a time. Dealing with liars, thieves and parasites is not for the faint hearted

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-17-june-2019.html?showComment=1561652605743#c7372105330572183481
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  20. Tony,
    Silly Season is in full swing. Cookouts, BBQs and trips to the beach abound….do you still hear that train?


    1. Let me put it this way. The train is sitting at a station, and the conductor is looking towards the engineer and he is flashing that they will soon have permission to go, so get everyone back in the cars. Just when the train will move to the final destination is not something the engineer can say.

      So yes, the train is still fired up and prepped because the rail owners have requested it be such.

      Keep in mind that this pertains to a certain private rail line and not in any way to others. Those are still sitting in Chernobyl, and nobody wants to deal with toxic trains.

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      1. Tony, can you help translate J’s post? I don’t know M bonds and why they would have failed redemption in US borders. Much appreciated.


        1. Usually, M in bonds lingo can mean “matured”. But, I am not sure if it relates to another kind of bond as well. I don’t hold any bonds so I pay little attention to these things. This could also mean Morganthau Bonds. But, those are long shots.

          Failing redemption most likely means that, once again, the holders of these bonds were stiffed by the chosen people who control our monetary systems. The gold is being denied them, and thus the ability to back their money with it, and thus this forces them to face the fact that the USD will be crapola while the rest of the Eurasian monetary units become asset backed and convertible as such. That’s probably highly simplistic, but close enough for our purposes here in the land of the plebeian undergrowth.

          Always remember. Money sticks to the hands of angels.

          Also, remember that we don’t get all the information available. There is so much more going on than we will ever be told. When a minority of powerful derive their elite life from the usurious extraction of wealth from the majority, there will be strong efforts made to prevent that minority from becoming a majority. They would have to then work for their living. When was the last time you saw a banker with dirt under their fingernails?

          Long ago we were told that they are playing a game of “delay and hope they [the payees] will go away”. Delay until they all die, give up, move away, get sick, fade away. Keep this in mind. The delaying of what is owed is not just about denying monetary gain. It permeates deeper into a more significant goal for them – to destroy, to harm those they despise as slave labor who are unworthy of equal status with them. 10,000 years of boots at their backs, being run out of one country after another. No problem, just erect another memorial. Divert long enough for another mass looting. And make it a crime to speak out against it.

          You have to hand it to these clever little bastards. They get us to lovingly fellate them while they slowly insert a dagger into our backs in an almost painless way until it hits a vital organ.

          But, there is hope. Or so we are told.

          Good luck.

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  21. This is a special alert to highlight that gold prices breached the $1,400 level today, a level not seen since 6 years ago. After years of hunkering down to winter the bear market in precious metals, bullion buyers finally have something to shout for.

    Going past the $1,350 level was itself very significant for gold prices since that was the stubborn resistance in 2016 and 2018. Now, gold has blew past $1,350 confidently and breached the $1,400 level. The movement in gold prices this week is positive for the psyche of the market as people start to realize that gold could be starting the next bull market.

    What is also very interesting is that the gold to silver ratio has moved higher, inching closer to the 91 level! The ratio is showing that while gold prices have risen, silver prices have risen slower. In other words, the gold train has moved but the silver train remains at the station. The gold to silver ratio chart also shows that the silver price will eventually rise faster and overshoots the gains in gold, thus sending the ratio lower.

    Now is the perfect time to switch from gold to silver! The 1:90 ratio is the highest in 26 years. The gold price has also rallied past key resistance levels. Remember… buy silver now to get 50% more gold when the ratio goes back down to 60. Or you can see it as: buy 3000oz silver now and gain half a kilo gram of gold when the ratio is 1:60! Half a kilo gram is worth about $22,000 USD right now.

    You can easily sell gold parcels from your S.T.A.R Storage account and use the funds to buy silver bars or coins parcels. Just let us know using email or secure notifications that you plan to use the proceeds from the sale of gold to buy silver and we will process your orders accordingly.

    Finally, join us on our SBTV Live Stream this Sunday 23 June at 9pm EST as we discuss the events impacting gold and the growing calls globally to reduce dependence on the US dollar. Subscribe to our SBTV channel or follow us on Twitter to be notified when we go live!

