We approach the mid year with an understanding that high level projects of a secretive, diverse and  private nature, and peripherally germane to our subject matter, are under increased pressure to proceed. The commencement of some or all these projects may have ripple effects of a positive, yet not entirely understood nature. Of course, with the news of such comes the often accompanying reports of endless rascality by organized interests that thrive on breaking agreements.

Let us take stock. As of right now, this is our understanding of the situation on the battlefield:

1. Public currencies:

ZIM – Zero chances for any speculative RV related gain; a rag that made retailers money, but public speculators are reportedly going to take a bath.

Dinar – Overprinted to meet speculator demand. The final outcome for public hopefuls is still unclear. We have been warned of several possible outcomes, none of which signal guaranteed liquid cash for you to waltz out of any bank with. Rates of 1.00 to 3.50 were mentioned in the past, but with severe limits on amounts to be exchanged and SKRs issued, not cash. Who knows what the real case might or might not be. Guesswork at best and highly speculative. Iraq, it is said, will RV when they decide best. Re-issuance of the currency with repudiation of all outstanding overprints is a possibility. They are not in the business of devoting national resources to paying off war profiteering bookies. The RV of the Iraqi dinar is not a scam. What is a scam is the way, shape and form it is being sold to the public by retailer/promoter interests fostering a get rich quick mentality to spur on currency sales and various products to “protect your profits” before the fact.

Dong – The best chance of the lot, but still problematic as Vietnam has to maintain financial realities and not throw economic theory out the window to feed speculation demand. China will guide this one. And they don’t have any love for capitalists, comrade. Rates of .14  to .47 were mentioned in the past, but who knows. Still a highly speculative play. Expect limits if it ever happens. If it does, move fast.

Bottom line – No final procedures, rates or schedules have been officially released to the public. No “800 numbers” are known to be standing by or in the works to be released. In the past we had been told to move like Pan with his nuts on fire if it does go, and quickly exit your paper. That’s if ever such might happen. Highly recommended that you do not place your future hopes in any currency speculation. The only ones claiming you will be easily rich from this are people who have profited by selling you the currency, or who need donations to feed their chickens, pay their rent, take care of their homeless staff or keep their web hosting paid so they can sell you RV related products. This one may be a bust. Once the big battalions go, the aftermath will reveal what may be in store for public currency hopefuls. Whatever you decide to do with your paper, good luck.

2. CMKX:

A Zombie. Expect nothing. It’s over. Nobody is going to bail it out. If we should hear otherwise, we will cancel the wake and return the ice.

Bottom line – Sorry, you lost your bottom on this one.

3. Prosperity Programs:

These were offerings made from the 1990s through to about 2002. The plans were sold as bank roll programs which were to pay huge returns as part of some coordinated effort to bring mass prosperity to the world via selected participants. We know of no credible entity who can or will certify that such funds are held by any responsible party with plans to distribute same. This begs one to wonder where all this prosperity funds “intel” is coming from. Usually, it traces back no higher than to channelers, NESARA high priests/priestesses, and sites with Paypal merchant buttons. For decades, this mythological, always-coming-but-never-arriving largess has been the backbone of donation hustlers. It must pay very well because they are still with us to this day, always one week away – year after year.

There was mention a while ago that one or two may be legitimately in a queue. If so, that’s far from the mass prosperity some people think is coming. Very far.

Bottom line – Extreme long shot. With some possible slim exceptions, highly unlikely to ever succeed. We have many readers who bought into these things. The remaining survivors will quietly advise through the back channel if any pre-advice should be received. The Grim Reaper is slowly putting participants out of their misery.


A concept with no political backing or support; not being implemented, nor was it signed into law by President Clinton with Navy Seals standing next to him advising either his signature or his brains would be on the paper. Further, it was not scheduled to be announced on 9-11-2001, at 10AM. This 9-11 claim was never announced before the fact, only after, and incredibly, many believe it. This myth has persisted for decades and has been one of the most effective mesmerizers to hold people’s attention focused on the donation button. You guessed it – it’s always coming. Soon. This year. The blog traffic for NESARA sites is mindbogglingly high. There’s money in them thar fantasies.

