We approach the mid year with an understanding that high level projects of a secretive, diverse and  private nature, and peripherally germane to our subject matter, are under increased pressure to proceed. The commencement of some or all these projects may have ripple effects of a positive, yet not entirely understood nature. Of course, with the news of such comes the often accompanying reports of endless rascality by organized interests that thrive on breaking agreements.

Let us take stock. As of right now, this is our understanding of the situation on the battlefield:

1. Public currencies:

ZIM – Zero chances for any speculative RV related gain; a rag that made retailers money, but public speculators are reportedly going to take a bath.

Dinar – Overprinted to meet speculator demand. The final outcome for public hopefuls is still unclear. We have been warned of several possible outcomes, none of which signal guaranteed liquid cash for you to waltz out of any bank with. Rates of 1.00 to 3.50 were mentioned in the past, but with severe limits on amounts to be exchanged and SKRs issued, not cash. Who knows what the real case might or might not be. Guesswork at best and highly speculative. Iraq, it is said, will RV when they decide best. Re-issuance of the currency with repudiation of all outstanding overprints is a possibility. They are not in the business of devoting national resources to paying off war profiteering bookies. The RV of the Iraqi dinar is not a scam. What is a scam is the way, shape and form it is being sold to the public by retailer/promoter interests fostering a get rich quick mentality to spur on currency sales and various products to “protect your profits” before the fact.

Dong – The best chance of the lot, but still problematic as Vietnam has to maintain financial realities and not throw economic theory out the window to feed speculation demand. China will guide this one. And they don’t have any love for capitalists, comrade. Rates of .14  to .47 were mentioned in the past, but who knows. Still a highly speculative play. Expect limits if it ever happens. If it does, move fast.

Bottom line – No final procedures, rates or schedules have been officially released to the public. No “800 numbers” are known to be standing by or in the works to be released. In the past we had been told to move like Pan with his nuts on fire if it does go, and quickly exit your paper. That’s if ever such might happen. Highly recommended that you do not place your future hopes in any currency speculation. The only ones claiming you will be easily rich from this are people who have profited by selling you the currency, or who need donations to feed their chickens, pay their rent, take care of their homeless staff or keep their web hosting paid so they can sell you RV related products. This one may be a bust. Once the big battalions go, the aftermath will reveal what may be in store for public currency hopefuls. Whatever you decide to do with your paper, good luck.

2. CMKX:

A Zombie. Expect nothing. It’s over. Nobody is going to bail it out. If we should hear otherwise, we will cancel the wake and return the ice.

Bottom line – Sorry, you lost your bottom on this one.

3. Prosperity Programs:

These were offerings made from the 1990s through to about 2002. The plans were sold as bank roll programs which were to pay huge returns as part of some coordinated effort to bring mass prosperity to the world via selected participants. We know of no credible entity who can or will certify that such funds are held by any responsible party with plans to distribute same. This begs one to wonder where all this prosperity funds “intel” is coming from. Usually, it traces back no higher than to channelers, NESARA high priests/priestesses, and sites with Paypal merchant buttons. For decades, this mythological, always-coming-but-never-arriving largess has been the backbone of donation hustlers. It must pay very well because they are still with us to this day, always one week away – year after year.

There was mention a while ago that one or two may be legitimately in a queue. If so, that’s far from the mass prosperity some people think is coming. Very far.

Bottom line – Extreme long shot. With some possible slim exceptions, highly unlikely to ever succeed. We have many readers who bought into these things. The remaining survivors will quietly advise through the back channel if any pre-advice should be received. The Grim Reaper is slowly putting participants out of their misery.


A concept with no political backing or support; not being implemented, nor was it signed into law by President Clinton with Navy Seals standing next to him advising either his signature or his brains would be on the paper. Further, it was not scheduled to be announced on 9-11-2001, at 10AM. This 9-11 claim was never announced before the fact, only after, and incredibly, many believe it. This myth has persisted for decades and has been one of the most effective mesmerizers to hold people’s attention focused on the donation button. You guessed it – it’s always coming. Soon. This year. The blog traffic for NESARA sites is mindbogglingly high. There’s money in them thar fantasies.

Bottom line – You would be more likely to suffer spontaneous human combustion than see NESARA “announced”.

5. Private Currency Groups:

There are several sanctioned and credible groups who are waiting to proceed. While we are not going to violate any confidential details, those of you who are in such groups should continue to adhere to all admonitions given to you and follow directions. You know who you are. It is probably true that several fake con job groups sprang up to get a hold of your paper (so they could resell it on Ebay). If you have no legitimate contact or don’t know what happened to your currency, well, (crosses self).

Bottom line – If you are in a legitimate group, you have a good chance. But, keep your pie hole shut and follow all directions given to you. It has been noticed, we are sure, by many, that publicly-asked questions concerning commencement of private group currency-centered activity have been met with “can’t comment” or the like, in reply. Such responses, in and of themselves, are answers. We will watch for any information that can be shared, but at the same time will respect the need for discretion and privacy.

The above list is not necessarily all inclusive and there may be other projects of a very discreet and private nature that may come forward or continually flounder. We will not seek to treat with such, and will leave them to their own outcomes.

The above summaries are probably going to rub many the wrong way. Welcome to the real world. A truly stark contrast to the cavalcade of RV circus clowns, promoters, talk-show hosts, and various opportunists who market their wares by claiming that “next week, soon, tomorrow” it will be upon us – you will all be millionaires.

Skilled grifter-class salesmen have been well positioned within the currency speculating RV world. They found an emotionally pliable and easily sold-to market niche which sustains them. They have a remarkable ability to shape-shift into overnight well connected sensations, from previously unrelated backgrounds. If they were forced to compete against the truly positioned and legitimately placed personages in the real world of international banking and finance, they would qualify no higher than provisional trainee bathroom attendants. Yet, it is these types that have captured the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of those who clutch their dongs and grasp their dinars, 15 years on since the tanks rolled over Sadam’s ass.

They will continue to admonish their adherents to buy their asset protection plans, donate to their homeless staff, cover their talk-show hosting costs, or you will be LOST. This will continue until the RV plays out in whatever form it will. The comforting lies outsell the inconvenient truths by a wide margin.

