We approach the mid year with an understanding that high level projects of a secretive, diverse and  private nature, and peripherally germane to our subject matter, are under increased pressure to proceed. The commencement of some or all these projects may have ripple effects of a positive, yet not entirely understood nature. Of course, with the news of such comes the often accompanying reports of endless rascality by organized interests that thrive on breaking agreements.

Let us take stock. As of right now, this is our understanding of the situation on the battlefield:

1. Public currencies:

ZIM – Zero chances for any speculative RV related gain; a rag that made retailers money, but public speculators are reportedly going to take a bath.

Dinar – Overprinted to meet speculator demand. The final outcome for public hopefuls is still unclear. We have been warned of several possible outcomes, none of which signal guaranteed liquid cash for you to waltz out of any bank with. Rates of 1.00 to 3.50 were mentioned in the past, but with severe limits on amounts to be exchanged and SKRs issued, not cash. Who knows what the real case might or might not be. Guesswork at best and highly speculative. Iraq, it is said, will RV when they decide best. Re-issuance of the currency with repudiation of all outstanding overprints is a possibility. They are not in the business of devoting national resources to paying off war profiteering bookies. The RV of the Iraqi dinar is not a scam. What is a scam is the way, shape and form it is being sold to the public by retailer/promoter interests fostering a get rich quick mentality to spur on currency sales and various products to “protect your profits” before the fact.

Dong – The best chance of the lot, but still problematic as Vietnam has to maintain financial realities and not throw economic theory out the window to feed speculation demand. China will guide this one. And they don’t have any love for capitalists, comrade. Rates of .14  to .47 were mentioned in the past, but who knows. Still a highly speculative play. Expect limits if it ever happens. If it does, move fast.

Bottom line – No final procedures, rates or schedules have been officially released to the public. No “800 numbers” are known to be standing by or in the works to be released. In the past we had been told to move like Pan with his nuts on fire if it does go, and quickly exit your paper. That’s if ever such might happen. Highly recommended that you do not place your future hopes in any currency speculation. The only ones claiming you will be easily rich from this are people who have profited by selling you the currency, or who need donations to feed their chickens, pay their rent, take care of their homeless staff or keep their web hosting paid so they can sell you RV related products. This one may be a bust. Once the big battalions go, the aftermath will reveal what may be in store for public currency hopefuls. Whatever you decide to do with your paper, good luck.

2. CMKX:

A Zombie. Expect nothing. It’s over. Nobody is going to bail it out. If we should hear otherwise, we will cancel the wake and return the ice.

Bottom line – Sorry, you lost your bottom on this one.

3. Prosperity Programs:

These were offerings made from the 1990s through to about 2002. The plans were sold as bank roll programs which were to pay huge returns as part of some coordinated effort to bring mass prosperity to the world via selected participants. We know of no credible entity who can or will certify that such funds are held by any responsible party with plans to distribute same. This begs one to wonder where all this prosperity funds “intel” is coming from. Usually, it traces back no higher than to channelers, NESARA high priests/priestesses, and sites with Paypal merchant buttons. For decades, this mythological, always-coming-but-never-arriving largess has been the backbone of donation hustlers. It must pay very well because they are still with us to this day, always one week away – year after year.

There was mention a while ago that one or two may be legitimately in a queue. If so, that’s far from the mass prosperity some people think is coming. Very far.

Bottom line – Extreme long shot. With some possible slim exceptions, highly unlikely to ever succeed. We have many readers who bought into these things. The remaining survivors will quietly advise through the back channel if any pre-advice should be received. The Grim Reaper is slowly putting participants out of their misery.


A concept with no political backing or support; not being implemented, nor was it signed into law by President Clinton with Navy Seals standing next to him advising either his signature or his brains would be on the paper. Further, it was not scheduled to be announced on 9-11-2001, at 10AM. This 9-11 claim was never announced before the fact, only after, and incredibly, many believe it. This myth has persisted for decades and has been one of the most effective mesmerizers to hold people’s attention focused on the donation button. You guessed it – it’s always coming. Soon. This year. The blog traffic for NESARA sites is mindbogglingly high. There’s money in them thar fantasies.

Bottom line – You would be more likely to suffer spontaneous human combustion than see NESARA “announced”.