    We live in exciting times. Take care and position yourself well before the next crisis hits.

    Kind regards,

    Silver Bullion and The Safe House Teams

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  22. Like

  23. Like

  24. Some time ago we discussed some health topics, specifically blood pressure. Here is mine as of a few minutes ago.

    The payoff from not eating processed meats, no fried foods, no gluten and no excessive consumption of refined sugars.

    I am not a vegetarian and eat plenty of meats (not burnt or processed). I eat as many eggs as I want in a day (not overcooked or cooked in oils). I use butter, not margarine (solid oils). I take no BP meds or any pharmaceuticals of any kind. I drink close to one gallon of fresh distilled water a day. No sodas, no artificial sweeteners, no excess alcohol. I don’t smoke with the exception of the occasional holiday cigar.

    Last year my BP was running 150/90ish. Not terribly bad but not good either. Now, with little effort except to modify my diet, take supplements and drink lots of fresh water, my body has responded with desirable results for a 57 year old male.

    You can achieve your health goals. All it takes are changes and the will to do it. Your health is your greatest wealth. Be wise and put it on your list of high priorities!

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    1. That’s awesome Tony!

      I checked mine yesterday and it was 107 over 68. It’s normally what your reading is.

      Mom who is 89 years old only gets half now otherwise her blood pressure goes below 100. She is off her blood pressure meds!

      A friend of mine started using the product – she loves it! She calls it “the tangy”. Lol

      I really am looking forward to trying the other products.

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        1. I don’t work out with weights or go to the gym. I simply walk, kayak, hike. I think weight lifting is fine, but I don’t derive any benefit from it health wise, at my age, so I don’t do it.

          There are no studies that show weight lifting for men my age significantly increasing life expectancy, so I don’t go overboard with it.


          1. Thank you for sharing that Tony.

            You live such healthy lifestyle. Especially the food you eat. I envy you.

            I live a relatively healthy lifestyle but you have taken it to another level.

            You must feel like a twenty year old!

            The distilled water you drink everyday, Can you tell me where you get it?


            1. Actually, while I have cut many unhealthy foods from my diet, I can still stray a little and not have a serious impact on my overall health. In some situations it’s hard to go to the local holiday BBQ and not avoid the burgers, hot dogs and pizza. As long as one does not eat these things constantly, you can partake a bit and not feel all that bad.

              A twenty year old? Well, maybe a 30 year old, but not 20, unfortunately. lol Sure wish I looked like a 20 year old! lol

              I make my own distilled water at home. I use the H2OLabs Model 300SS distiller. You can see it at h20labs.com. It’s a great machine – well built and guaranteed.

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            1. Indeed it is. Moving the body, lifting anything, walking, etc., is certainly beneficial. My point was just that “working out” with weights alone has not shown to increase longevity. But, by all means, it won’t decrease it either. I also don’t like public gyms. They are filthy. I have seen people in locker rooms picking their noses, scratching their privates, pissing, shitting and not washing, then going out on the floor and touching the equipment, dripping sweat over the benches and not wiping, etc.

              Get out and walk, swim, hike, kayak, bike, trampoline…breath good fresh air and get some sun. Eat wise and supplement on top of that and your body will repay you.

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              1. OMG Tony, I will never walk into a public gym after that description. LOL I actually never have either, the sharing of sweaty equipment has always turned me right off, along with all the posers. If I ever wanted to do that type of exercise I just hired or purchased some 2nd hand equipment then resold it when I got bored. That didn’t take long either. LOL

                I agree with you re your selection of exercise types, excellent mix there. And they are all enjoyable and not boring like gym work. ;-)))))))


    2. Wow that’s pretty cool Tony I’m about the same boat you are except for I smoked for five cigarettes a day my blood pressure is 147 / 96 that’s not good I am 63 I guess I’m going to cut back on the sugar and my sweet tooth but I’ve been drinking distilled water for the past year and it’s getting better .. I have white coat just got a blood pressure Checker here at the house about 2 days ago so I will monitor it hope all is well enjoy


      1. Sugar intake will raise blood pressure for sure. So will nitrates and nitrites. Just cutting the nitrates and nitrites alone cut my BP by 20 points. In fact, there was one day that I got dizzy, my BP was so low. I think it was 100/60. I simply indulged in some apple pie and organic coffee, and it rose to normal very fast. What a shame that I had to partake of such medicine! LOL

        Good on you for drinking distilled water. It’s the best for you. Ph neutral and very easy to absorb. Missing minerals is not a concern in water because we were meant to get them from food, not water. Proper hydration is key for organ function and cardiovascular health as well. Keep it up!