Legitimately involved financial power centers will NOT provide grifter outlets with inside information repackaged as “sources”. No legitimate party occupying a place of responsibility would do so. Further, no RV vaudeville act would consider real truth as “marketable”. If it does not promise millions by next week, it won’t sell. The giddy urge to donate is not fostered in such ways. It won’t loosen the purse strings. It always has to be “soon, next week, imminent”. This sells the dream, the vision, the life that people desire but seldom want to work for. It also makes some people get down on propitiatory knees and constantly hit the Paypal buttons hoping it will curry favor in some way with their “sources” and prompt manna from on high to hit their bank account.

All these years later, the result has been thousands of dollars for the promoters and 0$ for the street people. Tragic. Truly and without a doubt, tragic.

We have made our points on all the above, and won’t repeat them again in future reports. If it has not sunken in by now, it never will.

In the crypto world, the transition from weak to strong hands continues with prolonged accumulation within tight price ranges. Our desire is to see prices continue within this range for a while longer with a long solid base from which higher prices can result. The fundamental outlook remains strong with continual adoption and innovation occurring at a furious pace. Regulatory inefficiency has collided with rapid technological developments and has caused a lot of confusion concerning institutional adoption by Wall Street. Don’t let this fool you. Wall Street digital currency products are coming. Regulatory tar heels can only slow it down but won’t kill it off. Quite the opposite. The powerful are going to adapt and adopt. Watch for laws which make such possible and give more and more “legitimacy” to this sector.

Our opinion is that BTC will probably be at least c$75,000 within a few more years. Many other quality coins will follow as adoption continues. This market is one of the best for entry of your spare risk dollars. We have several readers who are doing their homework and positioning ahead of this oncoming tidal wave in a safe and responsible way. There is NO need to take large risks with critical funds. Study, evaluate and plan your holdings. Don’t fall for hype or scams. Don’t place all your hopes in one coin. Seek professional advisory services to help you structure a sound portfolio and play the long term strategic move, if you are uncomfortable with doing so on your own.

The future direction of this site will hinge on what transpires (or does not transpire) in 2019. We will continue through 2019 with a re-evaluation to commence in January 2020, or sooner if certain events transpire before then. We will certainly adjust to be of any assistance in whatever capacity we can should it be needed to help implement projects for public benefit, whether those projects stem from GCR stimulus, or from our own opportunities, several of which are currently being evaluated and tested. We hope to share more of this with you in the near future.

We would like to thank One World of Nations and The White Hats Report for their continuing excellent support and hard work. At all times, when we need questions answered, they are there to assist. We would also like to thank many other unnamed persons who occupy key positions for their assistance as well. We owe any clarity in all of this to such people.

Thank you all for your readership and your support. Our next report will be in September, or sooner should the need arise.


I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.

Wernher von Braun


  1. OWoN:

    “…Once activated, it will happen without pre market warning, and OWON will only advise once fully cleared to protect the integrity of client affairs….That said, EVERY DAY is progress in Real Time. Just not publicised…”

    Keeping it low profile but real, the OWON access is your only source of correct PP and RV information. Only OWON are tactically hands on via their own trade and political relationships to be able to report real breakthroughs. Once activated, it will happen without pre market warning,and OWON will only advise once fully cleared to protect the integrity of client affairs.

    That said, EVERY DAY is progress in Real Time. Just not publicised.

    It is way forward from what we disclose. But with multi facet layers of inter competing bankers self interests, and Fed /Treasury dependencies, it is an all encompassing Hybrid dynamic more complex then any non linked parties can even start to comprehend.

    It got this way because the Electorate allowed it to by indifferent self disinterest. Letting them loose, out of control, they took it all. We are trying to reverse decades of abuse.

    Add to that the now Global challenges and shifting sands of Leadership, plus the incoming QSF, and curve balls are everywhere. Not for the faint hearted, or half wit self interests.

    But there is also a key and absolute dependency.Will the likely Beneficiaries of the first waves of releases, actually focus on Project needs, Ethical and Humane causes, and the need to both fight for and help the evolution of more well thought out and principled realities needing Project priorities to put back and help more? Who decides Capital use?

    The key paradigm to all will be, funds for what purpose? Who controls, and who cares?
    So often good strategic priorities have been debated and challenged on the OWON site.
    There will, in effect be no Political direction, bar Self Serving.

    No Bank direction bar opportunism.

    The Lead must come from those newly empowered.

    The need to keep them focused and honest. The need to put back with clear objectives.
    The need to prioritise Human needs where possible.

    Starting with Education. That great Beacon of Light, the US Constitution, was Bush whacked and its emergent Green Shoots nation, purposefully dumbed down to a profiled and basic Industrial level of Drones, with no concept of Human need once evolving markets changed direction. Just breeding Military Body Bags and Productions line workers. Disposables subservient to feed and serve the Self Interest needs of the Unelected and unsupervised brutal Military Industrial Cabal which needed Global Tyranny and heartless Hegemony to feed this so ugly Hydra. Eulogising oppression,its peak being Shock and Awe. Where a brainless half wit Bush 43 danced like a demented Nero seeing a poor, defenceless and terrified Iraqi population exposed to as brutal oppression as it gets. Seeing vast surplus obsolete munitions bombing stocks dropped on them to increase restocking of the Defence Contractors order books and cash flows. Mass Murder Inc. Profit by wars and genocide.

    If funds are soon to be released, we have to distance use far from these predatory sub humans. None are fit to serve human needs. Non contribute to evolution.

    Just look at the appalling tragedy and disgrace of Syria. It looks like Stalingrad. SHAME!!!The world needs to unite and remove Daesh and its backers. Puppets to justify more weapons and more aggression. Who founded funded, and armed them? Truth will not be tenable. The CIA survives by Hegemony and subterfuge. As do both Houses! To go forward, we need to De-Louse. Starting where?

    We will be focused on Education. Self help and Energy efficiency. Food production. Pollution. Health care for all. Expanding the use of technologies to benefit all.

    To rethink the purpose of Being – Human and to replace the lying Rot that is Religion today. Religions kill. Religions divide and non seek truth of being.