5. Private Currency Groups:

There are several sanctioned and credible groups who are waiting to proceed. While we are not going to violate any confidential details, those of you who are in such groups should continue to adhere to all admonitions given to you and follow directions. You know who you are. It is probably true that several fake con job groups sprang up to get a hold of your paper (so they could resell it on Ebay). If you have no legitimate contact or don’t know what happened to your currency, well, (crosses self).

Bottom line – If you are in a legitimate group, you have a good chance. But, keep your pie hole shut and follow all directions given to you. It has been noticed, we are sure, by many, that publicly-asked questions concerning commencement of private group currency-centered activity have been met with “can’t comment” or the like, in reply. Such responses, in and of themselves, are answers. We will watch for any information that can be shared, but at the same time will respect the need for discretion and privacy.

The above list is not necessarily all inclusive and there may be other projects of a very discreet and private nature that may come forward or continually flounder. We will not seek to treat with such, and will leave them to their own outcomes.

The above summaries are probably going to rub many the wrong way. Welcome to the real world. A truly stark contrast to the cavalcade of RV circus clowns, promoters, talk-show hosts, and various opportunists who market their wares by claiming that “next week, soon, tomorrow” it will be upon us – you will all be millionaires.

Skilled grifter-class salesmen have been well positioned within the currency speculating RV world. They found an emotionally pliable and easily sold-to market niche which sustains them. They have a remarkable ability to shape-shift into overnight well connected sensations, from previously unrelated backgrounds. If they were forced to compete against the truly positioned and legitimately placed personages in the real world of international banking and finance, they would qualify no higher than provisional trainee bathroom attendants. Yet, it is these types that have captured the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of those who clutch their dongs and grasp their dinars, 15 years on since the tanks rolled over Sadam’s ass.

They will continue to admonish their adherents to buy their asset protection plans, donate to their homeless staff, cover their talk-show hosting costs, or you will be LOST. This will continue until the RV plays out in whatever form it will. The comforting lies outsell the inconvenient truths by a wide margin.

Legitimately involved financial power centers will NOT provide grifter outlets with inside information repackaged as “sources”. No legitimate party occupying a place of responsibility would do so. Further, no RV vaudeville act would consider real truth as “marketable”. If it does not promise millions by next week, it won’t sell. The giddy urge to donate is not fostered in such ways. It won’t loosen the purse strings. It always has to be “soon, next week, imminent”. This sells the dream, the vision, the life that people desire but seldom want to work for. It also makes some people get down on propitiatory knees and constantly hit the Paypal buttons hoping it will curry favor in some way with their “sources” and prompt manna from on high to hit their bank account.

All these years later, the result has been thousands of dollars for the promoters and 0$ for the street people. Tragic. Truly and without a doubt, tragic.

We have made our points on all the above, and won’t repeat them again in future reports. If it has not sunken in by now, it never will.

In the crypto world, the transition from weak to strong hands continues with prolonged accumulation within tight price ranges. Our desire is to see prices continue within this range for a while longer with a long solid base from which higher prices can result. The fundamental outlook remains strong with continual adoption and innovation occurring at a furious pace. Regulatory inefficiency has collided with rapid technological developments and has caused a lot of confusion concerning institutional adoption by Wall Street. Don’t let this fool you. Wall Street digital currency products are coming. Regulatory tar heels can only slow it down but won’t kill it off. Quite the opposite. The powerful are going to adapt and adopt. Watch for laws which make such possible and give more and more “legitimacy” to this sector.

Our opinion is that BTC will probably be at least c$75,000 within a few more years. Many other quality coins will follow as adoption continues. This market is one of the best for entry of your spare risk dollars. We have several readers who are doing their homework and positioning ahead of this oncoming tidal wave in a safe and responsible way. There is NO need to take large risks with critical funds. Study, evaluate and plan your holdings. Don’t fall for hype or scams. Don’t place all your hopes in one coin. Seek professional advisory services to help you structure a sound portfolio and play the long term strategic move, if you are uncomfortable with doing so on your own.

The future direction of this site will hinge on what transpires (or does not transpire) in 2019. We will continue through 2019 with a re-evaluation to commence in January 2020, or sooner if certain evens transpire before then. We will certainly adjust to be of any assistance in whatever capacity we can should it be needed to help implement projects for public benefit, whether those projects stem from GCR stimulus, or from our own opportunities, several of which are currently being evaluated and tested. We hope to share more of this with you in the near future.

We would like to thank One World of Nations and The White Hats Report for their continuing excellent support and hard work. At all times, when we need questions answered, they are there to assist. We would also like to thank many other unnamed persons who occupy key positions for their assistance as well. We owe any clarity in all of this to such people.