        Also, one chief cause of high blood pressure is not enough calcium/magnesium in the diet.

        I also wish to add that I salt my food to taste, and it has had no detrimental effect on my BP. I don’t believe that salt causes high blood pressure, and it’s critical to get salt in your diet for proper digestion.

        Keep up the healthy habit! Health is our greatest wealth, and when you have good health, you have everything.

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        1. OMG, I love a good homemade apple pie. LOL I am making a beautiful gluten free rhubarb and pear cobbler tomorrow as a little winter treat. ;-)))))))

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      2. If you are ever in a situation where you need to get your blood pressure down quickly, grape seed extract seems to work for some people. Don’t over do it though and always check out interactions with other supplements and meds being taken.

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  25. Look at the crypto market!!! I’m having my own little mini celebration – love love this song from the mid eighties.

    “Be careful what you dream of, it just may come up and surprise you”

    “We are, as we are. When all the fools who doubt us fade away. Fortunes Deep and wide. Intimidated restless in the wait”

    The Icicle Works Hollow Horse

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    1. Thanks, great info. I believe XRP will rip once it starts. I know crypto is the wild west, but why in the world is XRP not exploding off this news? Manipulation? Of course. I just HODL, it will come, I’m certain.

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      1. I for one am glad the price has been low because I’ve been accumulating.

        Alex Holmes did not come right out and say it but XRP will be used as a bridge currency, but he did indirectly say it when explaining how the process.

        XRP is going to bridge all assets through the ILP in the future tokenized economy.

        Read about the interledger protocol.

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        1. For anyone interested, this is a good place to start if you want to learn about the ILP.

          Interview with Evan Schwartz at Ripple and Interledger Protocol XRP HD


  26. IN MY OPINION Horizen is tremendously undervalued, and if more people listened to this video below, they would buy Horizen because of it’s strong potential to be offered to investors on the soon to launch Bakkt Platform. After doing your due diligence on Horizen please purchase it before sending this video to all your communities and friends. When it appears on the Bakkt coin offering platform, Horizen has great potential to rise.

    “We actually have news from the New York Stock Exchange that these are the coins they will be supporting.” < The man on the video said this about the coins dicussed on this video and supported by Bakkt. So this is mega exciting for the future of Horizen ( ZEN ) In my humble opinion.

    P.S. Thanks go to HIW for bringing this video above to this blog some months ago. THANKS.

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  27. Tony, what an experience so far since a few months ago. I have seen my crypto holdings more than double when you factor in the dollar cost avg. I moved some into gold and silver. Some into cash as well. This has been great! And to think that it is only just the early stages. For the first time in my life I see becoming wealthy is going to be true for me. It took some guts and like you said also a lot of hard work and paying attention to the business. Your telling me to take the long term view along a strategic plan and not quick buck pirating has made the difference.

    My arthritis has improved by about 70% since I started on the youngevity and stopped eating all the crap I was putting in my mouth.

    Owon has been so quiet. Not at all what we have been use to seeing in the past. it seems like they never hesitated to give us the bad news along with the good. I think you are right about the lack of news being news itself. If nothing were happening they would say so. Instead they are refusing to say anything except they have to be quiet. Too bad about that elder fornication and adultery. I guess you were right about that as well when you said money sticks to the hands of angels. haha!

    Thank you so much for your help! You did so much for me and never asked me for a dime. I offered but you refused it. And in a few days I expect my holdings will blossom from the other suggestions you gave me. I dont have the words to thank you. Please keep WHA up for as long as you can. Your pal C.

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    1. Hey that’s great to hear! Give yourself the credit. You took the risks and did it right. You earned the rewards so please keep up the good work and congratulations on your achievements.