    We need to fund a new world to think outside of the box.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-23-july-2019.html?showComment=1564397579201#c3493675718345601530
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Tony,

      Do you get the impression the QFS is being leveraged to replace the Fed and circumvent the U.S. financial system entirely? It also appears transactions are already in progress for the lucky few involved in PPs.


      1. It may very well be. I am not expert enough on QFS to know for sure. The next years will tell the tale, most likely.

        As for the PPs, it certainly does look very positive for their transactional outcome. The next few weeks may prove very pivotal. We will certainly exercise proper discretion with any information to that effect.

        Once they do start, we will have a new mission on our hands. I look forward to it.

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  2. I’m not a big Madonna fan (except for her first major hit Borderline, which will always be one of my favorite songs) but this an interesting performance she did.

    Be sure to watch till the end. I put my tin foil hat for this one.


  3. OWoN:

    Q: So the QFS is now live and being slowly implemented? When did this happen? What is the expectation of the full roll-out? From what I remember, that would entail the commodity backed currencies to be released.

    A: I need to respond later on this as certain issues are making live progress right now. Just watch the site.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-23-july-2019.html?showComment=1564333129819#c136024601582144681
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  4. OWoN:

    “…The major RV issues in phases will be QFS. China and Russia will drive it with London. Global power, DC – Out of controls but allowed to participate on Global hard Ethical terms…”

    When QFS comes in, even for the initial phases, the world, as you know it, will be changed forever.

    First, Corruption or Terrorism. All transfers will be monitored and explanations sought to justify each. Bribes will be flagged and recovered or stopped. All participants will go up in lights. What – 90% of ALL Congressmen and Senators caught red handed? Are there enough cells for the Bankers?

    Any funds deemed to be for fuelling terrorism will be highlighted and blocked or recovered. All funds will be traceable. Each participant flagged and linked.

    Tax Evasion will be highlighted and flagged. Going back 50 years you will be traced. We are seeing Offshore Accounts funded from Cash Suitcases delivered decades ago,now being frozen. Empires may melt.

    Romney, the Bushes, Soros, Biden, Soetoro, and Ackerman will have a lot of explaining to do.As for US Treasury Secretaries and Fed parties, ???????????????

    How many cases will take down the dirty Clintons?

    QSF will be Roach Free. Not one will be allowed in. Vermin blocks are total.
    And- It will NOT be US controlled. Full transparent reporting will be exposed to all.

    In the next few years ALL your Bank records and Assets will go up online as a Public record. Your assets and Debts. A Full Credit Report. Public record!

    The major RV issues in phases will be QFS. China and Russia will drive it with London. Global power, DC – Out of controls but allowed to participate on Global hard Ethical terms ! There goes the neighbourhood.

    No Agency or Military Slush funds.

    Offshore Banks- Really- How long? Change is coming. Nowhere to hide. Drugs money- Bang!

    But, your True Net Worth will show. Borrowings and Debts also. 2 Years at best to clean up profiles. The noose is tightening. We are declining so many Corporate loan applications now weekly for Wonkie credit or conduct even 5 years ago. Much longer if deep searched.
    Miss a single Card repayment now and it will flag. That alone can recall any and all loans. A single red flag has implications across the whole market. All will see and some will act. Just one will stop many getting personal or Corporate Loans, or Mortgages. The new jungle is coming to you. Privacy is ending.
    Stop spending what you can’t fund. Cut Credit and do not overreach. If you can’t afford it, you can’t have it. Recalls are coming. We deal weekly with parties who are distraught and angry to find they are not Credit Worthy and not Bank acceptable. Still they do not get it. The Banks will find you out throw you out.The West will need its own Wailing Walls when this hits. c40% of all our Construction Funding new applicants are failing Bank Diligence checks. Some flagged for issues even 10 years ago, it’s brutal.

    QFS will de-louse the Roaches,but new rules will expose many. Fancy dress and dirty Knickers coming to all societies. It will change the shape of nations.
    KYC, CIS, History of Funds, Anti Money Laundering. These full checks will stretch a lot of necks. QFS will take no prisoners. The new Chips for passports, ID cards, Credit Cards and Medical cards, will carry so much more data. The world will become a Global information highway. Nowhere to hide. New World Order will have no Border. Protest, to who?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-23-july-2019.html?showComment=1564320905130#c7288581512921625082
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. “. In the next few years ALL your Bank records and Assets will go up online as a Public record. Your assets and Debts. A Full Credit Report. Public record! . . . . . . The new jungle is coming to you. Privacy is ending.”

      This sounds awful to me. Is this why Trump isn’t playing ball?


      1. I think of it as just a mid point to getting rid of money altogether. It could be a list to assign technological solutions to the most needed, and work up from there until everyone is liberated from economics.

        The transition will be hard. But it will come some day. Our future ancestors will be shocked at how barbaric a culture we were in the face of so many solutions we were so slow to implement.


      2. Yes, blackbear5 this is awful. George Orwell and Ayan Rand knew it was coming. But at least any debt issues you have can be cleaned up in a two year time period with your RV windfall.

        There is always a way around the controlling things. But to have your private net worth and other financial details exposed so everyone can see them, is not the kind of world I want to live in. Move to some island country and change your name or something like that. There will be ways to escape and find freedom.

        What I do not understand is OWoN talking about the New Republic in one post before and now talking about the most draconian system in another post as seen above. What he discusses above seems the opposite of the goals of the New American Republic which is supposed to be crucial to what we are waiting for.


  5. Hello Tony

    Thank you for this great site and for OWN and J for all the great information. We can only pray for this World and remember each day we can wake up each day and strive to make the World a better place.


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  6. Like

  7. MarkZ has a new pay site….. “join the fight” for only 5 bucks a month….. I am sure you can pledge more if you want!….. what a freakin joke!….. how does one person have a “intel” provider in the Treasury, the Fed, contacts in Zurich, Reno, Florida, the redemption centers and call centers(which seem to stay manned 24/7 for years), California, East Coast, and all the peeps who have received CMKX packages know him or they contact him, indians, farmers…. he also talks about several different kinds of bonds whom he knows the holders well….I am sure there are some of his “intel providers” I am missing…. it still shocks me that people will pay him and follow him like a puppy dog!…. wake up zombies!