Thank you all for your readership and your support. Our next report will be in September, or sooner should the need arise.


I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.

Wernher von Braun


  1. OWoN:

    “…I can’t say much but positive moves cranked up rapidly overnight…”

    A one o clock wake up call on currencies. Interesting late move let’s see if it follows through…I can’t say much but positive moves cranked up rapidly overnight with a call at one am this morning to get me linked in fast. Positive moves just wait In hope. No one is owed, and it’s been a long costly road, but now there’s hope that’s all I can say. Just watch.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/09/active-comment-section-8-september-2019.html?showComment=1568382475013#c3034038117629737590
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  2. Tony!

    Sorry to hear of your needing to be away to handle family matters. Hope it is okay.

    How incredible it is that a sort of news blackout is in effect but still things drag on. I saw that you earlier wrote that good or bad this needs to come to a conclusion. Still we dont know if public is going to get anything from an rv. How incredible that such is the case all these years later.

    I am looking forward to a great year in 2020 for crypto markets. Thank you for help along the way. Patience will be rewarded I think.

    Hope WHA can stay open until the matter is finally decided. Would not be the same without this sane little corner of the world. Your pal C.


    1. Thank you Concord.

      I would sincerely hope with so much emphasis on silence, that this points to a seriously close disposition of the private group arrangements. Otherwise, why all the silence? it would seem to make little sense to prohibit details of such transfers if such transfers were not valid and imminent. Why be quiet about nothing?

      However, I am reminded that we are dealing with banking cartels. Helping people in an expedient fashion is not in their business model.

      WHA will be here until March. From then, I don’t see the need and will either transform post RV or simply close and let OWoN and the WH blog carry the torch as they have been doing. Life changes for me and family are going to force focus in another direction.

      Thanks for checking in! Hope you are well.


  3. OWoN:

    “…It’s close, final cards are being played…”

    There are multiple accounts very close, it’s death rattle time for the Cabal and Zio rats. Fed Programs have been cut back for the Military and key Banks have reduced use of Program platforms as there simply is not the liquidity left to underpin it, having to prop up Derivatives and consequential loss hits on some. With the impending Blockchain emerging markets, this now becomes the exit bridge to ride on it to safety.

    It’s close, final cards are being played. This weeks lame excuse was the Florida weather,we shot it down as vacious BS. But the Monday holiday may cause us control chaos. A holiday always does. Any excuse. Pressure is now heavy, heavy, heavy stress for them. We are relentless. Each week they are hit with WTF is wrong with YOU????? Cut your BS and give us real schedules, how much and when! There are no niceties left now. Each day is now aggression and Hell hath no Fury like? They are floundering as their power base erodes weekly. If we could only get Trump to remove Zios from the Treasury,the lot would crack. Removing Damien , the Nutter Yahoo Devil spawn from the WH is a start.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/08/active-comment-section-27-august-2019.html?showComment=1567416067705#c5796274649778320750
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. As mentioned a few years back…adoption is continuing…and will. Technology is going to impact the way we do things. Efficiency is coming to monetary transactions, and with it transparency and accountability for all parties.

      What exciting times to see it all.

      Let’s hope the expected releases will put the finishing touches on it.


  4. Hello,

    At this time we will wait for the anticipated White Hat report #48 and move to a new thread at that time.

    For now, we continue to watch for news of interest. The more the news is withheld in detail, the more one would think that it points to a successful conclusion of whatever nature intended.

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OWoN:

    Q: How are things going in the world of what you can’t tell us about? Has the Fat Lady sung any portion of her lyrics yet, or will she be approaching the microphone anytime soon?

    A: A beyond highly sensitive issue and need to know screened right now. Safety, confidentiality, beyond sensitive banking and Trust protection will lock down everything. All off radar. Life changing for some. It’s a dangerous world, and for some ,even families will not clear need to know. Or deserve Trust! Any!

    If and when appropriate careful steps will activate. Info has to be shielded.

    Certain parties have no idea how life changing it will be. They will be hugely shielded, and from themselves. It’s a new era, but same old bottom feeding human garbage. We will try to make a difference once cleared, but minus the PR or ego trips. Try! Egoes? They have no idea how duplicitous and cunning each layer is.

    On every corner, a Hydra lurks, and that’s just the wife! Kids, carnivores and Raptors. The most dangerous of all, with sudden huge wealth, can be “Her Indoors!”