Bottom line – You would be more likely to suffer spontaneous human combustion than see NESARA “announced”.

5. Private Currency Groups:

There are several sanctioned and credible groups who are waiting to proceed. While we are not going to violate any confidential details, those of you who are in such groups should continue to adhere to all admonitions given to you and follow directions. You know who you are. It is probably true that several fake con job groups sprang up to get a hold of your paper (so they could resell it on Ebay). If you have no legitimate contact or don’t know what happened to your currency, well, (crosses self).

Bottom line – If you are in a legitimate group, you have a good chance. But, keep your pie hole shut and follow all directions given to you. It has been noticed, we are sure, by many, that publicly-asked questions concerning commencement of private group currency-centered activity have been met with “can’t comment” or the like, in reply. Such responses, in and of themselves, are answers. We will watch for any information that can be shared, but at the same time will respect the need for discretion and privacy.

The above list is not necessarily all inclusive and there may be other projects of a very discreet and private nature that may come forward or continually flounder. We will not seek to treat with such, and will leave them to their own outcomes.

The above summaries are probably going to rub many the wrong way. Welcome to the real world. A truly stark contrast to the cavalcade of RV circus clowns, promoters, talk-show hosts, and various opportunists who market their wares by claiming that “next week, soon, tomorrow” it will be upon us – you will all be millionaires.

Skilled grifter-class salesmen have been well positioned within the currency speculating RV world. They found an emotionally pliable and easily sold-to market niche which sustains them. They have a remarkable ability to shape-shift into overnight well connected sensations, from previously unrelated backgrounds. If they were forced to compete against the truly positioned and legitimately placed personages in the real world of international banking and finance, they would qualify no higher than provisional trainee bathroom attendants. Yet, it is these types that have captured the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of those who clutch their dongs and grasp their dinars, 15 years on since the tanks rolled over Sadam’s ass.

They will continue to admonish their adherents to buy their asset protection plans, donate to their homeless staff, cover their talk-show hosting costs, or you will be LOST. This will continue until the RV plays out in whatever form it will. The comforting lies outsell the inconvenient truths by a wide margin.

Legitimately involved financial power centers will NOT provide grifter outlets with inside information repackaged as “sources”. No legitimate party occupying a place of responsibility would do so. Further, no RV vaudeville act would consider real truth as “marketable”. If it does not promise millions by next week, it won’t sell. The giddy urge to donate is not fostered in such ways. It won’t loosen the purse strings. It always has to be “soon, next week, imminent”. This sells the dream, the vision, the life that people desire but seldom want to work for. It also makes some people get down on propitiatory knees and constantly hit the Paypal buttons hoping it will curry favor in some way with their “sources” and prompt manna from on high to hit their bank account.

All these years later, the result has been thousands of dollars for the promoters and 0$ for the street people. Tragic. Truly and without a doubt, tragic.

We have made our points on all the above, and won’t repeat them again in future reports. If it has not sunken in by now, it never will.

In the crypto world, the transition from weak to strong hands continues with prolonged accumulation within tight price ranges. Our desire is to see prices continue within this range for a while longer with a long solid base from which higher prices can result. The fundamental outlook remains strong with continual adoption and innovation occurring at a furious pace. Regulatory inefficiency has collided with rapid technological developments and has caused a lot of confusion concerning institutional adoption by Wall Street. Don’t let this fool you. Wall Street digital currency products are coming. Regulatory tar heels can only slow it down but won’t kill it off. Quite the opposite. The powerful are going to adapt and adopt. Watch for laws which make such possible and give more and more “legitimacy” to this sector.

Our opinion is that BTC will probably be at least c$75,000 within a few more years. Many other quality coins will follow as adoption continues. This market is one of the best for entry of your spare risk dollars. We have several readers who are doing their homework and positioning ahead of this oncoming tidal wave in a safe and responsible way. There is NO need to take large risks with critical funds. Study, evaluate and plan your holdings. Don’t fall for hype or scams. Don’t place all your hopes in one coin. Seek professional advisory services to help you structure a sound portfolio and play the long term strategic move, if you are uncomfortable with doing so on your own.