  8. https://cryptobriefing.com/chinese-energy-enn-vechain/
    Chinese Energy Provider ENN Sheds Light On VeChain Tech
    How VeChainThor is streamlining the energy industry.
    Darren Kleine
    Darren Kleine
    July 24, 2019
    One of China’s largest energy providers is using blockchain technology to trace the supply of natural gas. Serving an urban population of 94.57 million in 187 Chinese cities, ENN Energy Holdings Limited,is harnessing VeChainThor technology for “optimal quality control and supply-chain management.”

    ENN is looking forward to rolling out the technology on a larger scale with further development of the Zhoushan
    LNG Terminal as a model for future roll-outs. At present, the terminal is used to ship around 60 truckloads per day, but the company plans to expand this to 400 truckloads. From there, Zhou anticipates implementing the Zhoushan Model at 20 other terminals in China.

    ENN’s plans for using VeChainThor are not limited to LNG. Tao envisions its implementation in a broadening range of fields, revealing plans to expand to related fields such as “electricity, renewable energy, thermal energy, oil and gas, coal and more.” ENN even plans to introduce the model to work with clearinghouses, banks, and insurance and mortgage companies.

    Throughout its years of development and implementation, VeChain has consistently adhered to its key purpose; providing a broadly useful and practical tool for enterprise. Acting as a bridge between business and technology, VeChain plans to continue working closely with ENN and other providers in a growing range of business scenarios.

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  9. OWoN:

    Another week as our US parties, Duly and Truly OWED real money by the US authorities and Banks,try to effect releases part also through the Florida Courts. With a series of Bank ” Implicated” Judges now removed, it just needs one of the new Presiders to direct said releases and the whole Dam Wall breaks. Even a Richmond Court directed redemptions for Leo, but Bank corruption blocked it. It also allow fighting funds to force Richmond to comply as a well funded Rico campaign will be the wake up call.

    This whole saga has implicated so many Bankers and Judges who deserve no less than Mussolini’s treatment. Was there ever a time to start seizing those known to be guilty, dragging them naked through the streets, beaten and hung in public? Such a wake up call to the rest. Only multiples dealt with this way will wake up this foul conclave of treacherous and Treasonous parasites. Post WW11 collaborating women were beaten, stripped naked and heads shaven of hair, tarred,and feathered, painted and thrown to the streets. Bankers Wives know and don’t care.As Collaborators, see how fast they wake up if this is a perceived end for that species. Just see how the full Public exposure of the Epstein ” Beneficiaries” will help the process. Nader also. Lawless America needs to restore history. France was full of Collaborators. It still is.
    Sometimes Justice needs a curved ball push!

    Bush 41- Clintons, Cheney and Soetoro in the Dock.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-17-july-2019.html?showComment=1563699997622#c7106134553048218324
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  10. What happens after the announcement is made that many nations will be going to gold-backed national crypto currencies. Will there be a ban on using other kinds of crypto currencies? What happens to Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash etc.? If they are prohibited to be used in payment systems then will they remain only as assets? Without a use case, how many of them will remain? Time to start trading those for tokens with a high use case?



    1. Exactly, what will happen to those cryptos with no value behind them>
      Investors will move their funds from fiat cryptos to asset back which means fiat cryptos will fail along with those investors who have money wrapped up in them
      Prez Trump warned investors of this scenario. He also told the world where these fiat cryptos funds end up. Just like naked short selling of stocks these funds end up in the hands of nefarious individuals keeping chaos alive worldwide


        1. Still can not understand why VET is trading so low….. it seems to have a very strong use case to me….. some day the coins that are for real should break out from the crypto trend….. of the coins I watch they all go down or all go up as BTC goes…. lately, it seems VET is going its own way, how ever so slight….. this is just my laymans look at the picture…..

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          1. There is a lot of negative sentiment because of the recent government scare tactics against BTC etc.

            VET has a very, very strong use case. Adoption across the board continues with many quality coins.

            Once Wall St comes on line with their funds, the game will change.


  11. OWoN:

    Q :Understand this was a pivotal week in negotiations for you. What’s your assessment?

    A: 1. The Florida boxes have been assessed but Title is dubious, fantasy values are crazy land,and trying to get both Shill Lawyers and LOW IQ Brokers to comprehend that only suitable Project Use dispensations of funds will be tolerable,is proving to be less than harmonious. My view, we should seize the boxes, throw them a bone, or ramrod the lot. Human needs not Scavengers feeds. Will I have remorse if we crop reduce Hanger On chains? Take control, dig a large hole and plant Demon Seed.

    Certain Judges have encountered problems last week. WF face ” Issues!”. Enforcement is not predicated upon Silly Season. We are now spilling into next week. A number of Bankers have been advised your next vacation may be State supplied, and your very homes will be viewed as Proceeds of Crime. If you have connections in Florida you will see what’s taking over. Details I can not release.

    WF Richmond have been placed on notice, continue use and it’s RICO! But, it’s messy now.

    2. But as with Epstein, we are Barr ing Escape routes, and new dialog has started hard. A lot is in play now. Expect the Bushes to profile soon, and Clintons. That dirt reaches into Agencies and Judges. All NAMED and shamed. Open Season?

    It’s trench warfare daily now. 24 x 7. It’s on.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-17-july-2019.html?showComment=1563640412773#c1576794194980567397
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Yet, every year, movie after movie after movie to remind us of Nazis only. They were wiped out, and Communism flourished and expanded soon after.

      Of course, the goal of the war was to protect the world from the dreaded Hun. Communists? Mehh!


  12. Fake RV Currency Exchanges?

    I personally would not want to go to an exchange unless the telephone number was on an official bank website.

    Something to consider:


  13. Listen to video below starting at 14 minutes. If you want a privacy coin to invest in with a lot of growth potential into the distant future, consider SpectreCoin.


      1. I have a contact who checked this out.
        He is in a private discussion group and the admin of that group checked out this arrest matter many months ago.
        The admin of the discussion group told him: “Mark was never indicted or charged……”


        1. Really?

          Man, who do I see to start dealing in that stuff? If I can get caught with all that, and not get indicted, I will take the risk.