      That is good to hear about your arthritis. I know it can be terribly painful, so I am very happy to see you getting relief.

      Yes, OWoN has retreated to high ground and very little information is getting out to the public. It must point to sensitive operations in play. Just what will result from it in the short term is still very unclear.

      Elders are people too, and certainly subject to the same failings as all of us. We all have our weaknesses, our taboos, our peccadilloes, our shameful acts and our failures. God I can’t tell you how many I have, and I say that with no pride. But in the end we have the ability to take stock of these things and make up for them the best we can. Just what these elder frolics mean is probably immaterial to the currency speculator, but it was mentioned for a reason, so we will have to wait and see just what it has meant to any outcome we watch for.

      We will be here for 2019. There is not much to do but observe now.

      It was my pleasure to help. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Absolutely grotesque. What has this world come to where this is acceptable and tolerated? A sling shot or pellet gun would temporarily halt this filthy behavior. Totally unbelievable.

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      1. Oh, but it adds to the ambiance of the California cuisine!

        Bums of the world, unite, and shit where you want.


        1. This is San Francisco! You would never see this disgusting behavior in Orange County. (At least I hope not)


        2. Actually, this needs to be stopped immediately by any means. Why should civilized members of this community have to put up with this? That’s if there are any left there that is. I honestly cannot believe this is happening. Absolutely beyond shocking to me.


  28. Gold is gaining steam after a 10 year bear market. $1362 has been resistance for years. If gold can break through it a new bull market should unfold. Commodity bull markets are notoriously profitable. There are some cheap mining stocks out there to you can buy to spread risk. Harmony, IAG, sandstorm, Yamana, THM (exploratory) are all under $5 and should have nice gains once it catches fire. These all have 5x – 10x potential based in 2011 bull. Throw in a gold backed currency system with 10k gold and who knows.


      1. Thank you so much Tony for sharing this warning and providing additional information and guidance. I started making some changes and taking some more serious steps in these areas myself today.


  29. Isn’t this interesting…

    I just recieved an email from banknote world in irvine Cali. Stating they want my Iraqi dinar and vnd’s. First time I ever recieved an email like this from them. They are offering swaps for the Zimbabwe dollars.

    I think they always did swaps for the dinar but now they are offering the vnd swap for zims.


    1. WOW AJ, that is weird. Wonder what that is all about?
      Maybe you could share further with us if you contact them for any further discussions. Certainly interesting.


      1. I thought is was weird too.

        The email was titled “we want your iqd and Vnd”

        They don’t sell the ones we hold. Just the older notes pre 2003. The latest note they sell is the 50 dollar denomination iqd. Same with the vnd – not the notes we buy from the bank. Hmmm

        They are enticing people “get more for my money if you swap them for Zimbabwe dollars” and they do sell those, so very weird.

        There is a company who only buys iqd and sends them back to the central bank, so at first I thought this might why they want iqd’s, but why the vnd too?

        Here is their website if anyone wants to check them out. Banknoteworld.com


        1. Update:

          I just spoke with someone there and asked why they are swapping iqd they don’t even sell for Zimbabwe notes. He said they may decide to resell them sometime in the future. They only sell collectibles. They have been doing this for years with the iqd. He said they don’t send them back to the cereal bank.

          I asked about the vnd as well and asked why they started doing a promotion to swap these currencies that they don’t even sell. Anyone can walk into a bank and buy or sell them.

          He said he could not disclose that information.

          So will the notes we hold become collectibles? or are they wanting them for another reason.


            1. Haha. Cereal might be appropriate too. LOL

              Thanks so much for sharing all the info you have above re the currency AJ. Very interesting situation. Definitely worth keeping an eye on, that’s for sure.


  30. Encouraging words from a former army intelligence officer formerly in Iraq who has been very subdued in reporting dinar happenings:

    Mnt Goat:

    It really looks like we are now on a full force to getting the reinstatement completed sometime in June. Really? Could this really happen? With all the news we are now hearing a new timeline CBI target has been identified and it is showing the target by the end of June. Let’s all pray that this is our last timeline ever.