The future direction of this site will hinge on what transpires (or does not transpire) in 2019. We will continue through 2019 with a re-evaluation to commence in January 2020, or sooner if certain events transpire before then. We will certainly adjust to be of any assistance in whatever capacity we can should it be needed to help implement projects for public benefit, whether those projects stem from GCR stimulus, or from our own opportunities, several of which are currently being evaluated and tested. We hope to share more of this with you in the near future.

We would like to thank One World of Nations and The White Hats Report for their continuing excellent support and hard work. At all times, when we need questions answered, they are there to assist. We would also like to thank many other unnamed persons who occupy key positions for their assistance as well. We owe any clarity in all of this to such people.

Thank you all for your readership and your support. Our next report will be in September, or sooner should the need arise.


I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.

Wernher von Braun


  1. White Hat Report #48 is due any time now, and I will move to a fresh thread once it is released.

    Until then, this morning I snagged my eye on this promotional video from the investment publisher Bonner & Partners. The presenter, Jeff Brown, is selling a service, but that’s not what I am writing about. What I am calling attention to is the subject matter of a new competing financial system that is in the works and one which has major backing.

    I am not endorsing his product and will leave that to you. I feel the underlying issue of how technology is going to impact monetary systems is something that all of us should constantly watch and plan for.

    If releases happen soon, it is wise to consider the new landscape within which these releases will happen. This presentation gives you some idea of what is on the horizon.



    1. Thank you for the heads up, Tony —
      I just listened to Episode 1 of the White Hat Report #48. All I can say is WOW — job very well done! Let’s get this out there. Let’s bring back the Rule of Law and prosecute the criminals that have long been abusing us and our governmental system.

      Looking forward to the next Episode.


  2. OWoN:

    We are waiting on partial releases for a long overdue sensitive redemption issue and the team have to go back to HK again next week. Not easy is it?

    Each week we are facing levels of chicanery and subterfuge. Xmas is coming up and Santa’s got feed bills to pay.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/11/active-comment-section-14-november-2019.html?showComment=1573764189213#c6429479395615938222
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. This appears to be an endless run around founded in the “hopes” it will shake free one day. But that day continues to be elusive. My question to you, Tony: what triggers the releases? Recession, failed banks, liquidity shortages?

      Can anyone point to measurable, tangible progress that I’m missing?


      1. A run-a-round for sure. Endless? Probably not. One common theme that ran through all the answers to my past questions concerning the possible failure of this undertaking was that such was unlikely and that it was something that has to complete at some point. However, “some point” could be soon, or ? The powerful treasury and banking cartels that run the planet are not interested in expedited humanitarian relief. For them, as long as you can eat, sleep, and work while living in even so little as a cardboard box, you have enough.

        There continues to be a lack of concern on the banking side that any serious consequences are to befall them for dragging it out. It can be assumed that to drag allows more profiteering. What other motive would banking cartels need to act on? It’s certainly not concern over rapid and equitable settlements for the recipients. We would assume that they would disgorge funds immediately if there were any serious and immediate danger to their freedom or licenses to conduct their business. So, the reports to us outline the need for “diplomacy”. That’s what you use when you know you don’t have a one-off demand in your pocket that carries more weight than what you are facing in return.

        I do not believe that there is any “trigger” other than the parties simply coming to agreements and then releasing. I hear stories all the time of some “event”, some “crash”, some “announcement”, some appearance of JFK and his son that starts it all. I don’t buy into this. Just the opposite. In terms of the groups, those are private matters that are not wanting or needing publicity. As for GS matters or RVs, there may be some news events, but not some kind of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” shtick that sees the world suddenly made perfect.

        As for measurable, tangible progress, we have shared all we can in terms of progress reports from our friends in financial power centers. Even if all were set loose tonight, I doubt you would see anything mentioned until after it all cleared, not before.