    1. For those who know. The Plane Boss , The plane is on the runway , with the packages , How many times has that plane been on the runway. The absolute original “Casper”. Hell, Casper is probably dead now.


      1. Probably. He had cancer.

        He was in the prosperity program called Freedom.

        His partner was Wendy, who died a few years ago. That whole tragic tale played out in a most sad way. Years of “any day now”.

        Many came to find out that their chief sources of “intel” were just blogers and NESARA jobberwoks.

        I don’t know if the Freedom program will ever fund, but since we have not been told it has any traction as of right now, the odds are long against it. Or, if it ever does, hardly anyone will be left alive to enjoy it, or be able to remember their own names if they are alive.


  14. OWoN:

    A sensitive issue to bring many hope. We can not share more yet.

    There IS a very high level Quantum operation in place negotiating a vast Quantum Financing Program using Euros to create new Global liquidity for Bond and possibly large currency releases.

    This now will incorporate India also, for a Billion plus Indian population which also has needs, well as many other cases. New Big Dogs on the block emerging. India armed with a cash injection then takes on China industrially and commercially. That has issues.

    A vast array of Bonds need resolution and are part of this equation under consideration.

    Iraq, Afghanistan. Lebanon, Syria, Libya. Vietnam,Cambodia and poor Asian States, are all victims of gross US war aggression for Hegemony. All need rebuilding. It needs money.

    We have all the Post WW11 Bonds, Trillions long overdue for redemption. Also thousands of defrauded Elders Trust accounts in Trillions and burgeoning debts to refund from this Oligopoly Military Industrial Cabal and its Zionist Banking Crime cohorts.

    These nations need their own currencies. Having ratted on and run screaming from Vietnam, a Shame which will stink forever, and annihilated defenseless Iraq, something needs to be done to rebuild, because DC is a F Up one way street of Zionist Sty Bowls. Mankind needs, not just Zio Stye Feeds! How can we feed mankind with a Zio Banker Roach in the Soup?

    So we go Euro and the US snout is part out. Yes we will part help America, but Share!!!!. Russia, China, India and more need and want this. All have needs. Europe also.

    We need to try to get it done before London banking leaves the EU. Pressure in on.
    We will work through the Silly Season this has more reason.

    There is a new attempt to address currencies too, and to try to clear the backlog of human needs, to replace Zio greed, a balanced approach Roach free.

    This may open currency swaps via the Big Battalions and who knows the rest?

    It would expand multi facet Project and Community funding. It would help infrastructure needs. A mini new Klondike. Creative workers would succeed. Go to where the needs are. Self help – don’t welp. Put out to take in. As you did building America and Europe post WW11.

    If this succeeds there will be vast needs. Go getters will go forth, and get! The Pioneers who built these great nations, Nation Builders will succeed! A world of them will thrive. Time to encompass Peace in our time, not feeding Roach Swine. Nations will grow. Zio Banking free.

    But the new Quantum system, as with Epstein, will bring redress. Every dollar corruptly used will be traced. Criminal exposure, then prosecution closure. Culpable corruption laid bare.

    The new system needs to highlight retribution. Take the lot back. Including the Bush, Cheney, Soros Paraguay Aquifer plus Bolt Holes. So many Naked Emperors face public exposure.

    Joined up Thinking is now in play. I would like nothing more than to see 5,000 P type sustainable farms activated worldwide and you all sharing in Community re building. Values for all. We hear you, we listen and read. You are never out of mind. Behind the scenes you do have hope. No more exposure yet. Pressure is on. Daily. We WILL be working it non stop. Hope – Is alive!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1563277761481#c6429775641912267861
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Well, this update is a real head scratcher. Hope for many? That smacks of public RV chances. Not really sure.

      They can’t say much more, as they wrote, so let’s wait and see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tony,

        It appears this is a response to J’s contingency plan “B” he spoke of a few months back. Do you get the impression the quantum financial system is designed to circumvent the Fed? It almost seem like it’s a threat J is going to deploy to work around the banking cabal and Fed entirely, by redeeming bonds/currency through Euros. The plot instantly thickens!!!


    1. They see their doom.

      Remember some time ago I wrote that all manner of “laws” were going to be proposed, and written, to enable blockchain to develop within the framework of existing monetary systems, Quantum or otherwise. We are seeing this now. One thing they will not do, nor cannot do, is ban it.

      There are many use cases for blockchain distributed ledger technology, and passing monetary value is just one. Let the system do as it will. As long as you pay taxes and comply with AML regulations, you can engage in any legal use you want, with respect to monetized digital coin.

      Everybody wants a piece of the action. The action, therefore, will continue.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Just think how many lives you’ve changed, not only monetary, but with this blog that you don’t monetize, educating us to see truth.

          What a big heart you have and I am so happy you came into my life. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

  15. OWoN:

    “…Right now the biggest deals in the world are progressing. Active and focused…”

    Q: Is the QFS ready to kick off?

    A: Not yet China,Europe,Asia and South America will adopt it and have in part. The US has been sidestepped and the Petrodollar swerved, so the Cabal will do will do what? With respect, you will have no real say. What we have to do is negotiate a soft landing. One way or another, the Banks and State, ( Birth Certificates!!!) own you anyway. A one world Financial System is inevitable. Negotiate the best we can. The US and Zionists have butchered and buggered the world. Empire’s end. Badly! Memories are deep, resentment also.

    Global autocracy is presumptuous. Repression is not the basis of a good Alliance.
    Global QFS deals are progressing right now bypassing the US. It will be the basis of a whole new Financial Order with you totally excluded. 8 Billion looking after each other not 350M dictactating to all. The world IS moving on, invitation only.

    They are bypassing Bitcoins or Blockchains. As for trusting Facebook with money?

    Right now the biggest deals in the world are progressing. Active and focused.
    One better world is a good agenda. Free of Zionist Bankers, and Cabals. No more Political Bush- Whacker Crime families.