    Read more at: https://dinardetectives.com/mnt-goat-145/


  31. Binance launches ‘initial DEX offering’ (https://decrypt.co/7456/binance-launches-initial-dex-offering-raven)
    Site: Decrypt | Published: 2019-06-16

    Design principles of Ethereum 2.0 – Raul Jordan (https://www.tokendaily.co/blog/design-principles-of-ethereum-2-0)
    Site: Token Daily | Published: 2019-06-15

    J.P. Morgan seeking job candidate with bitcoin scaling tech knowledge, but asserts it’s doing nothing with actual Bitcoin (https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/06/14/jpmorgan-seeking-job-candidate-with-bitcoin-scaling-tech-knowledge-but-asserts-its-doing-nothing-with-actual-bitcoin/)
    Site: The Block | Published: 2019-06-15

    Two startups are partnering to enable Amazon purchases with Ethereum (https://www.coindesk.com/two-startups-are-partnering-to-enable-amazon-purchases-with-ethereum)
    Site: CoinDesk | Published: 2019-06-15

    A protocol for issuing tokens launches on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (https://www.coindesk.com/startups-debut-first-protocol-for-issuing-tokens-via-bitcoins-lightning-network)
    Site: CoinDesk | Published: 2019-06-15

    Facebook hires standard chartered bank lobbyist for crypto project: report (https://www.coindesk.com/facebook-hires-standard-chartered-bank-lobbyist-for-crypto-project-report)
    Site: CoinDesk | Published: 2019-06-15

    Bitfinex is starting to buy back and ‘burn’ its LEO exchange token (https://www.coindesk.com/bitfinex-is-starting-to-buy-back-and-burn-its-leo-exchange-token)
    Site: CoinDesk | Published: 2019-06-15

    Jack Dorsey answers our questions about Square’s plans for Bitcoin – Matthew Hughes (https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2019/06/14/jack-dorsey-answers-our-questions-about-squares-plans-for-bitcoin/)
    Site: The Next Web | Published: 2019-06-14

    Facebook’s cryptocurrency partners revealed (https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/06/14/facebooks-cryptocurrency-partners-revealed-we-obtained-the-entire-list-of-inaugural-backers/)
    Site: The Block | Published: 2019-06-14

    Blockchain says crypto price surge has increased its number of wallets by 4 million (https://www.theblockcrypto.com/tiny/blockchain-reports-mays-btc-and-eth-price-increases-are-boosting-crypto-adoption/)
    Site: The Block | Published: 2019-06-14

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    1. Thank you for posting these articles. Still reading thru them.

      I feel good about my decision to hold the top three cryptos because of my personal situation of where I live.

      If I was in Arizona or any other state, I most likely would have held on to some of the others.


    1. I like their philosophy. Think long term gains, as this is where the life changing wealth is most easily and safely made. This approach will serve all equally. No matter the experience level or skill, or present level of income.


      1. I only have one place to exit my cryptos – unfortunately, I am unable to open coinbase account. So maybe a mistake but I just sold all my cryptos and put it in the top three. Can’t go wrong with btc eth and xrp. Probably could make more percentage gains on others but at least I don’t have to worry about it. I feel safe in those.


  32. If you are a US citizen, you need to pay attention to the crypto exchanges you hold coins on and the coins you hold. Many US based exchanges are delisting coins to US based
    Clients over security concerns. Binance is going to shut down US clients in September, as well. Some of these coins may not have a exit for you very shortly if you reside in the US.


    1. Binance is going to open a branch in the US. Bittrex will create “Bitrex International” to maintain international financial compliance for foreign accounts.

      In any event, never hold coins on a brokerage.

      Don’t worry. These interests will adapt and won’t give up their sugar teat because someone wants a piece of the action. That’s a government for you. No creativity or talent. They just take a piece of everything that moves and call it a days pay.


      1. Binance is going to open in the US with less coins and we don’t know these yet. My concern is exiting some of these coins. I have a large position in ICX. No US based exchange has this as far as I can tell. I can hold in a wallet, but it’s basically locked up until I have some way to exit it. I also can’t find a US exchange with Nano or Miota.