        I would also add that 99% of what you read, listen to and receive from all the blogs, talk shows and Paypal donation hustlers, is false, or deeply twisted information.


    1. The best place to hold VET is the Vechain Thor wallet. However, for now I hold it on Binance. When the value increases I will move it to Thor.


    2. I hold mine in the Atomic wallet and I am getting VTHO on a regular basis. I know someone who is using ATOMIC wallet for most of their alt coin trading. It is not me, but maybe I will go there soon. 😉


  3. What crypto is he going to talk about? Let us identify it before the talk. Thanks for all who contribute on this thread.

    Guys, let us put our heads together and identify the Crypto that Ron Paul is going to be talking about with editor Steve Sjuggerud.

    The text below was modified by me so I would not commit plagiarism, but if this text is old and is being reused by the advertisers, then the coin that is going to be discussed,
    may be over a penny or more and may not still be under a penny. But if they updated the text, then the crypto is still under a penny. It all depends on what they did in this regard. To keep the crypto from being searched out and identified, they could be using an old price for the crypto in their advertisement?

    This crypto could be the Ripple crypto XRP? Or, could it be a different one?

    Here is a rework of something that was just sent in an advertisement that came by email:

    On November 20th, 12-term U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, who just acquired his first bitcoin weeks ago, will be discussing The “NEXT BITCOIN.”

    It’s a new crypto that reportedly is trading for less than a penny right now, which one crypto expert predicts will shortly become the “reserve currency” of the blockchain.

    Supposedly, it could soon disrupt the biggest companies in America… and transform the way we shop, eat, interact online, and more.

    It also could possibly cause the end of Uber, eBay, PayPal and more.

    You can listen to this talk by going through the process found on this web page:



    1. Well, it is not going to be XRP because some wording on the sign up page says: It is “Not bitcoin… Libra… or anything you’ve ever heard of before.

      It’s a radical new crypto that could soon disrupt the biggest companies in America, and transform the way you shop, eat, interact online, and more.”


    2. Selling for less than a penny, so not XRP.

      There are many quality tokens selling for less than a penny, several of which are on the cusp of having billions in funding available to their development.

      In fact, on a parallel, today RHOC is up almost 300%. RChain is a complete blockchain platform for distributed applications, solving huge issues with scalability in commercial applications. This platform allows easy use of blockchains across wide range of international applications – a huge market with huge demand.

      As we move in to 2020, I am aware that almost 20 years of waiting for dong and dinar is going to take a final toll on the poor souls who have been dragged through this circus of glutz PR and false hopes, by over-hyped pitchmen, and shape shifting opportunists who found a second career post their bankruptcies and prison records.

      2020 will most likely see monumental moves in well-selected digital asset classes. Far more bang for the buck than war torn paper has provided to this point.

      After WHR 48, we will shift gears into 2020, and if the paper chase waiting game continues, it will be time to shift focus away from commiserating about it all. There are opportunities, far more worthy of our time.


        1. I almost think it could be CRPT, but the price range at present does not fit the “penny” price they say their pick is at right now.


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    1. “The deVere Group reportedly has more than $10 billion under advice from over 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries.”

      Well, cop a load of that.


  5. I snagged my eye on this rather interesting question at OWoN and could not help but provide an answer of my own. 🙂

    Q: If someone wanted to become a Templar what would they have to do? Surely, you take in new blood. It can’t just be the bloodlines of the original founding members plodding along.

    A: Well, it starts with simple assignments, like this:


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  6. Tony if you can please share your opinion on the following. I am wanting to buy more coin but am torn between some choices. What is your opinion? I understand you are not giving personal advice. Also are there any gold backed cryptos you like? Thanks your pal C.



    1. XRP – A good buy right now. Don’t buy above .30 or so. A good long term hold.

      DASH – Excellent coin. Major improvements have been made to the network and this one has a terrific use case for commercial applications. Buy up to around $800 or so. A good part of any digital portfolio.

      CRPT – This one is a potential transformational wealth builder in 2020. It’s a top notch point of sale idea that will make buying anything with crypto fast and seamless. A good buy up to .45-.50.