    We ALL need to work together, hand across oceans, to make good happen. Souls have Ethereal values, unlock them and free consciousness. No more false Gods. Truth is so much more!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1563216682263#c4397792799617010750
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Did anyone watch the treasury secretary this morning regarding his speech on crypto currencies?

      He used the words “level playing field” the same words Trump and many other have used. I wonder if this is code word for quantum financial system.

      He also mentioned “moneygram” as one of the payment companies as an example who follow regulatory measures. We all know what company owns a percentage of money gram as well as which crypto they said they will be using.

      I noticed on the ticker, the third crypto was bypassed. They only showed BTC, ETH, LTC/USD pairs on Coin base. Very interesting…


      1. I patiently await the XRP moonshot. Ripple and XRP are doing exactly what they set out to do. No doubt many huge deals are under NDA at this point. Utility usage will drive the price. What other crypto has any real use case as a digital currency even close to XRP? Buy now while it is so cheap.


  16. OWoN:

    Once introduced the new Quantum FINANCIAL SYSTEM removes the Zionist Bankers and Cabal thugs violating the Constution and the Zio Cult can be scourged free to allow good to breath again.

    1946 not a nation wanted them back at any price and what will come will remodel a world free of this viral spawn.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1563206950862#c4749433842324774583
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  17. Batonage d’ OWoN:

    Comment: Really hope you get the PP’s released….. love to see something start, move….. as for the rest….. what a mess the world is in!

    Reply: Thank you it’s in deep discussion and if we can activate the new quantum system soon all changes.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1563203867246#c5181501784150276499
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  18. OWoN:

    Key development issues

    1.Intense efforts are underway this week to try to beat Silly Season with PPs.
    2.Coming new UK PM selection, almost certainly Bonking Boris. Unstable. totally narcissistic, prima donna and limited attention span -Sound familiar?
    3.Iran reaching collapse or a new war zone?
    4.Election of new EU Govt, none of value. Socialist parasites, the lot.
    5.Chinese and Russian Military build up. Russian S400s anti missile/ aircraft/shields arrived in Turkey.The EU now has a Russian attack unit right on its borders. How then can Turkey join the EU?
    6. More vast Chinese Rail track expansion into Iran and across Asia. Wealth creating. Also to be defended.
    7. Iranian Oil Tanker seized by the UK off Gibraltar heading for Syria. Messy. Next move Russia will send a Tanker, who stops that? Also Iraq may send supplies. When do Russia send S400s to Iran and Syria? What is they have? Both appear confident they are now shielded. Syria sits seething Iran too. The Middle East is a Hornets nest.
    8. Who,among the US Cabal War Hawks does not get that if Iran is forced towards collapse they for sure will take Israel first.
    9. Kushner’s entire Childlike plan for the Middle East and Palestine, is collapsing in ridicule. Who of intelligent cognisance would put such a mediocre Boy Child and a pampered Princess to try to deal with a Multi Millenia melting pot like that.We pre-warned Kushner totally lacked the skills for this. Apart from struggling with a dubious Mossad front role, and exiting Russian Mob money,with a Jailbird father, how was this pampered Dweeb ever going to gain a consensus with Arabs who outsmart him on every corner. The Kushners put him in play to marry the Shiksa and gain influence,but he’s not up to it. Nor the Shiksa. Posing wannabes. No Jackie O for sure.Dreamers. Tainted Russian / Mossad Bag men, the lot.
    10. The Ambassador Storm in a Teacup. What deal will Boris try to cut. Without the brains to handle detail, or a depth of original thought,how will vain Boris cope with being told all his plans for imports will fail to clear field testing vettings. UK Standards are much higher and Chlorine chicken etc is banned.So will be Monsanto products. Boris is flying a kite and will himself fold in the night at some stage. But how much damage will accrue?
    11. It’s hard to stop an EU No Deal now. There is no Plan B. But vast opportunity.
    12.The UK has a Global chance but is leaderless. Have you seen such a collective bag of Political misfit Muppets pressuming rights to rule. Leave plans are attacked by Dilettante children in office who need stomping on hard. De selection by firm Leadership. But- it’s missing! Boris is just a vapid, media cartoon clown.
    13.Good to see Trump and Ice are rounding up the illegals and overstayers.
    14.Great work also by US Customs on Drug detection. Unsung Heros all of them. Time they got credit.
    15. Epstein. How much sordid truth is now leaking out. Bob Maxwell was a giant Israeli scammer and fraud. His daughter Pimped for Epstein who filmed, recorded and blackmailed for Mossad. Good move to unseal the files. Challenge the lot.
    16.Weiner next. The Hell with false Plea deals. Overturn the lot. Justice now!

    An interesting year ahead. When we get the PPs started, how much good can we do?
    Epstein and Weiner thought they had gotten away with it. Tough luck Huma, he’s a Schumer and he’s next. Truth will not stay hidden. Well done US Law Enforcement. You cry- Freedom!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1563186218350#c1167415943728218122
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  19. Thoughts on this?
    Donald J. Trump
    I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity….
    Show this thread

    Donald J. Trump
    ….Similarly, Facebook Libra’s “virtual currency” will have little standing or dependability. If Facebook and other companies want to become a bank, they must seek a new Banking Charter and become subject to all Banking Regulations, just like other Banks, both National…
    Donald J. Trump

    …and International. We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable. It is by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World, and it will always stay that way. It is called the United States Dollar!


    1. I saw this earlier. I am surprised he didn’t say this much sooner, like 8 years ago.

      He has a lot of learning to do on this subject. It’s actually embarrassing to read this. His own SEC is prepping to regulate digital asset funds.

      As for “unlawful behavior” and crypto, well, as the guy who ran Silk Road found out, no form of monetary transactions, digital or otherwise, will stop one from trying and eventually failing to evade the law if committing crimes.

      All asset classes can be volatile, given the right situation. As a real estate developer with several bankruptcies under his belt, he should know this as well.

      He’s doing a good job in many respects, but in this realm he is really needing some catch up.