    Those claw marks are known. Money equals War Zones! They have no idea yet the responsibility and game plays of wealth. Raptors come running. For them, nothing can ever be the same again.

    So, when, we then have to determine what and when can anything be carefully released.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/08/active-comment-section-27-august-2019.html?showComment=1567195698728#c7594370612550774692
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  6. I just want to say hi and so happy your back. I missed you!

    How about this crypto fire sale! Wish I had more money to buy but been buying the dips now for a while now in small amounts. Hopefully we get our RV and can put a nice chunk in before it takes off. 🤞🏼


      1. I am in till the end…..what ever it is….. VET bought to go under .004…. if goes into the trip 0’s ill load the boat…. watching a couple others and will do same with those…. not gonna but anymore right now…. tides do not seem favorable.


  7. So glad you’re back Tony. what does this mean……If the Big Battalion clears for the boxes, bonds and notes your chance follows? Got the big Battalions it’s the boxes, bonds and notes that I don’t get? And you know, Tony, you are the MAN to interpret and make sense of the postings for us other wise slow and inept minions.


    1. The Big Battalions have exchange interests in some or all of these instruments. Boxes are, I think, simply bundles of instruments, and bonds are simply bonds, and notes are most likely referring to currencies.

      I cannot guarantee that I am 100% right on the above but that’s my understanding. Once they process the excess will make up what may be a public chance.

      I hope it works out for the better for all. Things sound very close, but we still have not started.


  8. OWoN:

    Q: Should I be so bold to assume that the public has slim to no chance of any sort of redemption on the Dong? Asking for a friend actually who is on the brink of just getting rid of their currencies and continuing to move on with their life. And admittedly I think it would be nice to know if we are just smoking from a dream pipe.

    A: If the Big Batallion clears for the boxes, bonds and notes your chance follows.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/08/active-comment-section-13-august-2019.html?showComment=1566915674595#c8554274864693485140
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


        1. Thank you, WHA! I was thinking of something to do with blockchain. I am glad I asked you and not assumed to make ass out of u & me. 😄
          Thank you also for checking in.


  9. OWoN:

    “…On the currency issues, if anything is to be decided as it all needs final resolution one way or another, if conversions are determined it seems eminently reasonable to allow a public window and kickstart some liquidity as a trickle down effect for communities…”

    The PPs for 3 parties are in daily pressure drive to try to get redemption.

    There are also daily pressures with Sovereign groups seeking to get a resolution towards morgantauls and currencies. But be clear, if there is to be any resolution for the very messy Sovereign issues it would be controlled project phasing not just cascading cash on the streets . Money demanded does not exist. It’s all been long spent.

    For currencies some resolution may be effected if choosing to redeem. If so it will be messy but leave some Public options unless they just issue new currencies limited to Nationals only for conversions to start.
    Or currencies via project merit systems. It’s messy and needs political directive.

    During research just double checking the old Saurin history a Blog series came up as part of many files assessed.
    Parts deemed highly dubious. But there were some reference to currencies and boxes which, if part correct, would raise issues on Reno.

    Speculators need all encompassing views tracking this convoluted mess. We give no credence or credibility to what may be printed in the new comments section, if Canauzzie is willing to let such views have air time, but to me they are such extensive multi face claims and while traveling through messy blog files some of the history and people allegations were of interest. Truth is to be determined, but a view costs nothing. Just points of views, accurate or not. That is for others to determine and that Blog to answer for statements propounded.

    On the currency issues, if anything is to be decided as it all needs final resolution one way or another, if conversions are determined it seems eminently reasonable to allow a public window and kickstart some liquidity as a trickle down effect for communities.

    Money is finite and reality will rule. I hear Big Battalions presuming vast T blocks. No such funds exist , nor will. Currencies can only factor in to meet national standings but resolution is needed it’s gone on long enough. There are groups head on with this seeking conclusion.

    The PPs are in daily dialogue and if released we can redirect for Global retracting and focused education. Projects will be key. Daily pressures are on.

    We are pushing for decisions and direction

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-23-july-2019.html?showComment=1564814924229#c4114232844187744316
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  10. Hello All:

    I am going to spend less time on the site because of personal situations I must attend to.

    I will be bringing only updates from OWoN and wherever else that are key critical to any understanding of what may affect you in the public realm. But, any ground that is well covered I will simply not take the time to re-issue.