      As for “gold backed”, it’s funny you ask this. This concept is very popular with the gold bugs, but when I ask why they just don’t buy the physical metal instead, they kind of stop and ask themselves the same question. Most of these ideas have failed. Many are just promoter based hype that play on the less informed audiences who congregate in large numbers and are then used by pitchmen to sell to. Be cautious. There is no practical way to store and retrieve your gold over a blockchain, so are you really getting a viable gold backed coin? How would you know? Who pays for the storage of that gold? The fees? etc. Is there a REAL use case, or is it some shiny object promoted to a narrow segment that organized around a certain type of buyer?

      Some promoters claim that the only cryptos that will survive will be “asset backed”. Complete sales pitch bullshit.

      Such a successful backed coin would need to consider many factors. And it would need to be run by people of supreme, unquestionable credentials, fully bonded and regulated and recognized by dealers and market makers.

      There is only ONE gold backed idea I like. DigixDAO. NO others. In actual fact, you are not owning the gold backed crypto with DigixDAO, you are owning a part of the decentralized network that is issuing one. Even better!

      If you want to own gold, just BUY THE GOLD!

      It’s USAGE that is the hallmark of a good token/coin. The supply chains and market framework of our world are going to organize around efficiency, and blockchain is all about removing the human element to track, verify and categorize such things. Look to this and ONLY this when you evaluate an idea. Understand the reason why blockchain exists and evaluate the ideas based on the need and usage. Not the effect it has on your scrotum.

      Avoid the gimmicks. Good luck my friend!

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        1. I am glad you enjoyed it.

          Since it seems that the public chances for RV gains are slim (as far as we know at the moment), there is going to be need to assist people in obtaining what they wanted from such, that being speculative gain along the lines of a life changing sort. These paper chances may falter, but the digital realm is offering a much better chance.

          Once the groups process and the entire matter starts and finishes, we will assess the lay of the land and depending on what has transpired, we can adjust our course to help people understand and safely position for a chance at winning what they most desire – economic increase.

          We have to wait for the start of it all to know how we will proceed.

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          1. Thank you Tony.

            I know I continue to praise you and I do hope that does not embarrass you but I find it so incredibly good of you to continue caring for the welfare of others in these circles as you do. I certainly appreciate it and I’m sure many many more do as well. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

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  7. Since WHR #48 is reportedly close to being issued, I want to make some comments about current events on this thread before it is closed.

    As the year draws to an end, our current understanding is that preliminary transactions for both global settlements and legitimate major currency groups may commence before year’s end. Presently, the specific details which would give us a better understanding of just how close these events are to actually happening, are not fully disclosable.

    It is my personal belief, based on my personal disposition and situation within the framework of the aforementioned activities, that if we do not see a commencement in November, then it is highly unlikely that such will take place in December. We can then look to 2020 and what may then transpire.

    All of you know that global settlements are nothing to do with public currency speculations. And, the big groups will proceed first before any potential street largess is possible. Attendant to that reality is the constant warning that “nobody is owed”, and that banks are not interested in catering to public exchanges, nor are they known to be presently gearing up for such.

    What, then, are we doing here? People are here to get some idea if they will be able to exit their paper with some gain, and if so, to know when and how. At present, there are no known official procedures. All we have been told is that one must move fast to catch it, if such should occur. Right now, I am afraid that is the best we can offer in terms of a hard piece of advice for the street.

    For now, we will patiently wait for November to reveal what it has in store. Hopefully some kind of verifiable start will occur between now and month’s end. The need for discretion and such notwithstanding, we will do our best to help with sharing of information from responsible sources.

    Based on what happens this year, we will adjust our tack for 2020.

    Thank you, and good luck.

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  8. Several readers have VET and are in for pennies per token. Just wait until Wall St. can offer such to their clients and their trillions of dollars, many whom have expressed desires to partake in digital assets.