      Remember, Mr. President. Never the King. Always, the Kingmaker.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. DJT hit the nail on the head
      The take from this is he understands the “thin air” concept as it relates to currencies, all of them including the US dollar and the money laundering, pump and dump, naked short selling fraud that takes place for nefarious purposes when “assets” are backed by nothing of intrinsic value
      That US dollar status will change, DJT hints at that


      1. Here’s my take on it in a nutshell.

        The first paragraph he’s talking about pre regulations. Mark carney (BOE) said the exact same thing and talked about DLT and Christine Lagarde said that “it’s not the Bitcoin of the past” and also talked about DLT, as well as Jim Rickards.

        Post regulations, many of the cryptos will eventually go away and the quality ones will stay. They can’t use bitcoin even if they wanted to for on demand liquidity, etc because it’s too slow.

        Tony posted an article regarding bitcoin is golds biggest competition and spoke about it being a “store of value” similar to gold”, from the fed chairman.

        What a huge compliment to bitcoin, if you ask me. I think it will be digital gold post regulations.

        Remember he just came back from g20 and during that meeting, when the discussion turned to talking about a “level playing field”, they asked the press to leave the room.

        The second paragraph, I believe trump is talking about post reset which ties to the new digital economy. (gold too) He also talked about a digital economy at g20 in his speech.


  20. Like

    1. No no no. Mr. Scalise, repeat after me.

      Bolsheviks. BOL-SHEV-IKS.

      Remember, it was a small group of outsiders, Bolsheviks, that started the “Russian Revolution”. The Russians were not revolting among themselves until the Bolsheviks came in and started to whip up the waters.They exploited the idiot Czar’s ineffective leadership.

      Efforts were made to stop them. They failed.

      Marxists are now in Congress, in school faculties, in State governments and local governments. Antifa are just Bolsheviks.

      Communists murdered more than Nazis did. Not excusing them, but we see few movies about their atrocities, and one after another of the “Schindler’s List” variety….kill the Nazis, over and over. Commies get a pass.

      Nazis forever pushed to the forefront as the exclusive, perpetual boogermen. The Marxists are embraced. The extinct Nazis are held up as some major threat. Unreal that people buy into this.

      All political systems are obsolete now. A bridge to the future is needed. And it’s NOT Marxism, that’s for G–D— sure.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Please Arizona- don’t follow California!

      At least Tony – we have our memories when California was good. The good ole days!

      Notice in the pictures – pre breast implants too – not like today!

      Photos Of The So California Beach Scene 1960s and 70s

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes indeed.

        There were many places in that video I used to hang out at. Venice, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach. And very true the girls and guys back then were natural and unmodified. Those areas are becoming a slum now. Very sad.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Thought I would post this video from the king of surf guitar. Dick Dale died this year at 81.

            I used to live near triangle square and Orange County beach cities are still nice at least for now.

            Dick Dale at Triangle Square, Newport Beach CA July 1994


  21. OWoN:

    “…First will be the PPs and possibly big battalions subject to the coming new Republic…”

    Q: Are you now saying that we should stop watching the site daily? Any benefit from redemptions would be years away for most of us.

    Also, it was stated in the past, on this site and others, that SKRs were given to Politicos for their Dinar holdings. It was also stated that they were given loans based on the value of their SKRs. Are you saying that the Banks will simply take a loss on those deals.

    As for the people on the West Coast that have been hemorrhaging cash for the past 6 years, are you saying that they are simply at a loss?

    A: You can see the turmoil all markets are in. First will be the PPs and possibly big battalions subject to the coming new Republic. Projects will need good people in numerous roles. Watch and reach. Currencies are a dilemma. Uncharted territory right now. Any break we will report.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1562737689410#c8767303635065860046
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  22. OWoN:

    Q: What does the “new republic” you mentioned entail? Elimination of the Federal Reserve? New Treasury Note? DC gone?

    A: Fed gone, removal of US debt to Zionist Shylocks, removal of British Feudal links, accepting Basel 111 protocols and a nation free of Military Industrial liabilities where Democracy services its peoples’ needs, not the Deep State and Zionists serving only themselves.

    Its own Central Bank owned by the Nation issuing its own currency backed by national assets and out of Rothschild dependency as the British did when recovering full control of the Bank of England. The start of a nation state owned by and for the people and a Military funding policy based only on what is affordable not an out of Control Debt escalation by an un-elected Cabal.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1562729451392#c3301229555955718574
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  23. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Over the last few weeks, word has reached my ears that WHA, Official WH, and OWoN, have been visited more and more by a larger segment of the mainstream guru masses. Within this group, more are warming up to the information we share and seeing the realities of what is likely to happen vs. what has been sold to people by sales people selling things.

    It has been made abundantly clear, by people whose pay grade enables them to speak with credible voice, that the widely promoted idea of mass millions for currency holders is unlikely to happen, or certainly not going to happen in the manner outlined by most talk show hosts. This message was often times ignored as “negative” or “disinfo” by a great many audiences. It still is in many parts, but more and more are starting to see that we are not here to falsely convey information just for fun, or to ruin someone’s fantasy.

    When all of this plays out along the lines of reality and what the system intends, there will be many who will have a hard time accepting. They are so steeped in their belief that having such a set of expectations suddenly removed will send some into a very dark place. We must be mindful of this.

    It was always the best move to try to get people to see the possibility of failure way ahead of time so they may plan for it. Many have come over here from former positions of having been donating to gurus and believing in NESARA/St. Germain endless wealth on the horizon. They have long been disabused of such things. For them, the coming reality will be easy to ride through. But remember, many won’t even consider anything other than what their talk show pitchmen say. Of these, some will be fine with no magic bank. Others will get angry. Some will blow their brains out.

    As a first step to re-tooling WHA for a post GCR world, let’s remember this and find a way to help each other in the coming years, in whatever fashion, to not gloat over our “superior understanding”, and seek solutions.

    I am still not quite sure what new form we will take here. I, for one, will be glad when all of this is behind us so that the answer to that unknown form will be easier to know.

    We return to watching for brontosaur turds. It starts with them.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Thus Spake OWoN:

    “…There just is no liquidity for fantasies. Nor free rides or Free Lunches. Times are very tough and we need sensitive dialog as is in progress…”

    Q: Based on your best knowledge, should we, the public, just give up hope for a profit on our currencies, sell them and move on. Or is there still a little hope. Thanks.

    A: I wish I could give you hope with a roar.