    Please keep in touch with OWoN directly for any news you wish to see, and thank you for your readership and support over the many years. You may continue to post what you want here, and share whatever you wish. I will approve comments time permitting.

    Please, be careful what you read and believe.

    Thanks again.


    Liked by 3 people

  11. Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble following OWoN? I simply can not understand almost everything he writes. It’s clear he/she is angry………. but? This whole currency ride has been hairy to say the least. Don’t expect anything, just watching. Why hasn’t Vietnam’s currency been reinstituted long ago? The war has been over for decades, so why hasn’t their currency gone back on line (so to speak) so the people can get back to normal? How are the people of Iraq surviving without a currency? So many questions. What is a Zio Mafia? What exactly are Big Battalions? This all seems so “insider”. A person really needs to know the lingo I guess?


    1. It’s a “he”.

      I can’t speak to the dong issues as I am not expert in that field.

      Zionist mafia. Exclusive crime syndicate that runs international banking.

      Big Battalions is just a name for private groups who hold currencies in very large numbers, and are legitimate and sanctioned.

      Yes, very hairy. And when you consider the number of people who have been wishing for an outcome and the years that have gone by without it. it’s almost tragic. It needs to end. Good or bad, it needs to be over.

      Enjoy watching.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Been way too long. This should have been over in 2009 or 2010
        Now we wait until after the 2020 national elections as I see it


    2. He is a bloody good bloke as far as I’m concerned. He certainly is a tricky one that loves some playfulness but not hard to understand when you have no skin in the game. I think the trick may be to detach from it as much as you feel able to, that hopefully will lessen the highs and lows.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. OWoN:

    “…There are real things playing out, we just need to clear the decks of Ambulance chasers noise on the systems. Some need a Blunderbuss…”

    We are engaged further researching further disclosures for the scale and extent of so called Prosperity Bonds and Boxes, but also the clear criminal intent of the Cabal who it now appears may also have been mass printing Dongs as well as Dinars, if certain allegations are to be proven factual.

    The conspiracy to seize and destroy the Morgantaul boxes and others,is to negate the US ever having to repay, and is also an issue so many have based new lives on what could be worthless trash they have been coerced into speculative risk buying. So many more lives and families ruined. It’s time to call a halt to this now Global Excreta fly swarm mass chasing this garbage. All so gullible and sadly, stupid. Packed like sardines in a can in Florida thinking they are Trillionaires. Proof, many Fools ARE born every day. Suckers breed. Is now the time to bring all this convoluted Con to earth?

    How many years have so many sat in Reno burning cards, bank borrowings and families lives?
    Overstayers still there hanging in blindly, face deportation at some stage.
    Recently Florida became the same ambulance chasing hot spot on the dodgy Bond boxes. All bust. For this circus, where next? All are following a mad Pied Piper.

    Wise up, what part of There Is NO Money do they not get?
    Is it a particular species of desperate or Limp Brain they attract?
    Looking at the Con stretching back from over 30 years ago, and the same names profiling today, when will truth dawn?

    The lot needs a full Regulators Task Force and arrests activated soon. Time to clear out the Sty.
    Bit If, and we say only If, there is truth in the allegations of Dong overprinting, China will act.No deal without Vietnam’s consent is possible. China would almost certainly have Vietnam reissue, as for poor Zimbabwe and Iraq?

    The World Bank and IMF need to issue now a clear policy directive on all if it.
    Iraq at best could justify c5T, China will decide on Vietnam, and Zimbabwe you can buy for 5 Bucks and change. It’s time, long overdue, a clear policy directive is issued. Tens of thousands of totally unscrupulous US Contractors in Iraq, part paid in Dinars murdering for greed,all deserve to get a cold bath on all of it. Shredded. Home – Potless!

    Q: The people in Reno have been there for over six years. Are you saying that they should pack up and leave? I thought they were part of the Big Battalions.

    A: 1. VND possible overprints, (Counterfeiting)As we said, alleged- But? We know the Dinars were scammed to hell and back. As with the so called prosperity boxes, Margantauls and so much more. Hard fact, since the early 1900s and Fed rackets, nothing but Crooks have run America. The Zios dumbed down the Education system to suffice breeding for the Farms, Industry and supply lines of Military body bags. Bullet stoppers for their bucks.
    A sad shambles.