    Imagine being in Steve Jobs’ garage in 1977 and he offers you 25,000 shares of Apple, and you held it through all the splits? Held it through all the jokes, and know-it-alls who laughed at the idea that anyone would want a computer in their house – who laughed at the idea that two hippies in a garage would amount to anything.

    The risks are minimal. The potential for good returns – probably far better than a war-torn currency that is still to this day not internationally recognized or available through any major bank.

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    1. Glad I got my VET way back and loaded up on some more VET just a month ago or so. I am holding it in a wallet where VTHO is paid out as a sort of dividend that you get holding VET. Great opportunity.


  9. OWoN:

    Report 48 is almost ready we forwarded a lot more info today to help. The response back was- My God, if we publish that I will get killed. Yes, we hold a lot and in a Democratic country enough to hang them, but the US is not such. Parties are worried to expose such hard truths. Let’s see what comes out. A special video is being discussed.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/11/active-comment-section-6-november-2019.html?showComment=1573151486477#c2452729619920931697
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  10. OWoN:

    The Asian end and Bonds will slip into post 15th November. US PPs are not affected so less competition. Fingers X it helps them. The US moving first works best.

    We can focus Projects and police it all with sound Professional Management. Clean and simple. Paper chasing can follow.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/10/active-comment-section-25-october-2019.html?showComment=1572804134346#c2747892640834558866
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. The simplest explanation is anything transacting in Asia. US based payees go first. Asian, later.

        In any event, always remember: Money sticks to the hands of angels. Imagine just how sticky those hands are with bankers.


        1. “…..US PPs are not affected so less competition…….The US moving first works best……”

          Do you think he is saying that RENO groups will be transacting soon?


  11. OWoN:

    Q: “…”Watch this site” from two weeks ago… gone by the wayside again…”

    A: No it hasn’t but an information lock down is key to all right now and for good reason. Let’s get it done and cleared first. You’ve no idea how much is in play. Sorry you feel Santa’s not coming, but he’s got a hell of a smile on his face.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/10/active-comment-section-25-october-2019.html?showComment=1572469375479#c6482220467901567160
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  12. Word has reached me of a suicide. This person was feeling despondent for quite a while, but it would appear that RV issues were a contributing factor.

    Unfortunately, I am afraid that this unfortunate event is just a precursor to what may happen once they pull the trigger and things do not roll out as most have been told it would.

    Please, if you are feeling down, and more than just what can beset us all from time to time, get help.

    I have been careful not to even begin to allow this site to promote any ideas that are not grounded in firm input from those we know are truly positioned to know the boundaries of where reality lies, and fantasy begins.

    We don’t want anyone to lose their life over paper. Please. Get help if you are trending in that direction.

    There is a lot to look forward to. Once realistic moves transpire, we will do our best to open doors to make up for failure of guru promises. Don’t ever think there is never a solution. There always is, no matter how dark it seems.

    Purveyors of falsehoods should be held accountable for such things, if possible.


    1. Tony – I’m so sad to read this. Can’t take any of it with you when you go. Not a single material thing. Life is precious and the most precious things in life – you can’t buy.

      I am personally going through a lot because my mother is in her final stage and my heart is aching because I will miss her so much. She’s been my greatest teacher in life. She thought me unconditional love and I’m so grateful to her. As I write this – we are listening to this beautiful 528 hz music video. If anyone is feeling down, please listen to this along with watching he beautiful scenic pictures to lift yourselves up. 528 hz is said to be the vibrational frequency of love.

      Miracle Music Healing 528Hz | Enhance Self Love | Positive Energy Cleanse | Detox Your Mind & Heart


      1. Hello Beautiful,
        I did not reply to your message last night as I wanted to take some time to consider your words and what you are experiencing through the process that you are with your mother. I am also going through a similar situation just now with an elderly relative.

        You have been granted a magnificent gift to have been blessed with such a beautiful genuine woman to guide you through this life experience. It is always hard when we have to start letting go in a physical sense. Sometimes, from my perspective, we need to step back a little and allow the natural process we all go through to unfold as it needs to in a peaceful, calm manner. I know it’s hard and I feel deeply for you.