    Global liquidity is in free fall waiting for the new Republic. The Dong at least has a base. Iraq and Zimbabwe are under tight IMF control. Forget blog hype. Iraq can only underpin what it can afford and will be restricted to viable issuance. It is still conceivable they could scrap the lot as war theft and start clean with a few T and for Trade only. Zimbabwe is a basket case. God knows where they restart and walking away from old de listed paper makes sense. Be assured the IMF and World Bank have zero Interest protecting speculators. Most are victims of Hype Cons.

    We are into Silly Season now. Apart from high level discussions for a very special few off radar deals progressing

    There just is no liquidity for fantasies. Nor free rides or Free Lunches. Times are very tough and we need sensitive dialog as is in progress.

    Its your judgment call but how long do you flog a dead horse? Who will feed it to save it?

    Elders support will be restricted to viable project needs. I cant talk through their pockets. Nor would they condone wanton risk. Balanced economies based on affordable policies. Certain project led PPs make more sense at this stage. Money is finite. There are far more serious focus needs than currencies right now. How many false dawns have you seen. You have to determine best use of your own money. Where is your stop loss?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2019.html?showComment=1562700962766#c1700892848485204864
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. OWoN said: “Global liquidity is in free fall waiting for the new Republic.”

      The new Republic? What new Republic do you think he is talking about?

      Is he talking about the new American Republic that will replace the U.S. Corporation?


      1. I won’t put words in his mouth, of course. But since a new financial system, asset backed, is anticipated and has been for some time now, I think that’s what he means.

        You can ask him at OWoN if you like. Our “sources” really can be reached by all.

        It’s a beautiful thing.

        I am worried about “…liquidity in freefall…”. We saw what an almost total liquidity shortage in 2008 did to the world, just based on US banks having problems. Imagine what the entire world having that issue at once would do! 😦


        1. 🙁 but at least they have something to transition to.

          The new digital asset economy – BTC and particularly XRP.

          Bitcoin will be digital gold and XRP will be used for on demand liquidity, bridging all asset classes and IOV (internet of value).

          Im thinking it may not be a smooth transition so time to do some last minute preps, just in case 🙏


  25. I thought $10,000 per ounce was an over the top prediction for the future price of gold. But $64,000 an ounce? Until I find the article on the Bloomberg website, I may have to consider this article appearing on goldcore.com to be fabricated……? Can anyone find the research on the bloomberg website that verifies the article on goldcore.com? If so, please post your findings under my post. Thank you.





      1. I sued to own jr mining gold stocks and did very well and the 2008 came and we all know what happened.

        Have not owned any since but may be a smart move if you are in the right ones. I personally would rather hold the physical metal myself.


    1. You are talking about two entirely different use cases and purposes.

      Stable coins will have their place. They will not replace or fill the purpose of crypto. Risk can easily be managed. They are not for everyone at all times of living.


    1. The use of the typewriter in this video shows me that the people behind this video are not from the millennial age group. This in itself gives me some hope for the future of the White Hats and hopefully America also.


  26. “…Real dialog, real Redemption cases, are in play. Funds will be fit for purpose. Funds will feed need, not greed. Allow time, this month will be interesting…”


    Update funding FACTS for you.

    Ignore the procrastinating, loose brained Bloggers, rambling on about their imaginary roles with Settlements. Penneyless cerebral Half Wits do not get selected to preside over Trillions in releases. Not will it ever happen. Losers are not choosers of Destiny. Half wits, are not worth 2 Bits!

    Last week, yet again another major push was made with Latino and other combined Ambulance Chasing Attorney parties to try to cash in and out with the Morgantaul boxes. It and they failed. They sat in Florida burning cards for months. So many greedy Wombat Brokers dictating what they would settle for. They got it- The Exit Door! Finally, thank God, all that Crap is blown. They were only meant as Sovereign Project Guarantees. It’s pointless trying to explain monetary policies to Brokers and Lawyers. Brokers took an almighty hit.

    Was it ever not going to crash?

    Only a few real issues remain now. We have them all covered, but will not publicise for fly blown bottom feeders trawling. There is no room or need for Brokers. Hooks will be cut.

    The few real and remaining funds, long overdue for Redemption, are in close discussion. Any and all can rebuild economies. There is focus and drive. What we can not and will not do, is publicise them ahead. Watching these loose cannon Broker Gobshites crash and burn with wild projections, is a salutary lesson. Loose lips and sinking ships.

    Real dialog, real Redemption cases , are in play. Funds will be fit for purpose. Funds will feed need, not greed. Allow time, this month will be interesting.

    Trump needs recognition for easing the North Korean Despots game plays. We need to get the nukes out and close the Death Camps. Then, as with Gaddafi, and Saddam, let the people deal with them. Mussolini got what he deserved, as they stripped him, cut his Ns off, and strung him upside down. Blubber Man won’t dodge Karma. I will never forget the horrors of the Nazi Concentration camps. N Korea IS as bad. Brutality and suffering is inhumane. The little Shite is a Monster. A step at a time. Get the Nukes then scoop his ass.

    The last 4 US Presidents have robbed America blind. Trump, hopefully, will settle for a better legacy. We hope so. If that Chicago Shyster and Fake Con Man can get a Peace award, why not Trump? All go together. Justice- Where?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2019.html?showComment=1562341941964#c442628224668016158
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Tony can you answer a question for a friend who has no computer but reads this when he comes to my house?

      Who are the brokers whose hooks are to be cut? Is it possibly the private groups he is talking about?

      Thanks so much your pal C


      1. Hi,

        No, it’s not the legit private groups, anyway. If anyone is out there conducting an aggregation without any official sanction, with the hope of trying to redeem through someone who IS in a legitimate group, then they may face a rough road when compliance checks are done. I suspect this will be the case in some instances.

        The brokers he is referring to are most likely those who are in possession of paper, of whatever nature, and are trying to get someone to redeem it so they can take a cut.

        Legitimate currency groups and such are sanctioned and are playing by a set of rules with pre-approval. They are not grasping at straws like a bunch of horny teenagers at a prom.

        Stay tuned for more. It seems things are going to get quite interesting very soon.


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