    They have wantonly commited mass genocide and stolen or defrauded anything not bolted down. Ruthlessly! Greenspan and his Zio Mafia have conspired with Politicos and Bankers to defraud with impunity. Corrosive Trash like Bush 41 and the Trailer Trash Clintons and Obama gave them a safe haven and corrupt Judges. In the US, beyond doubt, the system Rots from the head up.

    We know Iraq was subjected to vast currency fraud and the War Criminals dumped all old munitions with Shock and Awe to mass kill a million as munitions trade replacements for the Armanants Industries. Profits! Each poor child to die for this lie! Bush, Cheney and Greenspan need to be in jail. Agencies with them. Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. How many millions have they killed?

    If the Dinar was scammed, why not test the Dong allegations? What is truth. This is now in Beijing and for sure they Will!

    We have already raised it with parties we are close to in Beijing who have access to the President and Finance Minister. Be assured, nothing detrimental to their investments in Vietnam will be tolerated. Beijing has it now. Nowhere to hide.

    2.Reno ( Now being replaced by Florida- Rat Run 2)

    Six years of this mess screams enough. Answers are needed soon. It has to end.Credit cards and loans were long burned out. Big Battalions are like armies, they have to be fed. They either loot the local populations, activate the head on war to a winner takes all battle, or how many untouched pallets do you dreamers think have not been diluted to feed the Players? Empty assurances be damned. It’s now long overdue the Regulators go in and check the lot. Fairy Godmothers have not paid the bills for 6 years. Even though some left 3 years ago, we know if the Regulators go in, Jail time will follow for some. Battalions don’t starve – they feed- off You! Wise up all parties. Enough is enough. Decision times for all. Loose cannon Attorneys and half wit Delusional dreamers need to get hard answers and lives need re tracking. Families are being devastated with fathers moonwalking.
    No Money- No Honey!
    Big Battalions are not free.Who pays? Who has paid, and next, you?
    It’s decision time on all of them. Long overdue. There is no money for most. Bust is bust.
    How long do you kick a dead dog?
    The information packs we have accessed linking to parties now in Reno raises new issues.
    Mass files, mainly via a Bloggers source, are with Canauzzie to issue for you to do the leg work, trawl through and question. Rattle cages. Road kill in headlights? Old data but today’s problems.

    How safe are 6 years old non performing platforms, who has been paying the freight?

    It’s time now to face down solutions or cease chasing. Where is the Stop Loss point?
    BS does not feed your families. There comes a time to try a new avenue, and with respect to all, appreciating the hopes and dreams, how do we help you get a life? When you trawl through what we have sent over, no one can not have concerns. Have we Naked Emperors?

    The Top PPs are not affected, it’s just all this Brokers Jungle Bunny paper Jamboree which needs bringing to a head and decisions made. Time to level, and flatten the playing field.

    Who gets paid and who retires bad debt. When Dreamland becomes a nightmare, wake up time.
    There are real things playing out, we just need to clear the decks of Ambulance chasers noise on the systems. Some need a Blunderbuss.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-23-july-2019.html?showComment=1564677361470#c3716106545563875515
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Those of you in LEGITIMATE groups, please, don’t panic. Stay in touch with your contact, and keep your comments about what is said between you OFF the blogs.

      The above words from OWoN were not a blanket statement of the entirety of the groups. Just those with dubious and grifter lineages.

      As was pointed out, legitimate groups are fine. But, please keep anything about them, or those involved, off the blogs. Thank you.


      1. I’m not in a group but it sure is interesting watching things play out. While we wait…. it’s been so quiet.. (I’m in a silly mood)


        1. LOL. I really dig you A Johnson, your are funny and make me smile. Oh, and I am always in a silly mood of late. Far out! Life is way too stressful for me to be any other way these days.


    2. “We are engaged further researching further disclosures for the scale and extent of so-called Prosperity Bonds and Boxes” This is some interesting disclosure, Looking forward to its outcome.


  13. OWoN:

    Certain Bankers and Judges are being “Dealt with” right now and momentum will pick up soon. They thought they would always have the protection of the Teflon Dons, until the Clintons and Bushes got Defrocked, and Soetoro left office. Soros now knows he’s a heartbeat away from Heat, and Cheney minus Bush is feeling mortality. Some Guy, you wonder why his daughter now bats for the other side?

    Dams are about to break, and Peter won’t be able to stick his finger in those Dikes, Hillderbeast has him on first call.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-23-july-2019.html?showComment=1564588648364#c2138897905630167322
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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