        Your mother has also been greatly blessed to have shared this life with such a wonderful daughter. You have both obviously benefited greatly from sharing this journey together. It’s not the end of your connection, that is forever and unbreakable. it’s just a different manner for you both to experience your lives beyond this current phase.

        I know you are gorgeous soul and your mother knows that too. Use ever bit of wisdom she offered you and all that love in your beautiful heart to continue to shine brightly in this world as she would wish you to do. She was there to assist you through this life and you are there to assist her through this portion of her experience.

        Keep shinning gorgeous. You brighten this world and I sincerely appreciate my path crossing yours. XXX


        1. Aurataya- wow! That was just beautiful. You have a gift for expressing your sincerity and care with your words. I want you to know that I felt every single word you wrote.

          Thank you for being a part of my life and ditto -especially the last paragraph. I feel the same way.

          You are very special. ❤️

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    2. Never give up! Never…. This is so sad. There is nothing like having to live with a suicide in one’s family. My prayers are being lifted up to this person’s family and friends.


    3. Heavens. Such sad news yet such a beautiful message in many ways from you Tony. Thank you.

      I personally thank you Tony for always being honest and available to anyone who needs a helping hand or guidance. I have always appreciated your honesty and level of care you offer all of us. No one could ask for more form you. Your generous and kind heart is incredibly beautiful and sincerely appreciated.

      Sadly, one person has ended their life experience here. I offer my most heartfelt thoughts to the family and friends of this gentle soul that was not able to cope any longer in this world. May the delicate soul of the one departing this realm know a peaceful and calm transition on their path forward in spirit. Let’s all spend a few quiet moments and offer our love to the beautiful soul that felt so weakened and alone and no longer had the strength to stay and share our physical world. May you know peace, be released from your pain and torment and be witness to the most loving and magical beauty on your path ahead in a new dimension.

      These times can be very difficult for many left behind in such a situation. The pain known, level of sadness experienced, emotional torture felt by those struggling in this world for various reasons can be so overwhelming that one can not always see a way forward. The clouds can be very oppressive and clarity is difficult to find.

      Many who are stronger cannot comprehend such levels of desperation in those not as strong that struggle to see small flickers of happiness in each day. Just remember to be kind and aware. We each walk a different path and some of us have extreme difficulty in reaching out and seeking assistance. Never be ashamed to reach out if needed for whatever reason. You may find there are more standing in those same pair of shoes than you realize and maybe they also need someone to hold their hand and walk beside you for love and support.

      I understand severe depression and extreme anxiety. I have known both since I was very young. It has been a rocky road but I am still here. I still have some pretty wild patches and sometimes it is very hard to even desire to wake to another day BUT I DO. So if there is anyone in our group that is feeling on the edge please allow me to say this without sounding like a big know it all. I can guarantee you that I could sit in front of you, even not knowing your previously and look into your eyes while holding your hand and see such an abundance of radiant beauty and brilliant potential within you that you have never even recognized in your own self. And I do not bullshit either. Reach out and never be ashamed to do that. Everyone needs support from time to time. We are not super human. We are delicate souls that need kindness, understanding, acceptance and care.

      I offer my hand in friendship and support to anyone that is struggling or feeling hopeless or lost. I will do everything within my power to assist you on your path forward.

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  13. OWoN:

    Prepare for the coming Deep State arrests.

    Obama ran a Pay to Play and this Chicago crook made Billions. Hillary made hundreds of millions and the Biden Bum got rich..

    Clapper faces huge jail time as do many. Comey should be bricking it.

    Corrupt Bankers will be taking real bits.

    Barr and Justice are coming for them. Are you ready Romney for that knock on the door? Bush 43, Baker, Cheney, so corrupt Fed and Treasury officers, trails lead to you.

    This thing will go Global and Treason may apply. Clinton and Obama murdered Americans to cover up Benghazi.

    Karma you F Traitors it’s coming. Deep State, Deep S***!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/10/active-comment-section-25-october-2019.html?showComment=1572041274583#c4927592731985871916
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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