        1. I am betting they will cover ICX in the short term. Good project. The others, not so sure. I don’t own them.

          If they don’t, look for Morgan Stanley or others to possibly cover when Wall St decides to ante up once custody solutions are final.

          Quality projects will have exits, or else they are not quality, if you ask me.

          Good luck!


      2. Where do you suggest holding Bitcoin. I read an article where coins were lost from a wallet. Sorry I don’t recall which one. How about the vault on Coinbase?


        1. Coinbase is licensed and insured. It should be secure to hold your BTC. I don’t use them, but they are pretty secure.

          Blockchain.com is very good.

          There are also many hardware wallets that are good, such as Trezor and https://www.ledger.com.

          Anyone can lose BTC through mismanagement of a wallet, no matter what kind. Be sure to do some research, as all answers are there via the net.


        1. I just did a second look and icx and iota IS on the list for u.s. approved compliant traded tokens for Binance.


          1. (If you go to Twitter – you can see the list.)

            Here is the breakdown of what coins will still be available (as things stand) to US customers through US compliant exchanges once
            stop US based trading in September


        1. Are you with Paladins timeline….. listened to the interview and seems his timeline is after 2020 election….. if I heard it right anyway….. still get confused on all the different parts, or supposed parts….. ” parts is parts”, lol


          1. I know it’s pretty hard to sort all these things out. This is a very complex and politically sensitive endeavor and getting clarity is very difficult even from those involved.

            I have no reason to doubt Paladin’s time line. In general, he was addressing the conversion to an asset backed monetary system in place of a highly inflationary model that primarily serves usury rats and is in a precarious position with a derivatives time bomb ticking.

            People are certainly focusing on the issue of, “But what does this mean concerning the RV”? He didn’t address this so we can not assume that the changes in the monetary system are necessarily connected to any RV. They may very well be, or not.

            Unfortunately, Kerry did not follow up with Paladin and ask more specific questions of him on this, and instead she went free-wheeling into her alien UFO tangent and completely off the rails of the subject matter.

            There is another angle to take into consideration. With private groups stirring, we can assume they are not bound by any related time lines for asset backed banking. So, perhaps this decouples the RV time lines (if any) from the anticipated changes in 2020.

            One thing is for sure. A complete program, with pictures and diagrams and a cast of characters, will never be released beforehand. I am sure we will get whatever information we can be allowed to have when it’s appropriate. Until then, stay productive and seek your futures in whatever way you are able.

            How interesting. No guru sideshows have featured Paladin’s comments. I guess that’s because he didn’t say “It’s imminent!”. LOL

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    1. It is somewhat disappointing to see OWON relishing in the demise and destruction of Assange. Is best to stop right here.


      1. I think he is just sharing what he thinks will happen. I don’t think he is relishing in it.

        I never paid much attention to Assange. Not because I didn’t think of his activity as being good or bad, but rather because knowing what he did or didn’t do was of no value to me. Surely we already knew that governments lie, cheat, steal, commit crimes, spy, plot, etc. That we needed to see someone leak evidence of it was just sauce for the goose, and cost a man his freedom. The bad men go free. Nothing gained.

        Future generations will innovate their way out of the need for governments/monetary systems. No one man will leak anything and make it all right.

        Don’t fight against the machine. Make a better, more just and fair one, and people will use it.

        Our culture and values are highly defective and don’t allow for efficient assimilation of systems that promise to deliver something “too good to be true”, even though it may be so. Once bitten, twice shy. Betrayal is what people expect from anything offered them, since nothing but betrayal is the usual end result from dealing with a government.

        We have reached a saturation point with technology now. We can just about build, create, implement anything that would serve all of us and liberate us from these arcane hundred year old ways of managing society.

        Do that instead.


  33. Ripple Opens Office In Switzerland To Sell XRP To Institutional Investors

    “…The purpose of the company is the sale of digital assets XRP to institutional buyers. The Company may establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad, engage in other business, and may do any business directly or indirectly related to the purpose…”


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    1. I started listening to the interview yesterday… I didn’t get very far into yet and plan on finishing tonight, but did I understand correctly… Rick Davis, the Poll Mole creator and patriot who ‘hacked back’ the election, was he killed?


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